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  1. I’ve got sky basic package and sports. I like the sports channels and so do the boys. Got a decent deal £38 a month for full sports and basic pack. Have to threaten to leave every 6 months to keep sports cheap. dont watch it much should get rid really but like having sports there always someone to watch if I do put tv on. Not just whatever shite is actually on when I want to watch
  2. You obviously don’t cut and sell a great deal either since your not vat registered which tells its own story....
  3. It was me it took 2 mins on the search thing. He said my memory wasn’t working I knew it was. I was booking a doctors appointment if i didn’t find it!
  4. You can’t pull that out of context like that. You need my whole sentence! they are vital roles. big j the other day was saying that porters at hospitals were not that vital (not a quote as I can’t remember but along those lines) the doctors wouldn’t have patients in the right place without them. Does that mean they need a doctors salary.... CEO pay has always been ludicrous but that won’t change (much at least)
  5. I agree that’s how I read it. “A days work is a days work” my thoughts are everyone has a skill, something they are good at. They need to channel that skill into getting the best out of it. No one else can do that for them. the way it read to me is communistic which doesn’t work for obvious reasons just to add Saul is saying he goes out the £400 a day (some costs accepted) that’s decent money up there with doctors etc
  6. Are you really trying to equate a bin man and a doctors salary? I’m reasonably sure that no one dies if a bin isn’t emptied properly if the bin man had one to few the day before and forgets it. A brain surgeon on the other hand..... maybe you have an inferiority complex....
  7. That’s bad news sorry to hear it. what’s the gear stored in
  8. You must have moved...... or got someone to let you use their house as a postbox, voting address etc.
  9. I was under the impression you lived in a motor home type thing in someone’s work yard. I must have misunderstand too
  10. That would be your hated Maggie. and yes they could release land. Open more land. By that I mean grant planning permission on more land than is needed. The price would drop through the floor. If the developers round you that own the land don’t want to build for its new price they don’t have to. They don’t own all of the land.....
  11. Housing is the big problem I agree. the government could fix it by building more council houses and also changing planning rules by releasing land. There is plenty left untouched and still could be plenty left. my view is they can’t do the second (and arguably the first) because it would crash the property market. No bad thing in some respects until those that have managed to buy end up in massive negative equity.
  12. They are a bit prone to this. I went through about 4 springs before I bought a new cover (as in the whole orange cover thing ) never had a problem since. mine lasted 3 years of daily use before going. its something to do with the “axle” The whole spring arrangement sits on getting out of line or loose. No fixing it if it that
  13. First thing I’d be doing is asking the council what they can do for you. your comments make me think you’ve been working for the council for a very long time. Have they given you proper equipment all these years? you might fall on your feet with something else in the council that you would like to do? the other thing is then try and get a job that revolves around a hobby you have it won’t feel like work so will be enjoyable don’t leave the council without getting what you can from them the white finger coming on may help you in some respects
  14. Not arguing about the law that’s daft. I’m too busy, I can’t arrive for 4 months.... the list of reasons you can say no goes on and on. not saying it’s right it’s just the way it is


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