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  1. Richard 1234

    Work for wood

    Maybe. on the other hand if they were to be more punitively taxed they would just cut margins elsewhere and that would trickle down to the bottom and affect those least able to afford it. like I said earlier the tax system is flawed at both ends of the scale. too little at the top and people complain a rich person might “only pay” £200k in tax. I wonder how much the top would care either way if the tax free level was brought up to levels that people could live properly on? My thought is they wouldn’t give it a second thought
  2. Richard 1234

    Work for wood

    But Mrs mop isn’t being taxed at 23% as nearly 70% of her money is not taxed at all. i think if the tax was slightly less percentage wise for high earners but they can’t hide any money offshore etc. Tax income would probably increase but the rich would not feel like they were being punished for doing well. that said I think tax free income should be set at more than 11k as if your only making 15 you haven’t got much spare set it at £20k as an example
  3. Richard 1234

    Which battery saw

    Thanks. what do you mean by off button? oil light would be a good idea as if not fueling I will likely forget to top oil up as I always do both together
  4. Richard 1234

    Which battery saw

    Which out of Makita or stihl (I have ap300 and ar 3000 battery or I have the Makita lxt batteries) i want a new small battery saw just for pruning/ very small take downs and logging small trees (clear up probably drop the small tree with petrol machine. has anyone used both or any of the battery ones that could give some opinion please? Thanks
  5. Richard 1234


    This maybe? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0c1nl68/the-truth-about-19-antibiotics
  6. Richard 1234

    january flowers

    Daffodils coming up already was pricing a job this afternoon and nearly flattened them! Knew they grew there but wasn’t expecting any yet!
  7. Richard 1234


    How can the government stop it though? I’m not being argumentative I just don’t see it stopping as to pay the car was workers decent money the price would go from a fiver to what ten/fifteen pounds. I can’t see them still getting the custom at those prices though I could be wrong?
  8. Richard 1234


    Yes saw that your link had some old folk discount on it. Still more affordable than £650k!
  9. Richard 1234


    https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-59042304.html street name caught my eye😁
  10. Richard 1234

    Leaf Blowers

    Top tip is buy the straight end tube bit for the br700. No more aching arm. massive difference weirdly. or just cut the bend bit off the end of the original.
  11. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Don’t know that much about chippers but yanmar engines will run forever if you don’t overheat them,and obviously service them. I’d go that way just for that reason
  12. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Which one have you bought?
  13. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Fair enough I’ve no idea it’s just what he said! Didn’t matter as I wasn’t touching any conifer. But if I buy I’d like one that will cope with some being honest!
  14. Richard 1234

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Thanks for that. The chap on the phone from the hire place only asked one question and that was “are you cutting any conifers” I said no and he said good because the Timberwolf is rubbish with it and you will spend your time unblocking it!
  15. Richard 1234

    Abandoning our ex forces

    I think they should be looked after by the MOD. kept in work(or off work but still in the forces) so they can be looked after for as long as needs be. As it’s not anyone’s fault where they are sent, nor it it their fault how they react to it!


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