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  1. Richard 1234

    customer wont pay

    Sort of. If I remember right the customer can waive this right if they want to. Presumably by signing something though?
  2. Richard 1234

    a funny invention

    I can’t see anyone buying that! Good idea but who want to drive to work then f*** about taking wheels off and putting tracks on? Especially when as said already it will likely dig in on the jockey wheel. I would have thought those wanting a tracked chipper would buy one that was designed that way in the first place!
  3. Richard 1234


    Maybe but if you can’t change oil “without a mishap” then you shouldn’t be doing it at all and getting someone who can to do it for you.
  4. Richard 1234


    Why anyone would wait 500 hours is beyond me. It takes minutes to change oil and costs penny’s in the scheme of things.
  5. Richard 1234


    I wouldn’t be waiting 500 hours to change oil on any work tools. Oil and filters are cheap and quick. I change every 100 on my kubota engines they are bomb proof too. Costs about £25 a time but for my peace of mind it’s well worth it.
  6. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    It is crazy but so is near darkness for most of the time in winter!
  7. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    How many hours daylight do you get this week? I’m thinking up there the sun must not be down for long?
  8. Richard 1234

    Why I hate feminism

    It makes me think of the so called “quotas” of women on the boards of big companies. The job should go to the best person for the job. But if a percentage of these jobs HAVE to go to women how can it be the best candidate when by the same equality rules men must be given the same chance at getting the job? It doesn’t add up to me
  9. Richard 1234

    Why I hate feminism

    I think feminists actually want unequal rights in their favour. Before anyone moans equal rights are fine!
  10. Richard 1234

    First World Cup memory..

    Spain reminded me of Brazil when I was younger not letting the other team have the ball and passing it all over the park. Ronaldo can’t win it on his own can he?
  11. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    I don’t see how you can do much more than 12 a day without turning into a dribbling mess!
  12. Richard 1234

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Bloody windy yesterday! Snapped a tree in half and dropped it in the main road into the city. Farmer came out with the loader and pushed it off road into the verge and I’m wondering how long it takes the council to shift it (thinking never!)
  13. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    That said I’d want a spare machine if I was clocking up big hours every week! Machine break when worked hard don’t they so downtime would be the killer there
  14. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    What’s the flaw in his thinking? Is it a must to have tens/hundreds of thousands of gear or is the bottom line more important? I know which I prefer
  15. Richard 1234

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Working that hard is ok when you are young without others to take care of. Get into your 30s you really should be thinking about slowing down a bit then in your 40s you should be making enough to slow down if you didn’t in your 30s


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