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  1. I'm looking at specing an Arb truck with a tipping chip box, currently looking at Tipmaster. Saving weight on the body is a priority as we need to maximize the (legal) payload. It won't be getting abused and regularly overloaded as we'd need to keep everything kosher. What are folks opinions on ally tipper beds vs steel? I've heard some possibly apocryphal stories about ally beds tearing when tipping but I'm guessing they were massively overloaded? The extra 120kg of payload an ally floor would give over steel would be valuable.
  2. The Defiance doesn't look dissimilar to the Innovation in terms of length, which is what I found annoying about it for climbing in. I used to wear old goretex jackets as they were fairly hard wearing for tree climbing but the zips would always go, Musto do a goretex smock that might be alright? MUSTO Ravine Gore-tex Smock INTHESPORT.CO The Musto Ravine Gore-Tex Smock is a waterproof and breathable jacket designed for outdoor activities such as skiing and... Petition to bring back the Cut and Climb - I wonder if there was a crowd funder and enough folk signed up whether they'd do another run of them?
  3. 43 AKIMBO EN WWW.WORKS-ODSK.COM This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. Good review of it, some tips and tricks, plus an interesting project mapping usage of settings for different ropes vs climbers weight
  4. Beyond courses in chainsaw use and tree climbing, the European Tree Worker qualification seems fairly standard for freelance arborists European Tree Worker – European Arboricultural Council e. V. (EAC) WWW.EAC-ARBORICULTURE.COM Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. Trees are the most important living things for our... I would also look to get to the Deutsche Baumflegetage in Augsburg at the end of April. Trade fair day tickets are like €25 and there will be lots of people to network with and ask questions if. Deutsche Bahn are also offering subsidized tickets to the event from anywhere in Germany. Deutsche Baumpflegetage - Die größte Fachveranstaltung Europas WWW.DEUTSCHE-BAUMPFLEGETAGE.DE
  5. Teufelberger Ocean Dyneema Loop T - Honey Brothers HONEYBROS.COM Teufelberger Ocean Dyneema Loop T from Honey Brothers. The largest equipment specialist in the tree care industry. Ah so it's this one
  6. demo — Wooden Hand WWW.THEWOODENHAND.COM Tickets available through Treeworker http://www.treeworker.co.uk/
  7. Are you going on his 2 rope system workshop in May? He's running one in Oxford and another in Edinburgh.
  8. Just seen your previous post about the Simarghu harness. I'd take it up with them.
  9. Unless specifically stated by the manufacturer in the user instructions/handbook then no, all replacement parts have to be the ones specified by manufacturer for the harness to meet the certs/regs it was tested under, and pass a LOLER thorough inspection. What make and model of harness are you using? I'd be asking why a rough edge is consistently causing fraying and sending it back. You should be expecting more than months from a harness...bigger climbers can burn through the webbing on the legs of a TM but they're user replaceable.
  10. Though the quality of the hardware of the new TM pro seems dubious, they do have lots and lots of replaceable parts. I would be interested to hear in time from any Magpie users how the durability/longevity compares to other harnesses on the market.
  11. Never seen this configuration before! I should read the instructions more. Guess @wjotner could buy a replacement thimble loop? Teufelberger Ocean Polyester Loop T - Honey Brothers HONEYBROS.COM Teufelberger Ocean Polyester Loop T from Honey Brothers. The largest equipment specialist in the tree care industry.
  12. I'm not sure about the price point with a 5 year lifespan - most other harnesses will have a 10 year lifespan
  13. Anyone seen one of these out in the wild? Or own one? Home WWW.TIGHTLINEARB.CO.UK Tree surgery UK climbing harness tree climbing harness tree surgeon tree motion notch sentinel honey brothers tree hog...
  14. Horses for courses, innit. I do hate hauling 2 70m ropes around some trees Reminded me of the "Lightweight" piece in Paul Poynter's Blue SRT booklet, though you've gone even shorter.


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