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  1. Not sure what the split is but for gas/electric it’s £125 a month
  2. Just check when they last actually billed you. That may be the credit you need to pay the bill when it comes. Besides the idea is to save that extra for winter when you use more. To even out the bills. Just a thought
  3. I doubt it very much since I’ve packs are a recognised way of cooling people quickly if they have heat stroke
  4. The air filter thing is something I’ve found on newer stihl stuff. I seem to be changing them really often as it seems the engines don’t like it when they are even mildly dirty. Especially on the auto tune ones which is odd as it says in the book they should last longer due to auto tune. But if they ever run a bit rough I swop and it all goes back to normal.
  5. 4ft grass will be trying to wrap itself around the strummer head slowing it down. You say only but it’s far too much for a mid range not very powerful machine. Try using the blade that comes with it. It will probably work better than line on long grass
  6. 2.4mm is quite thick line for the lack of power on that machine. Cc is the wrong thing to be looking at anyway it’s hp that’s important. I run 2.7mm on the 410 which is41cc at just under 3hp I think. It’s no good blaming the machine when you are using it for the wrong job/ expecting too much out of it.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/526850181695105/ a woodland mill if anyone is interested if the link works
  8. I got a stihl one for around dads farm for cutting back sapling etc to regain lost space. Did the job no idea how long they would last as it was a one time job and blade will be going a bit rusty on shed wall now. Worth the £20 or so it was back then. Better than the standard blade
  9. Stick with the stihl! The wheeled ones are good for knocking heavy stuff back as they take really thick line however the finish is crap. I help my dad on farm to knock some verges around the sheds down a couple of times a year. Perfect for that as it just gets left where it falls. just to add it’s fairly easy to “throw” stuff to the side with a brush cutter as you go making clean up easier as you probably know
  10. Well that was easy😂 it’s all about perceived value isn’t it? You have proved you don’t value a tree companies time..................
  11. Why does a knee replacement cost £15k. It’s only a few hours work......
  12. Even the word originally used that upset Saul (and I’m not saying it isn’t offensive) has within living memory gone from mainstream to the evil list of words we can’t use anymore. I remember Robisons jam and certain toys that you could collect
  13. I presume you don’t understand the meaning of the word then?
  14. Ah no idea about that just saw 50m3 a minute so would fill up in a container in no time. After it warms up it seems. Oh well
  15. https://electromarket.co.uk/beamz-s-500-fog-machine-with-100ml-fluid pone of those at the back on a battery system? Triggered when someone messes about? open door and boom smoke everywhere! Might be enough to make someone think for a minute?


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