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  1. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    In my example from yesterday the tree had uplifted from the stump and had a big crack up it so unable to climb otherwise I would of climbed up to install the line
  2. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    I only base anchor when isolating a fork is difficult down to something like the trees form. Tree I worked on today wasn’t climbable either due to condition aswell
  3. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Cheers for the reply, yeah I was through a strong fork probably 2/3rds up the tree with no danger of tearing the limb out. He mentioned a similar situation where the line was base anchored and the line snapped just below to where it was tied off to to whatever was pulling it hence his reasoning to isolate. I just presumed it was getting pulled to hard rather than being to do with how it’s anchored
  4. Was on site today pulling over a heavily leaning storm damaged willow with a digger as the pull. I was using a throw line to install pull line and was original going to base anchor the pull line until the boss said I had to try and isolate the a good fork as that way you get greater pull than if you base anchored. Is this true ? I’ve pulled over many trees by base anchoring the pull line and has worked fine. In fairness the tree was heavily leaning so needed a big pull but I was always under the impression/thought that either way you’d have the same amount of pull/force? (I’ll add aswell that we weren’t putting a cut in the tree we ripped out due to already being pretty crippled and in poor shape. We went with isolating the a fork and came out perfect, just interested as it sparked debate during lunch [emoji23])
  5. Think I got this one from Sorbus. Buy a few though because always break or the rubber starts to become weathered. Had a similar one from TreeKit that was black but that snapped aswell
  6. TTownsend

    Anchor system

    Personally I’d suggest just biting the bullet and buying the Art Rope Guide. It seems expensive and when I brought it I was questioning myself is it worth it? But after using it for last year I couldn’t be without, makes working spars a whole lot easier and safer in my eyes
  7. TTownsend

    An easy one

    Last few videos have been edited really well, kind of therapeutic to watch [emoji1303]
  8. TTownsend

    Dead leaning tree advice...

    Could climb the other stem get anchor point and also set a rigging point and swing it all back in
  9. TTownsend

    Rippled Beech any body

    Looks like bulge wood which occurs after fibre buckling. Normally caused by wind swaying the tree damaging the outer wood resulting in adaptive growth looking like a ring bulge around the stem.
  10. TTownsend

    ART Ropeguide Spares

    I’ve got spares from Sorbus before, had to order them in from Germany I think so took a couple weeks but that was fine
  11. TTownsend

    200T start switch springs

    I’d appreciate that
  12. TTownsend

    200T start switch springs

    Yeah mine does that. I’m having trouble now with these springs aswell as I can’t seem to be able kill the saw as in the switch won’t go that far
  13. TTownsend

    200T start switch springs

    I’ve now got it to fully choke but It seems to stay stuck in choke and have to manually flick the switch into half choke. Also are the springs look set up right ? Been having some trouble with them now
  14. TTownsend

    200T start switch springs

    My 200 is only going on half choke when being put on normal full choke. Would it be the position of these to springs that could be causing the issue ? I’ve replaced switch shaft and choke lever thinking it may solve the problem but had no luck. Cheers


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