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  1. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Which one have you bought?
  2. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Fair enough I’ve no idea it’s just what he said! Didn’t matter as I wasn’t touching any conifer. But if I buy I’d like one that will cope with some being honest!
  3. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Thanks for that. The chap on the phone from the hire place only asked one question and that was “are you cutting any conifers” I said no and he said good because the Timberwolf is rubbish with it and you will spend your time unblocking it!
  4. Richard 1234

    Abandoning our ex forces

    I think they should be looked after by the MOD. kept in work(or off work but still in the forces) so they can be looked after for as long as needs be. As it’s not anyone’s fault where they are sent, nor it it their fault how they react to it!
  5. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    That’s good👍 I was warned not to put conifers through the Timberwolf mini chipper. Demos the same apply to the rock machine one? not that I intend to use any chipper on conifer as I tend to avoid at all costs and pass the work on to others. would prove useful on a small scale though?
  6. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Having hired for a week and geting on well with the Timberwolf I’m thinking of buying a machine. I’ve seen this https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/dr-premier-11-50-rs-wood-chipper/ wondeing if anyone has one/used one? if so how good are they? or am I better getting the rock venom/ or a second hand Timberwolf? i can’t justify £5k on a greenmesh and know whatever I buy won’t be perfect. thanka in advance
  7. Richard 1234

    Stihl & grease nipples!

    I do I’m sure it said in the manual to do it every 50 hours at the dealers. Point being I use lithium grease spray. Doesn’t need much. Worth doing as they are plastic gears iirc
  8. Richard 1234

    BR600 blower capput

    Not that that diagram is helpful enough to give you a part number!
  9. Richard 1234

    BR600 blower capput

    Looks like it has bearings http:// https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/stihl/diagrams/br-600/a17f5ad6-7f5b-4614-b7ef/
  10. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    Ha ha I know it’s a baby saw and it’s been fine 90% of the time. Being honest I don’t want to go as big as 70cc for the reasons you mentioned. just a bit more power not a huge leap up!!! 👍 To add I won’t be going near 25 inch trees I think something with a 16 inch bar will be plenty
  11. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    Hi I’ve got a couple of ms170s they are ok but having tried a saw with a proper width chain a couple of weeks ago (might have been a mitox!) it cut much better than mine ever has it was about 50cc I think (that’s ignori for now that I don’t know how much power that 50cc was producing) it will be used for occasional small trees takedowns (nothing much past 12-14 inch at base width wise) some logs. probably will still use the 170 for the pruning that I originally bought them for (1st one needs oil pump and screw thing fitting only got second one as dealer wanted £135 to supply and fit yet new saw was about £175!) probably don’t even need a new saw but I’ve got some money that wants to find its way into someone’s hands for a new saw!
  12. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    That might work👍 I think they are the same as dolmar saws and I think someone on here is a dealer though I might be wrong on that?
  13. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    I’m thinking more in the £350 budget as the most I can justify being honest. It will Only get used 8 to 10 times a year at most. That said if I buy one at £550 it should last me virtually forever I would think.
  14. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    Thanks for that. I don’t particularly want a stihl or husqvarna or any other brand! Just want a bit more power on a saw that you can actually get spare parts for if needed! so a ms260 is one to look at (stihl isn’t a bad idea as nearest dealer is still not husqvarna) whats the modern husqvarna equivalent of the ms 260? Thanks again
  15. Richard 1234

    New saw wanted

    Hi I’m after a bit bigger saw than my little stihl ms 170. not bothered what brand (don’t want rubbish though) but also don’t want to spend a fortune on something that will sit on the shelf for 95% of the time. something with a proper chain size (as in not picco chain) and more power than the 171. was thinking husqvarna 135? many thanks in advance


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