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  1. Steve Forshaw at Hiab north west has a wealth of knowledge in specialist builds. Very good to deal with, certainly worth a phone call
  2. Thanks for the replies David, I’d worked out the felling is the easy bit. Any pictures of your “system” would be great. Green branch logging would seem to me to be best. Having seen video of dry material going through and shattering.
  3. Thanks for the responses. The area is only half an acre, in Cumbria, planted as potential fuel and as a biodiversity area. The customer also burns mainly softwood, so the Willow wouldn’t get lonely. Really just trying to get a feel for the easiest way to deal with it, whilst still making a shilling.
  4. Hello All I’ve been asked to look at cutting some SRC willow. The area is not huge, but I can see it being very time consuming. The stools are carrying everything forms whips to 3“to 4“ stems. It looks very labour intensive cutting, transporting and logging up for a wood burning stove. I was looking at cutting all the growth off, then logging on site. The other possibility was to use trailer and grab to get the stems into the yard and, if I can find one locally, use a branch logger to process into a building for storage. A little concerned as to how much the Willow will mildew and/or sprout. Has anyone else gone down this route before? Or has any one got any recommendations. Thanks in advance
  5. Another vote for Loglogic’s Softrac. Very versatile and easy to use machine. Used them for off-road deliveries to site and spraying under power lines.
  6. Evening all. Didn’t realise the 880 was history. I have one as new, never used, did start it once on Aspen just to feel the power. Bought the saw to start milling with, but that never materialised. So, although it has been started, it has never seen any timber, does that make it secondhand? Maybe it’s time to sell?
  7. Roughly 14 years ago Fountains were using Wessex tracked chippers on the railway. They developed a jacking system to get over the loading problem. Once the chipper was in the 4 foot, insert the jacks, based on HGV trailer jacks, raise it then push the trolley under, and lower the chipper. They were a bit cumbersome, but did the job.
  8. Simon Dack at Northwest Training Services, can provide a basic course, which I think would cover you. Contact numbers are, 07880 750870 or 01942 233361.
  9. Well done Steve for organizing the raffle again. However, I can't seem to get the link to work:confused1:. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Thanks for posting that. Brought a smile to my face.
  11. Thanks Maxwellarb, Trailer parts were very helpful. Replacement 5 stud hubs to fit the existing axles are available, at a price! £113 +vat each. I'll have to seriously think if I can justify the cost.
  12. I'll try Trailer Parts, thanks for the contact. The rock/ruts/stumps is exactly why I would like to try raising the ride height. The trailer hitch for the tractor is on the 3point linkage, so it does allow you to "walk" the trailer to a certain extent, over obstacles you can't avoid.


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