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  1. I can get free wood unlimited. That's another reason why I was interested
  2. I would say my budget would be 5k for internal flue and the stove and what ever else I need I don't really want to pay any more
  3. That is a electric fire not a real one. But that's my other option. I would rather have it in the same place to be honest but I was worried about the cost of installing a internal flue
  4. If I had a internal flue I would look at putting the stove where my fire already is in the middle of the wall not in the corner. Would that be easier. It would go up through my bedroom and out the loft.
  5. What sort of price would you say for a internal flue? 2 story house
  6. I'm not to bothered about that.i would like a internal flue but I think it will be so exspensive to have done.
  7. The flue will go out of the wall where there is 2 sockets, I thought it would be enough space? The distance from the Ariel socket to the left of the wall is 18 inches
  8. thanks for all the advice guys i have contacted a fe installers just waiting for them to book me a date. what sort ofstoves whould you suggest for max £800-900. its going to go in a corner.
  9. I wouldn't mind paying total of £3500-£4000 but no more.
  10. Wow really so £4600 is way over the top? In Plymouth Devon
  11. I was going to buy a corner hearth as I would not have a clue how to build one. Yeah the curtains will go I got blinds so it's fine. If I choose my own stove and found a betas installer would they supply the flue and everything else that was needed?
  12. Hi ok well he didn't say about the stove but if I could buy my own I would spend about £800 it's a two storey terrace house it would come out of the back wall.it will go where my current TV is I hope and the picture of the door out side it will be on the left of the door, not sure if the last picture would cause any problems, the stove would be atleast 30cm away from the stove maybe more.
  13. hi everyone im interested in having a wood burner installed in my house, i got 2 people coming next week to give me quotes, i had a basic quote over email today and that was £4600 fitted i guess that was with the stove but with what i have been reading online that seemed very high. ok my house its a 2 bed terrace house and i was looking to have the flue go outside. anyone know if this price is good or too high. and would i be able to buy my own stove and have them install it or would that have to come from the installers too. and tips would be great thanks.


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