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  1. Transition to self employed (wages etc)

    [emoji16][emoji16] I know mate. Did make me smile!
  2. Transition to self employed (wages etc)

    I did write quite a long post but thought better of it and deleted it, then pressed post by accident! It was along the lines of, “if you want to make more money go spend some and set up on your own then see if the grass is greener!”
  3. Heads up Suffolk

    Expensive day! You never know they might turn up with the police....... not likely I know. Gutted for you it’s crap[emoji107]
  4. what mini loader

    If you push you will be driving over the slits/holes you have just made closing some of them up straight away
  5. what mini loader

    http://www.thegreenreaper.co.uk/lawn-scarifiers-aerators/towed-lawn-aerators Have a look at these. Just towed but your machine should be more than capable not saying they are any good mind! Been looking myself but can’t see one that’s good enough paying for itself without a compact tractor which I don’t have!
  6. shefeld trees

    I’ve just been looking up about HS2. That is going to be a disaster in terms of trees lost but don’t hear much said about it
  7. shefeld trees

    Why was he given an injunction?
  8. shefeld trees

    I’ve seen one or 2 videos. One peaceful the other had an idiot in the work area hugging branches from trees that were on the floor trying to stop them being put into the chipper. Do you think it’s a good idea for people to endanger everyone?
  9. shefeld trees

    How much do you think it would be cost to tear up the contract and think again? Do you think that the contractor is going to say yes no problem we will lose out on “x” million because people don’t like what you’ve decided to do (elected by the people who live in Sheffield) By all means campaign to stop this happening again somewhere else but is it worth someone getting killed because they can’t keep themselves out of the drop zone? Peaceful protests don’t require masses of police and security guards.
  10. Making the news today....

    That’s fine I’m just relaying what people tell me. Something is wrong. I don’t know what it is. Besides that. Most NHS staff are highly educated and should need very little “management”. Maybe they don’t like it as these I talk to have been consultants for years and maybe used to do things their own way and don’t like being managed now.
  11. Making the news today....

    Well they say managers but it could mean any admin staff. I don’t know. I do know they all say it, so there must be something in it.
  12. Making the news today....

    Living half a mile from lincoln county hospital I have lots of doctors as clients. They all bar non say the same thing. Too many managers interfering. Keeping staff in meetings instead of seeing patients. So you are right in that bin the managers (or at least the ones that are simply there to collect a big pay cheque!)
  13. Making the news today....

    Couldn’t the same be said of ALL public sectors? Police, fire service, teachers the military, local government etc etc. They all cost and don’t “make” money. The navy buying carriers they can’t afford planes for is one example I was talking about last night with someone from the RAF. Why bin the harriers and eventually get some of these new planes. Councils paying out compensation for broken wheels instead of fixing the potholes. The police chasing motorists instead of finding a workers stolen tools. Ofsted changing things constantly so money that could buy equipment or books or extra teachers is spent on changing things. Can you really compare the public and private sector? I’m not so sure
  14. Transition to self employed (wages etc)

    It’s only for 8 months a year and being really honest it’s more like 5 as school is 845-330. So usually start at 930 ish and done for 245.


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