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  1. My passion

    I couldn't afford to zero it, let alone spent a day on the range
  2. My passion

    Reloading should save money once you have the kit. However I end up with more rounds at my disposal so I shoot more, so any savings are gone..! My reloads work out around £0.90p a bang
  3. My passion

    Nikk, thats good shooting. I get 3/4inch group @100m. Most of my shooting is <150m. Reloading is more of a chore that a passion. Stalking is my passion and there's nothing more rewarding than a difficult stalk through the woods getting as close to the quarry as possible. (Until the extraction....)
  4. My passion

    Im getting a variation of .2grain using N160, not bad for the speed I can reload at. The difference it makes to my accuracy isn't really noticeable at the ranges I shoot. (25m😀)
  5. My passion

    How accurate do you find the powder dispenser? I gave up using electric scales as I found any slight drafts (breeze) would cause the readings to fluctuate. I sometimes use beam scales but again get annoyed trickling in powder, it's always one or two more/less grains of powder . Now I use a Dillon progressive press, plenty accurate enough for my shooting needs and I can make up lots of rounds very quick, giving me more shooting time.
  6. Stump on bank, ideas?

    Ignore the picture posted above...!
  7. Stump on bank, ideas?

    Try getting hold of an Alpine Magnum stump grinder.
  8. Reductions

    H Chestnut reduction
  9. Green Mech Eco Arborist engine WANTED

    No luck. Will just store it away until I come across an engine..! Cheers
  10. Fencing price query

    Id say approx £60 per meter (depending on material and the dig)
  11. Green Mech Eco Arborist engine WANTED

    Just tried the link through the main site and it worked. (I was trying from the App) cheers I have sent the pick to our fitter to see what he thinks. 👍🏻
  12. Green Mech Eco Arborist engine WANTED

    Cheers for looking, I cant open the link nor find it on ebay!
  13. Green Mech Eco Arborist engine WANTED

    Apparently the engine is now obsolete....... I have sourced a new crank shaft £2600+vat, I will also need a gasket kit, bearings and shells. Ive been told some water pumps used the same engine too, so going to wait and see what turns up. Cheers
  14. Green Mech Eco Arborist engine WANTED

    Cheers for the replies, Engine Plus couldn't help. Yes the crank shaft has defiantly snapped, its the engine with the cast bell-housing. John
  15. The crank shaft has snaped on our Greenmech EcoArborist so Im after a replacement engine, has anyone got one for sale or another knackered ecoarborist so I can use the engine? Engine details are- Isuzu 3LB1. Family # is 3LB1NAB. Type # is 3LB1NABDA. Id # is 3LB1 435295. Thanks in advance. John


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