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  1. Snatching out the last bit of timber on a Maple takedown. Was about 3:30pm with an hour and a half journey back to the yard and England was playing in the Semi final of World Cup that evening so all wanted to get a move on. You hear it all the time cutting corners and I only had my landyard around the the stem. Wasn’t until my ground mentioned to choke my main line around and not cut corners. So putting in the Gob cut with the 44 unknowingly going through and tough union and got major kick back sending the saw out the cut and straight through my lanyard so I drop about 6ft until my main line engages and I hang upside down. Could of been nasty, was only 15ft-20ft high but I would of landing on a stack of timber. Thankful for my colleague reminding me to contact up my main line as otherwise would of been a different story. I will always tie in twice now and soon as I start doing spar work I switch to a steal core lanyard.
  2. As the retrieval clip is under constant pressure from the Alpine has it caused wear as it isn’t normally under that kind of pressure ? Update to regards to the ART rope guide Basal anchor setup I mentioned above, I managed to get hold of ART and they said the setup was fine and the rope guide would be fine.
  3. Highly recommend Terry Banyard based in Wimborne in Dorset. Recently done my CS41 and went way past just what needed to be taught to pass. Looked at loads of different rigging techniques, from double blocking to using the rig ‘n’ wrench.
  4. I run Marlow Vega with my ZZ. It is a static rope though so has little bounce but that’s what I prefer and it runs smoother through the ZX
  5. TTownsend


    I use the new Zig zag coming from using the mk3. It Is bulkier but if I’m honest I haven’t noticed it to be a problem
  6. That’s what I would of said if the TO didn’t state it being otherwise
  7. Andy ?? But yeah, company I work for does all the tree work there. We cover all the national trusts in that area, so like Barrington Court and Lytes Cary
  8. First time and probably last time working on a Japanese Privet (one this size anyway) for the National trust at Montacute, Yeovil. The tree had a good size Ganoderma bracket so a Light thin with no cuts over 40mm in dia was purposed from the tree officer aswell as installing 2 cobra braces to 2 separate lower limbs due of poor fork unions. Pretty impressive tree, at first I thought it was a Holm Oak due to the bark and having similar leaves but on comparing the leaves you can tell the Japanese Privet has small more glossy leaves. The branch formation also resembles normal Privet.
  9. I agree the notch straps can be a fiddle otherwise works well
  10. Is pretty common for the solenoid to play up, are able to replace them though
  11. Staying away in London once and I was awoken to find one of the lads I was working with at that time in the bed next to me with his knob out on FaceTime to some bird.
  12. Been a while since I used my GoPro so pulled it out for this straight forward Silver Birch dismantle today
  13. I have the older rope guide (not twin line) and it doesn’t mention anything about base anchors in the video. I’ll try and contact ART
  14. Because one leg of the rope is tied off and being used static rather than being used DRT and the rope moving ?


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