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  1. You tell yourself that if it makes you feel better. ive got less of an issue with him claiming dole and working (don’t like it but it’s his choice and what happens if anything happens is his problem) but paying the man £40 a day for hard graft seems mean even in those circumstances.
  2. If you look at it that way it’s still wrong as your then not paying him enough per day
  3. Wow! the problems I see are that that you are knowingly letting someone abuse the system and 2 you are making it harder for people that need to charge properly..........
  4. It would be about £60-£65 per m2 all in around here for that small bit
  5. Hi Ben I could take a trailer load or 2 away if possible? many thanks in advance richard edit the smaller stuff would be fine if others want the big stuff
  6. And lock it inside the tree. trees cut for building things out of is ok I think as the co2 staying locked inside it trees cut for burning I’m not sure about. i do think trees could be carbon neutral if enough were to be planted. just my thoughts.
  7. Sort of. It falls down when trees aren’t replaced. if they are not replaced they are not carbon neutral. i don’t believe for a minute that all trees harvested are replaced do you replace each tree you cut down? Genuine question
  8. How much good is chopping trees down doing the planet?.............
  9. Get quickbooks or similar then you can invoice from your phone iPad etc and email them out.
  10. I do a lot of strimming round lamp posts street signs etc and found I was changing line too often even using thick expensive line so went back to bump heads. i still use it now and then if I get a clearance job with some 6mm Oregon line with teeth on it I forget the name it’s good but £70 a reel!
  11. I never got on well with mine seems like people like them though
  12. Just for future reference If the spring goes weak replace it they are about 80p.......
  13. Maybe. on the other hand if they were to be more punitively taxed they would just cut margins elsewhere and that would trickle down to the bottom and affect those least able to afford it. like I said earlier the tax system is flawed at both ends of the scale. too little at the top and people complain a rich person might “only pay” £200k in tax. I wonder how much the top would care either way if the tax free level was brought up to levels that people could live properly on? My thought is they wouldn’t give it a second thought
  14. But Mrs mop isn’t being taxed at 23% as nearly 70% of her money is not taxed at all. i think if the tax was slightly less percentage wise for high earners but they can’t hide any money offshore etc. Tax income would probably increase but the rich would not feel like they were being punished for doing well. that said I think tax free income should be set at more than 11k as if your only making 15 you haven’t got much spare set it at £20k as an example
  15. Thanks. what do you mean by off button? oil light would be a good idea as if not fueling I will likely forget to top oil up as I always do both together


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