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  1. Go over an view the saw and then make up a story say you are starting up and are after cheap gear and looking for a deal and have CASH. See if you can flush anything out. Longer you wait less chance you have. Cheap saws sell fast.
  2. I got a Toyota RAV4 back seats come out and it hold loads, when full the suspension does feel it but have never had an issue, mine is a 2.0 petrol which I would not recommend for fuel economy reasons but the diesel is good on fuel. Also the thing is bomb proof I have kinda abused mine and it loves it but when the seats are in it's drives like a smaller car with loads of room for kids and shopping.
  3. <p>Ok thanks that cool</p>

  4. <p>Nothing mate. I'm im the process of contacting all the sponsors with the winners addresses. It will be winging its way to you in due course.</p>


    <p>Hi Steve, I won a prize in the raffle, this might sound daft but what do I do next? </p>

    <p>Thanks Dean</p>


  6. I think this is me? Take it as a compliment lost 2 years I have no idea what I am going to do with the prize. Thanks for all the hard work Steve good cause
  7. I don't like David Haye but I think it will be an easy KO win for him, Tony Bellew is not that good a fighter and does not look in the best shape and I dont think he has the power to give him a punchers chance.
  8. Thanks for all your replies i have come across branches under tension in the past and got bars stuck I take my time a little more now and think about each cut.
  9. As everyone is aware there is loads of trees being blown over, in the past I have gone out and cleared trees locally before the pros have even got close. But since joining this forum and reading countless posts I have a new found respect for what all you professionals do and would not want to lose anyone income just for my firewood/hobby :001_smile:so today despite having the opportunity to go and clear at least 5 trees I have stayed at home and resisted. what I want to know is how do I stand in the eyes of the law going out and clearing up wind blown trees?
  10. Dean1984

    Saw advice

    I asked the same question a few months back, I went for the 395 on a 24" bar and it's great it cuts so fast and feels unstoppable. My thinking was I need a saw to take a 24" bar so might as well get the 395 as if I need a 36" bar one day I won't be in the same boat again needing a bigger saw. The one thing I will say it's fairly heavy especially full of fuel and oil but to be honest a like that I'm a sucker for punishment. Another reason I chose Husqvarna over Stihl is I got the saw posted so didn't have to travel 120 miles to get the best price.
  11. Dean1984

    New 395xp

    Well when my two years warranty are up I can send of to be supped up and be like having a new saw over again:001_smile:
  12. Dean1984

    New 395xp

    Got saw today it looks awesome! Got 24" bar should be ok for what I need. I am currently using the green stihl 2strokes this any good? Like a said before I will look into aspen but I just want to go out the weekend and play I think after a few hours I will be wanting to change job and work outside all the time.
  13. Dean1984

    New 395xp

    I have 20" bar but wouldn't go no bigger would say 16/18 would be best in my opinion.
  14. Dean1984

    New 395xp

    I might look at aspen never used before so will look into how much it costs etc it's pleasing to see most like the 395 thanks. As for the 039 it's a 1997 model I brought off eBay 3 years ago for just over £100 it's only on 2nd bar and has never put a foot wrong for me, the oiler is a it stingy but not the end of the world. In fact I am very attached to this saw and would never sell it. Well for now ha ha


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