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  1. Not arguing about the law that’s daft. I’m too busy, I can’t arrive for 4 months.... the list of reasons you can say no goes on and on. not saying it’s right it’s just the way it is
  2. wrong probably? illegal I very much doubt it. You can’t be forced to work for anyone or quote or anything else. i personally have never had any problems with them Pakistanis on the other hand I have had these very problems but would still work for them. its not a race thing for me to be clear as there is far more white British I’d not want to for either
  3. It’s all to do with risk (obviously) you are thought to be lower risk if in a stable relationship. its still cheaper for me after 25 years to have my wife on the policy than not
  4. It’s a lot of cash no doubt. a couple of things. for a pick up try someone like Nfu on the phone not online (my pickup costs £770 or thereabouts on business insurance though Nfu will do “normal” insurance too) then it obviously come down to any claims you have had in the past if any? 4 wheel drive kills the price too. if you have a girlfriend/wife whatever put them on it too price will fall more so if you live together.
  5. So you were lucky and got it cheap then😂😂
  6. My first car was £1200 a year that was 25 years ago
  7. That’s part of the problem then. Tell people they have to wait for things like that if you are short on time or put price up to cover getting stuff brought to you.
  8. Out of interest how do you manage to miscalculate by 30 or so m2?
  9. Maybe so you don’t snap a spring? could you have got blocks from a place much nearer and done two trips? edit just to say again YOU aren’t paying for delivery the client is so who cares?
  10. My point was more about either having the proper truck (his numbers for weights not mine) or like you say paying for delivery. shouldnt make any difference anyway as a contractor it’s the client paying not you. So he’s trying to price it cheap and cut corners to make the cheapness up
  11. No clue. One with a 6tonne payload 9 tonne train weight I suppose. weve all overloaded a bit I suppose (well most of us) as you get older you realise it’s just not worth it I suppose
  12. That’s all true so you’ve got the wrong vehicle......
  13. I’m scrapping a big hydro mower that has some big rams on it. What kind of size are you needing?
  14. I’m with you now. Like you say the 200,300 and to an extent the td5 have hit bittome and are working up again in price (that’s the impression I’m getting when trying to get hold of them for people) puma onwards I think you May be right as they started to try and be something they weren’t (in my opinion) from then.
  15. Why do you say that? Genuine question as I don’t see them competing at all with each other though could well be wrong


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