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  1. Get the rough cut ones unless you are doing really tight topiary. the trim ones move too fast and miss bits if you move even a bit too fast. they won’t cut thick stuff the rough cut will do both if you use them properly. ive got both a hs82t and r version they t has hardly been used
  2. Do you know how many trailer accidents are sub750 on either licence? Would be interesting to see how many of those there are. Those little camping trailers you can get from the likes of Halfords look dangerous (to me at least) when brand new
  3. I’m talking about going from learning in a micra then buying a Range Rover as you suggested. Insurance would kill that idea for nearly everyone. I’m not saying learn in one
  4. That completely ignores my first point about driver error being the cause of nearly all accidents. How many are caused by people who are actually paying attention? Can’t be many
  5. True but with that you have got ridiculous insurance premiums that would in most cases prevent it.
  6. I’m sure driver error is without doubt the biggest cause of all accidents on the roads. Mechanical failures will be some of them but the rest is people not paying attention to what they are doing. What bugs me about the training is that around here at least the trailer they are towing is an 8x4 or a 10x 6 at most. After passing you can go get. A 16 foot trailer and do as you like with it. They all seem to have twin axles making reversing easier
  7. It might well be they can’t find anyone else to do the job. Parish councils work this way to when no one wants to join. I think your right though it just leads to a room of people with the same ideas with no one to tell them they are being bonkers!
  8. I know very little about chainsaws however I have to think that for a chain to shrink enough to bend a crankshaft it would have to be so tight to get so hot to do that that it would break something else first. Like the crappy screw tensioner or snap itself. The crank you saw probably bent due to knackered bearings.
  9. I understand more for the specialised stuff that you use. But for chopped peaches or whatever they are I’m not so sure. It obviously is cheaper or they wouldn’t do it. It just seems outrageous that they do it.
  10. Still it’s stupid for the example you posted. It’s travelling half the world from one cheap labour economy to another and virtually back again.
  11. I seem to remember that’s changed now and we are a net exporter. Last year the problem was getting it onto shelves not lack of it, very much like this fuel non crisis
  12. That’s bloody stupid. Who can possibly think that’s a good idea!
  13. In theory it’s fine until everyone else wants 60% on top too which they will. Hyperinflation would be the outcome in my opinion though I could well be wrong.
  14. We’ve used loads over the years,. Normally round but sometimes a fence is needed!
  15. I have a business too and I wouldn’t touch buying another arb business or gardening business (yes they are similar despite what anyone may think) too much if it is person to person sales. Once the person is gone where does the business go ? You may get lucky you may not. Too much of a gamble. The op is tired of hard work after 6 years and expecting a nice big payback for some machines and some old customers who may or may not return


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