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  1. Nuff said - will do Thanks everyone, feeling happier now....
  2. My wife read very interesting book called "singled out" Everybody of my generation ( I'm 62) had loads of maiden aunts - this was because the boys they should have married were slaughtered in the trenches..... So for pretty much every guy killed there was a girl who never got to have a family..... It's not something we ever thought about as kids, everybody had a maiden aunt or two .......sobering thought though ......
  3. Might do just that I'm just being pedantic (stupid) but I really like to understand what I'm doing and why, I feel better then..... Really p***es me off that I used wrong bolts, and could have caused damage...... Better to ask and be ignorant for 5 minutes than never to ask and be ignorant for ever
  4. I've heard of people selling it in bunches to tourists in lay byes Sounds like best way of getting rid of it to me ...
  5. This is what I've been doing Pretty easy https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2011/may/13/how-make-bresaola-in-pictures
  6. You could just get a government job and stop working entirely ....!
  7. Simpler way may be to simply put bolt in drill and use hacksaw to cut slot Strength will be proportional to x sectional area, so on 10mm bolt 1mm cut would give big reduction in strength . Cross drilling bolt would give similar effect .......with bit more accuracy Surprised there is nothing more on the net about this, perhaps people prefer to buy gearboxes ?
  8. Slept for 2 years when I stopped working ... Lot better now
  9. That's really useful Do you know supplier for 4.8 shear pins ? Been thinking a lot about this today There is (small) business opportunity for someone doing shear pins in various strengths ..... Maching a slot around the pin would reduce cross sectional diameter and could be used to produce various strength shear pins from a standard sized blank If you knew torque requirement of implement and tractor pto torque output you could match them properly instead of just guessing - possibly supplying them to implement manufacturer Would be at specific rpm though ........ Interesting stuff Picked up 8.8 bolts today as step in "right direction"
  10. Friends sister was married to a judge ( lots of £ to spend ) She put fancy heating system into her house, ground source , solar panels the lot -- cost absolute fortune After several years messing about she ripped the lot out except the wood burning stove with boiler and the accumulator tank -- works just fine now She has business and employs Polish carpenters and produces a lot of saw dust, she found out the poles were taking the sawdust home to run their wood burners - they were using sawdust and putting vent holes through and apparently getting no problems ..... I suspect we have a lot to learn about burning wood from eastern Europe .....
  11. I have legal mate who fought battle some years ago for a client who was trying to get planning permission when there were great crested newts in the area... He reckoned he was the expert on them after a long battle .....( though he probably ever actually saw a newt ) I think those little plastic fences you see around building sites are something to do with them too He eventually won and client got permission to do his building work ..... Oh yes and what was he building? Some ponds ! If you want to talk to him pm me and I'll send you his contact details
  12. I was workaholic (19 years and no holiday except bank holidays - when I was too ill to drive I employed a driver to get me from job to job) It wasn't the right thing to do ....no one will thank you Don't be a busy fool .........
  13. It strikes me nice chart showing breaking points and "numbers" 8.8 12.8 etc available would be useful for us pragmatic types .... We could start weak and work up to what doesn't break very often in a sensible controlled way
  14. I bought box of shear bolts with the driveshaft They are 12.8's will get them changed for lower strength Is there anything weaker than 8.8's ? IMHO Better to start weak and work your way up ........
  15. There's no problem Except when I put too big a log in ........ The bolts are marked 12.9 Does that sounds like its too high ?


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