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  1. kcstevens

    Tiny echo!

    Anyone find the 2511 doesn't like really wet weather because the air filter gets soaking wet? Just wondering if they're all the same or if I should try replacing the a.f cover
  2. Anyone else get the strength training buzz after watching strongman at Christmas? [emoji851] Oddly inspiring yet makes me feel extremely weak haha
  3. Reon rounds tether*** auto correct [emoji849]
  4. I use a MK3 with a twin rounds tether . If I was going to splurge money there is too many srt devices that look far more worth the money than that hunk of metal and chicane
  5. That is grotesque [emoji23]
  6. To correct my original comment , it doesn't have more output than the 661... But not far off
  7. That's what me and the guys I work with are saying... If it's not detrimental then its going to be in a league of its own. Fingers crossed
  8. Is that a good or bad thing spud? [emoji51][emoji848]
  9. The write up is great... More output than the 661 but freakishly only weighs 6.2 ... It sounds amazing but how light can you go without making it soft?? For example, the lightweight crankshaft [emoji848]. I hope it's revolutionary and not another flop
  10. The panther bar and Stihl chain combo for the 2511 is the only way to go . You won't be disappointed
  11. kcstevens

    362cm vs 562

    Out of those two saws I'd chose the 562 but if you threw an echo 620sx into that list , I'd go for that
  12. People seem to rate the arbotec smock... I own one and it's terrible at keeping me dry. Great design in terms of cuffs, ass flap, pockets etc. Hood is rediculous so I removed that straight away. It's basically my "we may have drizzle" coat. Actual rain and it's as good as useless


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