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  1. does anyone run Kioti tractors. Looking at a 50hp compact for winter season and then running flail in summer for paths etc . Anyone any thoughts one this kind of set up.
  2. looking for a low ground pressure trailer for behind argo or quad. ideally carry around 500kg for moving equipment into areas where conventional equipment isnt going. Does anyone have any suggestions available in the UK cheers Ali
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, Admin can you move if required. NMS are a marine lifting and inspection company based in North Scotland, but for here probably only interested in inspection services. Our guys are all trained by Skylotec for working at height equipment and LEEA for rigging and lifting equipment, and we are currently going through CFTS accreditation for forklifts, telehandlers etc. We are able to offer one of inspections or set up your business onto our electronic management system that stores all your certification and tracks dates and sends notifications of upcoming inspections. We are available to travel anywhere in the Highlands and Islands and have personnel based up North and doing through the west coast to Dunoon. We are starting to get asked more about being able to provide services to the timber industry. We try to make our inspections as cost effective as possible to our customers, which also includes doing works in the evening or weekends. Our guys also carry a range of test equipment and spare parts for the equipment to be tested. If anybody is interested in this or would like to discuss more please drop me a message on here
  4. Tracked tractor with reverse drive or an alpine with float tyres is possible way I am thinking. Soft track would be ideal. But need to save a few more pennies first
  5. Not sure where to put this so apologies if in wrong place. We are currently running a quad and flail mower for rashes, grass, heather cutting. several properties are asking about softer ground. now the quad is good and goes where tractors can’t. but wondering is there anything a bit bigger that is still got a large footprint, light weight but could say run a 1.6-1.8m flail/mulcher. thinking alpine on wide tyres or is there a tracked machine. any suggestions.
  6. spent most of this week on a rock face tree removal job. set up on variobase with a lane closure. 12.5m radius and 14m basket height.
  7. Can anyone advise training companies in north Scotland for me to do my starter chainsaw tickets, chipper and fmo for tractor and flail mower.
  8. we work anywhere in Scotland and have been on site works as a man basket down in Aberdeenshire and as a crane on the west coast. Crane lives in Caithness or Inverness shire so we can go anywhere. especially if its up small roads or hard to reach places. that's where we score over conventional equipment
  9. comparable with a spider crane and day rate may be higher than a tracked MEWP that can go to 26m, but you don't need an artic to deliver and the weight is significantly less. tracked mewp will be similar to a conventional so your looking at 3.5t on ours versus 18t ish on a conventional, so a higher day rate will be offset by transport costs and ground prep (if needed)
  10. ball park to our spec you wont get much change out of £150k
  11. north of £65.000. ie purchase price? well a 26m conventional mewp is considerably more and a spider crane with that capacity at the max radius is also a whole lot more
  12. its an efficient platform to work with when you consider that as a mewp you can reach 26m and around 22m at 15/16m radius and it doesn't need a lorry to deliver and collect. And weighing in at 3.5t you can go a lot of places without it sinking which you couldn't with more conventional equipment. tow it with a tractor and I reckon it will be able to go to 96-98% of places tracked machine could go
  13. NMS can provide their Böcker AHK36 2400 trailer crane / powered access platform. With outrigger loads of less than a 1t, variable jacking and the ability to be used as a crane and a man basket within 15 minutes makes it ideal for those hard to reach places. Towed by a pick up, makes for efficient mobilisation and no need for artic access. The crane is capable of self driving up slopes of 20degrees and self levelling on jacks on slopes up to 10 degrees. outriggers can also handle a step of 250mm between jacks. designed as a crane or mewp allows for man basket duties up to 26m with 250kg payload in 12.5m/s and capable of lifting 2t close in and up to 100kg at 24m radius. contact [email protected] or 01955605440 for any more information.


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