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  1. H&c Coachbuilders Yeovil, was cheapest by far on my tipper conversion and did a nice arb body on my mates dyna
  2. What year is it? I had a 2004 Iveco daily which had a 2.3 multi jet fiat engine. It was smooth as silk and never wanted anything in the 5 years I had it, always started and pulled better than transits of the same age. If the rest of the truck was as good as the engine I would still have it now
  3. An extra £2000 in 24 hours I got. Guess Hurling abuse Down the phone gets the job done then
  4. There’s no such thing as a book price for a custom made vehicle, ins co words not mine. So they look at what’s for Sale at that moment and base a value on that. They came up with £6.5k as there was a ranger for sale at that price. Didn’t seem to matter that it was 4 years older, in worse condition and with more miles. They said if I had updated the value on every renewal then they would have been able to offer more. But who knows!!! Sure they still would of wiggled there way out of it, I must of had a valid point to be able to get £2k more out of them
  5. Evening boys and girls just wanted to give a heads up to any 4x4 tipper owners, being one myself I’ve had a bit of a time of it regarding insurance companies. I was recently involved in a road accident in my l200 tipper. I bought the truck standard and had It converted 3 years ago, I met someone on a narrow country lane and managed to stop... unfortunately... she didn’t. She admitted full liability so I was completely in the clear. The issue I had was when it came to the insurance agreeing a value on the vehicle. When I first had it converted I informed the insurance of this and they agreed it was worth around £10000. I Renewed insurance with that same reputable firm (NFU) for the next 3 years. However after the accident they wrote the truck off and tried telling me it was only worth 6.5k!! For a 2011 l200 tipper in immaculate condition with 60k on the clock. They told me that I should have updated the value every year but my argument was that it hasn’t really lost any value?!! anyway after many arguments and choice words and the backing of the garage that quoted the repairs!!! .... I’ve managed to haggle them up to 8.5k and as I still can’t buy one as good as mine I have bought it back and going to repair it myself (forgot to mention I was a car mechanic for 4 years before i joined the arb industry) it’s my only option as I still can’t buy another one as good for 8.5k Just wanted to give a heads up to any owners of similar vehicles to make sure you give them a value every year.
  6. They are good chippers, a firm I sub too have 2 of them, I’ve subbed to him for 10 years now. When I started the older 150 was reading 2800 hours and the clock hasn’t worked since I’ve known it! I’d say it’s on at least 4K hours now (probably more) and it still chips and does the job. A good advert for Timberwolf and I just hope the new ones are built aswell. There are better and faster machines to buy nowadays but if your handy with spanner’s there’s nothing you can’t do on them yourself. Sounds like 6k probably a bit high on the price for that particular machine though
  7. I have just gone from Buckingham long spurs to distel geckos aluminium short spur. Always thought my Buckingham’s were really comfortable until my distels came. Only changed cause I ran over them with the truck! But the distels are much more comfortable, every cloud!
  8. Couldn’t of said it better!! I was convinced he was talking about me until he mentioned Brad had a husky! ?
  9. As everyone else has said... try before you buy. Also more expensive doesn’t mean better, I spent over £200 on pfanners and after a month I sold them on Facebook as i couldn’t get on with them!!


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