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  1. Hi sent you a PM but didn't get a reply, have you got a contact number or email?
  2. It's disconcertingly bouncy if you're used to a static line. I've only really been using SRT for access on it, then switching over to hitchclimber when I've got my top anchor and cambium saver in. If you're only going to use it for SRT i'd get something else
  3. Thought I'd check on here to see if anyone had a Singing Tree Rope Runner gathering sawdust at the bottom of their kitbag that they'd rather have some cash for?
  4. I'm getting the exact same wear and was also thinking that it was wearing pretty quickly... I was planning on using an old sling and finding someone with an industrial sewing machine to make my own replacement.
  5. My dad sent me a picture of a similar plane on Clapham Common, my suggestion was 'Bottle Butt', caused by a delignifying fungus and incremental reaction growth. Guess I was wrong on that one...
  6. <p>Hi, sent you a message about the free firewood for pickup, is it still available? Tom</p>

  7. A couple of us have been talking about getting Nod from Treeworker up here to run a splicing workshop. We need to get some expressions of interest from folk up here or nearby who would be up for attending to see if the numbers would work. We've not got precise dates in mind just yet but in terms of cost it would be £200 per person for the workshop/tuition (2 days over a weekend). Nod/Treeworker can provide splicing kits for £100. Venue hire would be on top of this but would be split evenly between all participants. Who's up for it?
  8. Hi All I'm looking to do a bit of milling with my Husqvarna 281XP and was wondering what people thought the maximum bar length I could get away with on that unit. Cheers
  9. I'm moving up to Glasgow in July and will be looking for tree work from the 15th August, though I'll also be around for a few weeks in the second half of July if anybody needs a hand with anything. Have my own PPE, climbing kit, saws and transport, and CS30, 31, 38 & 39. I've been climbing with the firm I'm currently with as a second climber for coming up to a year so I'm competent and safe up the tree, just not the most experienced or fastest. Also very happy to work as a groundy hauling logs and brash.
  10. I'm looking into doing the ABC Level 4 Diploma in Arb run by Treelife in September and am keen to get the contact/classroom time with the tutors and other students - everything I've read on Arbtalk about the course has been how useful the classroom time was. However, I'm also moving up to Glasgow in the summer, putting me a good 5-6 hour drive away from the most northernly centre in Leicester. I've chatted to Keely at Treelife and she said that though they're running at capacity at the moment they might consider a proposal to take on students at another centre somewhere if there was enough demand. So is there any interest from people here for doing the Treelife Level 4 course at a centre somewhere more northernly than Leicester? Whether than be Scotland or Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester etc...

    <p>Hi - are the books you listed on arbtrader still available? I tried messaging through it but I'm not sure it worked.</p>



  12. I think we have it! Sorbus domestica f. pyrifera. Cheers everyone
  13. Any ideas on what this might be? There's a couple growing on some wasteland near my house. Bark is very pearlike at the base, with lenticles further up. Leaves are pinnate, leaflets are narrow with serated edges. Fruits are very unripe, but pearlike in clusters.
  14. Where can you buy the template? Can't find anything about it online from a quick search?


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