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  1. Richard 1234

    Cherry wood what oil is best

    That would be brilliant thanks. I’m hoping they dry enough for me to have a go after Christmas when my work goes quiet but i may be disappointed!
  2. Richard 1234

    Cherry wood what oil is best

    Really? Or ting oil for table and drinking brandy for you ?
  3. Richard 1234

    Cherry wood what oil is best

    I’ve cut down a cherry tree today and managed to get some slices to make some pan stands/ decorative items and I’m wondering how long it needs to dry firstly. Then after that it can go through a planer thicknesser. It looks like it has some nice grain so what’s best to finish it with please? Many thanks in advance
  4. Richard 1234

    Best 30inch double sided hedge cutter?

    The Honda is supposed to have self sharpening blades that actually work not just a sales gimmick. 4 stroke though so a bit heavier than others.
  5. Richard 1234

    General shortage?

    So would you rather they were sat at home doing nothing? small businesses can’t always afford to pay people “the right money” whatever that is? Some people think just turning up on time deserves paying a lot for. Sorry it doesn’t. people need to add value. if they do add value they should be paid appropriately. i don’t disagree totally with you on this I just don’t see that everyone can be paid top money as it’s not there in a lot of cases!
  6. Richard 1234

    General shortage?

    That’s just twisting what I’m saying to suit your narrative! the stats are a sham there is no denying it. However as a taxpayer I’d rather we topped up someone’s earnings than ended up paying full benefits if they were sat on their arses! average wage is about £25k I think? So to be the average there has to be a lot of people that earn lots less than that. i think we both know you can’t live a decent life and feed and house a family on £25k. how do we fix it? its not by paying everyone £20 an hour as that would simply become the new minimum wage and everything would be three times the price it is now. to add I’d rather not pay for the feckless to sit and watch sky eating pizza but I’ve got no say in that either!
  7. Richard 1234

    General shortage?

    Well imo that’s better than paying it all!
  8. Richard 1234

    Chainsaws stolen last night

    How often does that actually work? I can’t imagine very often as these scumbags probably just nick another saw when one breaks! Why pay to service if you can steal one! Wankers!!
  9. Richard 1234

    Chainsaws stolen last night

    Ouch! Hope you are insured. Where abouts I the country?
  10. Richard 1234

    Trailer MOT's

    Probably! Though the ag rules are stupid and unfit for purpose and have been for a long time! It’s not like farmers are using fordson tractors anymore! its frightening seeing these young lads driving huge tractors with huge trailers through small villages as fast as they can. Makes me wonder how many deaths from it there has been?
  11. Richard 1234


    Why do you care how he spends his(or his banks) money. He could buy it himself and claim mileage, or buy it through the business and take off a percentage for personal use. It doesn’t need to be post tax at all!edit just seen another post with same things said
  12. Richard 1234


    That’s where you are falling down. If married try adding wife as named driver that should bring it down (providing she drives that is!)
  13. Richard 1234


    That’s another way of looking at it. For me now I’d rather have the nice motor as I get to look and use it everyday. A holiday is gone in a couple of weeks.
  14. Richard 1234


    I think it’s a properly sad state if you can’t just buy something nice with your money without only thinking of the bottom line. I go to work to have nice things and a nice life not to be the richest man in the graveyard
  15. Richard 1234


    Why bother going to work if you can’t buy something nice?


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