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  1. i have 2 tsumura lights and a solid and a 8 sugi light bars ,superb , tough as hell and real high quality ,will outlast most bars by 4 times probably , the steel is exact same properties and rockwell hardness on rails as each other but made in seperate factories not a conglomeration company but the replacable noses are different , the sugi is similar to oregon tips facing in towards the saw but the tsumura faces out , sugi bars have 5 rivets on the roller nose bearing and tsumura has 4 and some has 5 ,so dunno really , but anyhoo i love them both
  2. 2x242 xpg 575xp 2x254xp 2x576xp 262xp 572xpg 266xp 385xp 2X61 390xp 346xpg NE 395xp 357xp makita 7900 372xp 372xtorq 550xp 562xp
  3. the VI is always better , as it doesnt cause wear so much , its like WW2 aero engines that used castor oil , the VI was so high if it overheated it made a varnish effect to stop alloy transfer on them , i take apart folks saws/ strimmers etc to repair or tidy up and the pistons are usually dry once the petrol evaporates , i took apart my saws occasionally and the whole skits and crank is covered in the good oil . if i put a drop of xp oil on a table it spreads fast , the ipone motul or bel ray takes ages to move at room temp same as if i put a drop on finger and thumb and slowly spread it stays tacky , XP oil immediately separates . my opinion anyway , i have saws and never had wear or failure issues
  4. i dont use aspen in my old saws as i have not replaced the fuel lines and carb rubbers etc very much , but i have used Aspen 4 in my newer 550 and 562 and run them at 40:1 with Ipone racing full synthetic ester based oil which has about highest VI at 100deg c 16.1 mm/s measurement with other synthetic oils motul 800 which i use too is the highest at 19 ,husqvarna xp is 7.5 !, stihl is 7.5 !
  5. yeah my huztl one did get a tiny fines on the intake so applied thick grease on the filter and the intake and was still a tiny bit after a few cuts , so then as on previous post i did much better mods hightop cover, hightop, filter bigger carb and x torq filter intake and 385 xp intake manifold ,
  6. still not had a a chance yet for more cutting yet , but did another wee mod too i fitted a OEM wrap handle to my 372 x torq and as the Hutztl one was a bit off line with the vibe spring had to lengthen the hole a bit and space out a couple of washers on the huztl one when assembling the saw , so hmm oh well i,l fit on the OEM handle from the 372 and fitted real good , all lined up easy 🙂 actually is a bit thicker and has better plastic on the handle
  7. i do use it sometimes on the newer saws as on older ones it can eventually suck out the old fuel from the lines and then can be leaks , but will plan to replace the old saws with new lines etc , i used the premix aspen but now buy the 4 stroke ones and add in the Ipone samouri racing full ester oil strawberry smell at 40:1 its used on F1 GP 2 stroke race bikes and motocross bikes which get a lot of load and abuse , its about the highest VI oil at 100deg C to be used on 2 strokes so the lubricity is superb , pulled apart a saw recently and the oil is everywhere and is real tacky, obviously after the fuel has evaporated after use , i took apart another saw a guy gave to me for a check and a couple of defects and he was using 2 stroke oil which was a red colour at 50:1 and the difference is mental ,its like comparing milk to cream lol
  8. i usually use a file but get some damage with chains with metal in wood or stones or sand in trees low to ground so i got a ex forestry commission one from a roup and it a 533 ax reversible motor from the 1990's , needed a bit of fettling but its great , but each to their own really , depends on how much use the chains get , but mainly due to damage i use the oregon 533 and a file in use
  9. yes its posted on hutzl farmertec builders facebook too ,i,ll be hopefully using it soon on a big elm trunk only used it on a few cuts on a 20 inch elm and then a 20inch pine tree and then a lot of pine firewood logs and then filmed a birch a few days ago before the better filter supplied , but the file is too big to upload to here 7mb is the limit , its a 48 second vid and is hd and is 240mb
  10. Some more mods done , OEM high top cover , OEM hd filter and 372 xtorq hd filter intake with the divider removed , should have better flow and carb limiters removed as H setting better flow at high end set at 13000 4 stroking , did have it set at 13300 and was fine but set it rich for more break in
  11. will do another mod , the airfilter is real tight under lowtop cover so might restrict airflow so ordered high top cover , felt HD big airfilter and HD Xtorq intake so much better flow ,the huztl filter is a tad loose so apply real thick grease to stop fines getting in so better lifespan with the HD setup ,
  12. Been a bit of a delay but mods done to the Huztl 372 kit build, as before it has the 52mm BB kit on it , base gasket delete with 1184 used , woods ported and the side entry to transfer have been raised flush with cyl base to improve flow , 272 windowed piston single ring is 40 thou taller, so 40 thou off the top to 8mm in from the side to assist with transfer timing , had the open huztl muffler and huztl carb , it run real good with a 20 inch bar full chisel oregon chain 4 tanks of fuel through it still runs good ., the brake didnt seem to be real solid as it did lock but with a real pull on throttle it would spin the chain but not real fast , continued on to see if it bedded in, but was still the same so got a OEM one so was a bit shorter , and fitted easily and is rock solid now , so other mods done for fun 🙂 , open 385 xp muffler with bigger exit (its loud) 385 xp intake boot, 385 throttle cable bracket to sort the position relating to the throttle plate angles , walbro RWJ4B from 372xtorq so is biggest venturi on that series of saws then the 372 x torq air filter intake which is a bit less round as the RWJ4 carb is bigger so it would foul the covers , if the 385 intake horn was used as its bigger so the xtorq fitted well and no fouling , then divider plate cut out , carb limiters removed for more fuel on high side. cyl cover had to be modded a bit as the 385 boot is a bit bigger compared to 372 so was fouling the cover so material removed for clearance , but not much , 385 boot is internally bigger than 372 by nearly 2mm so a taper ground out on the cyl intake to match up with intake boot the huztly choke lever fits fine but a tad longer but no issue , the 372 xtorq blue one actually fits better as it had a little kink on it but the grey huztl one is fine and smooth and fits good anyway all assembled and fired up after a few pulls , warmed up and did adjustments and tached to 13000 with high jet 4 stroking for more bedding in ,the throttle response is mental compared to the huztl carb , going to be a ripper for sure , how long it lasts , who knows 🙂
  13. i got one for nearly free as a guy didnt use it much now has a HD filter kit and modded the exhaust and has inner dogs on it now too i would prefer a red one but mine is green 🙂 it pulls real hard , even a 28inch bar through a big elm was easy and has a whine like a turbo lol
  14. i was thinking about one years ago but got an oregon ex forestry commision one which has the reversible motor so no rolling of the cutters , not that its a big issue really but got it for £50
  15. 562 is a great saw , i love mine , most used saw i use in the mid range , will even run a 28 as it has a bigger oiler than the 560 which is a small mount bar


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