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    Bloody hell! Where are these charts on the bbc please? would be good to see outlook for my dad! thanks
  2. I’ve seen that one and the government response. It seems they were not credible in what they thought they could supply. oh and they were using experts from what I can see. They may we’ll have been wrong. not sure anyone would have been well placed to make this run smoothly
  3. What would the right way off doing things been?
  4. True. Having walked round a few of them when living there they are vile places and need to be stamped out if not everywhere certainly in these big towns and cities
  5. True but that argument falls flat in massive cities like Wuhan. It’s not the dark ages there. out in the vast Chinese countryside it is a valid argument since they still live in mud huts!
  6. I think that’s the point it’s the Chinese government not it’s people that’s the problem. they live like they do because they are governed with an iron fist. And a huge majority are very very poor. The wealth gap there makes the west share the money out equally
  7. The way I understand it is it’s 80% of profits for past 3 years divided by 36 to give you a monthly figure of “x” and we will be getting 3 x “x” in. June oh and it’s taxable as well for the June tax year and don’t have to stop work if it comes in maybe......
  8. Yes mobile data is working better than WiFi for some odd reason for me too
  9. My wife is the same. 24 kids in school today out of about 1400. Problem is only 2 are from frontline workers.....
  10. Check that again mate I think it’s universal credit raised up to ssp level and not just 2 weeks. Not brilliant but a start at least
  11. Where did you hear that?
  12. If you have a unit which I think you do? If you get rebates rates now you will be able to claim a £10k grant to keep you going(not a loan just essentially free money)
  13. That’s not what I said. This problem is real and massive. if we are told to stay at home how will retail make any money? plus staying at home means a lot of people will be short of money due to only getting ssp so the money won’t be there to be spent. It’s a vicious circle. yes save I do and can survive for a good while because of it should work grind to a halt.plenty of people don’t make enough money to save in the first place, what are they supposed to do?


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