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  1. Yes fair enough. The other option is all the safety switches being pressed in as they should be. Seat/hydro pedal cutting switch off etc
  2. That’s weird. I wouldn’t even be bothering to look at it the dealer should be sorting it out
  3. I don’t know this machine but assume it’s a diesel with the d in model number. The diesel mowers I’ve used have a separate fuse for fuel solenoid. So if it’s turning over it could be that
  4. My mates alternator went on his RR £900 or so had to take all sorts off the front end to get at it. Stupid water cooled thing on it. V10 I think it was a BMW RR anyway long time ago now so can’t remember other than it being really stupid!
  5. Ouch. That’s not good. Hope they can clear it up soon for you.
  6. 👍 tell the truth and they can’t hurt you at all. Even if you do your own worse case is you have claimed for something you shouldn’t have and you have to pay a bit more. one of the software apps you can get is plenty for sole trader especially when starting out
  7. Crossed wires. I’m talking about seabed mining
  8. I’ve seen stuff about that too. Testing now I think to see how much “dusty” water it makes and how far it spreads. a lot of sea life needs the clean water on the bottom so it may be a no go
  9. Bony watched the video yet but have heard that Tesla is trying to make batteries without cobalt which will help since most of it comes from the DRC with questionable work ethics
  10. How many cars etc to use them ? i do think hydrogen is the way forward as there is more than enough of it. It’s production and storage that’s the bigger problem
  11. I agree there would be no point in the stress of running a business if you don’t get the financial reward. You however have said you are earning a “normal” or “average” amount I could find it if I could be bothered but I can’t at the moment. whats a “normal” range? personally I think you should make as much as you can and keep as much Of it as you can legally. I also think that should be the case for all people including the giants. You say you collect a lot of vat what about google and amazon. What about all the NI and PAYE tax they pay for their employees (I know they don’t pay exactly but you know my meaning) flat rate would be best as then you are not punished for working hard/smart. I can’t see it ever happening though
  12. If you are saving 20-30k in tax you are not making an average income as you claim to be. and you have just said no one in their right mind will pay too much tax yet in the same breath you would say the big corporations should willingly pay more......
  13. They obviously pay what they have too or they would be in court. its no good blaming the company. the government needs to close the loopholes. I do think that amazon (as an example) would simply raise prices if they were made to pay more.


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