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  1. Cheers, ya i was hoping to not spend more than 5k so a second hand would be ideal if there was anything available
  2. Yep I have looked, what kind of money are you looking at for one of those
  3. Sorry, its for a bandmill, basically for cutting inch to 2 inch boards, anything from 6in to 24in in width. Want to speed up the process of having to edge my boards on bandsaw, and looking to get an edger to deal with this
  4. Hi guys, just putting a feeler out for a board edger, do any of you know where there might be one hanging about. Cheers
  5. Thanks Shaun, he was always grateful for your help. Hope all is well
  6. Hi Guys, just letting you know that we are selling my father's 3phase static baker Bandsaw, he passed away last November due to a short illness so it is with heavy heart we are selling her on. It got a complete overhaul coming to over 10k before he passed away as we felt he may pull through so she is in good all round condition. She is capable of cutting 26ft and up to 3ft in diameter. She is a step up from woodmizer in both build and hydraulics. Service by baker is also top notch which is a big help. Please PM me if interested, saw is in southern ireland and we can load straight onto truck for buyer. Saw is in everyday use so is in good working condition. Advertised in arbtrader also. Looking for £20k ono. Cheers
  7. Sorry guys I'm in abit of a panic for jimE number, does anyone have a number or company name. Cheers
  8. Hi guys, does anyone here have a number for JimE, I messaged him about 3 weeks ago but it seems he hasn't logged in since September, it would be great if I could get a mobile for him. Thanks
  9. Good idea, I just spoke with manufacturer and he just told me there's a guy not very far away from me who is working one on a 3ton so that will be very interesting, I will let ye know how it goes will have a look tomorrow
  10. Hi guys, quick question, I have a 3.5t kubota and am in the process of putting a rotating finger grab on it. Now my issue is the guy I'm dealing with is very easy to get on with and has gone through everything which I'm happy with but just before I pulled the trigger today and purchased I had a look at the weight of rotator and grab which is 290kg and said to myself am I buying something that's not suitable for machine, now my guy said it will work it no problem but I don't want a machine that's not fluent because the application is too heavy, any thoughts welcome
  11. Hi, I have a 2003 schliesling 200mx. Great machine but lately having problems with no stress coming into play very frequent, it's strange in that when i put some light stuff in it kicks in right away, and when I put some heavy stuff in its seems to take it in quiet normal at times. Any suggestions or fixes. Cheers 👍


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