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  1. First arb vehicle ever was an l200 tipper. waste of 12k should have got a transit tipper. Capacity is all!
  2. I’ve been able to drive a tractor and tow a 14ton trailer on a standard license from 18 years old yet had to to take this trailer license to pull a 1 ton chipper…madness. about time sense was seen..

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    ssq11+ for sale 1 year old 160 hours had a service already. additional counter weights lights and narrow access wheels. grapple bucket. Bucket. Tow hitch plate. Great machine, reluctant sale need something bigger.


    Newmarket , Suffolk - GB

  4. I’d be interested, was just looking at these on YouTube this morning.
  5. There’s appears to be a new trend this year of no ratchet straps applied ? numerous contractors have lost bales on low branches and have had police warnings! These lads should be banned along with a savage fine...
  6. The pipes fitted are woefully inadequate! Had 3 split on mine..
  7. It didn’t make any money... it took away from the agricultural side. A friend of mine was made redundant some years ago from there. They binned off the whole forestry team and got contractors in.
  8. Go easy on me... https://www.jwtreesurgeryandgardens.com
  9. By the looks of it a new sensor is about £40. Hood sensor is actually highlighted on the display now that I’ve looked at it.
  10. Right right, I guess it’s either the sensors had it or it is the latch failing to hold the hood down. It looks like the newer ones are fitted with actual latches either side of the hood...
  11. Mine also has an issue, the hood latch is knackered and the hood vibrates it’s way away from the hood sensor killing the engine. Have bought some center latches to fit either side. Anyone know the correct distance between the sensor and the hood plate?
  12. How much was the short version? What is dint?


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