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  1. Looking for experienced Self employed Climbers/ Groundsman to help with a busy work load. We are based near Shaftesbury, North Dorset. Essential qualifications: CS30,31,38 Desirable qualifications: Cs39,41 Chipper B&E trailer license Valid CSCS Please get in touch with me if this interests you or alternatively call 07736 814744. Thank you.
  2. That’s a good point, nice one
  3. What’s the best knot to connect a rope to a winch cable when winching weighty lumps or something that will take a lot of winching ? Been using a bowline on a bight but had it completely Jam up whilst using a 7.5 ton winch which was on a Mog. I wasn’t the one that was operating the winch and I do wonder whether it was pushed hard (pulling lumps of poplar up a steep bank river bank using a high re direct). Cheers!
  4. Just had a call from my old man that works for a water company. All of the “key workers” are being sent papers to allow them to travel about to carry on working. Sounding very similar to France and there shutdown...
  5. Yes they, originally wasn’t when but returned to me with it. Does have a much more stiffer feel to it i must admit
  6. Sent the sling back to Honey Brothers and they sorted it. Done a nice job really happy with their service!
  7. Yep having to self isolate due to health conditions, could be up to 12 weeks aswell. I enjoy my job so it’s makes it that even more gutting aswell as losing out on money. Looking for ways around it though, climbing trees is pretty isolated as it is but been advised to not risk it. Still looking for ways though
  8. Yeah I’m thinking off ideas around it. Was thinking of doing logs for my company on my own and super isolate myself, my own saws and fuel, on my own etc. Just have to be super careful as I’m expecting a letter from my doctor next week about 12 weeks isolation. Could try woodwork but I’d think I’d soon be out of business [emoji23]
  9. I’m the second day into self isolation of what could be 12 weeks as having an under laying health condition and I’m already going insane. Struggling to accept the fact I can’t work even though I’m completely healthy and the likely hood of me catching it is slim with the job and area I live in. But I understand these precautions have to be made and I was advised from the specialists I see. I’m employed so will get SSP but I think my boss is going to help me out as we have a good long lasting working relationship even though he’s going to struggle over the coming months so I appreciate that. (Picture of Larch tree I dismantled Tuesday afternoon which I made the most of as there’s a strong chance it will be the last one for awhile)
  10. Was never used, wouldn’t over been able to cut through it anyway
  11. Balancing act today in some very broad and old Yew trees at Montacute National Trust. Pretty happy with the out come, all silky and Secateurs work so made for a nice sunny end to the week.
  12. I don’t think there is any whipping ? (I may be wrong but there’s no stitching) I will give them a call, it still holds the ring but it is considerably easier to spin the ring.
  13. So purchased my first X-ring from honey brothers last month and the splice has seemed to have pulled out a tad. Being new to rings im not sure whether that it’s a common thing and it’s okay or not ? I haven’t loaded it significantly, but of negative rigging but not being used as a redirect rather than taking the full whack.
  14. Art Rope guide works really well for choking around a flush stem for pole work. Would advise you though to get use to spiking up and down the tree with your weight being in you lanyard/ flip line rather than always having a higher anchor point. It’s a valuable skill which takes a bit of getting use to especially on leaning/ skinny trees but ultimately it will make you a better and more efficient climber [emoji1303]


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