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  1. TTownsend

    Zig zag slipping

    What condition is you rope in ? Recently had slip happening with my ZZ, granted not as much as yours but my rope had was pretty well used and due to be replaced which I did and now my ZZ is fine.
  2. TTownsend

    Mature beech trees leaves turning brown

    Brought this up with my Boss as I’ve noticed it aswell, he mentioned he was talking to one estate manager type and they came to the conclusion it was frost damage from where a few warmer days in late winter/ early spring encouraged new shoots to shoot whilst at the same time still getting sharp frosts in the night leading the leaves to be scorched. Near me a long a field there’s a line of mature beech trees and they all have it, some worse than others. Cant think what else it could be but we have had a warm winter along with sharp frosts at night.
  3. TTownsend

    how to deal with an employee

    Always baffles me people that don’t learn to drive, can’t imagine how life without the freedom of you’re own personal transport. Having to pick him up and take him home everyday would really grind on. Personal opinion though
  4. Haven’t climbed a bunch on SRT so my experience is limited but I was speaking to Adam from Acer tree surgeons (one of the guys helping in the sorbus tent) at the arb show about the ZZ and chicane combo. He made a valid point that the chicane is midline attachable meaning you could access the tree SRT with the chicane and ZZ then switch back DDRT with just the ZZ. Completely changed my initial opinion of the chicane as I use a ZZ
  5. TTownsend

    the 'todays job' thread

    Done Friday morning, finished editing today [emoji1303]
  6. TTownsend

    Europa League final in Baku

    Much prefer the adventure.. even if it doesn’t come around often for a Southampton fan.
  7. TTownsend

    "That" Nottingham Walnut tree

    Facebook can be a nasty place, full of Facebook mums jumping on whatever they can to get their sad little kicks they need in their life. Always two sides to the story so should always think twice in making posts on social media bad mouthing a business or person as it can have serious consequences even when the business/person has done nothing wrong.
  8. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    In my example from yesterday the tree had uplifted from the stump and had a big crack up it so unable to climb otherwise I would of climbed up to install the line
  9. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    How come... ?
  10. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    I only base anchor when isolating a fork is difficult down to something like the trees form. Tree I worked on today wasn’t climbable either due to condition aswell
  11. TTownsend

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Cheers for the reply, yeah I was through a strong fork probably 2/3rds up the tree with no danger of tearing the limb out. He mentioned a similar situation where the line was base anchored and the line snapped just below to where it was tied off to to whatever was pulling it hence his reasoning to isolate. I just presumed it was getting pulled to hard rather than being to do with how it’s anchored
  12. Was on site today pulling over a heavily leaning storm damaged willow with a digger as the pull. I was using a throw line to install pull line and was original going to base anchor the pull line until the boss said I had to try and isolate the a good fork as that way you get greater pull than if you base anchored. Is this true ? I’ve pulled over many trees by base anchoring the pull line and has worked fine. In fairness the tree was heavily leaning so needed a big pull but I was always under the impression/thought that either way you’d have the same amount of pull/force? (I’ll add aswell that we weren’t putting a cut in the tree we ripped out due to already being pretty crippled and in poor shape. We went with isolating the a fork and came out perfect, just interested as it sparked debate during lunch [emoji23])
  13. Think I got this one from Sorbus. Buy a few though because always break or the rubber starts to become weathered. Had a similar one from TreeKit that was black but that snapped aswell


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