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    Woodland and Forestry management, habitat management, Rural Fencing, scrub control and boundary work
  1. Where are all the hand cutters?

    I think that's just dropping if he's doing it for skyline.
  2. Where are all the hand cutters?

    Wiley- can't in any great detail answer your questions, I'd have to say in my experience currently with trying to keep our hand cutting going in forestry I'd do no it's not viable anymore. We are currently looking for harvesters and extraction team to cut a large standing job for us but with prices of wood and standing even that's tight, no way could you make it pay hand cutting it. A really good hand cutter could do 70+ trees a day and I know some who'd prefer to be on piece rate because they can cut manically on flat good ground. The problem is that if a harvester can get in there they are used in there. The problem we've found is we've had to buy standing to increase my hand cutters skills because sub contracting for large firms they go for machines not hand cutters. In my experience hand cutters move to either Arb work or sensitive sites doing scrub work. In terms of how much is expected it would depend on price they have got for standing purchase and sale but it always seems more than is feasible by more than just afew hand cutters. I'd say the most likely to get a good rate would be cutting on clearance and thinning contracts for the forestry commission and tendering a good rate and working hard but again most of the time it's won by the big contractors who use machine operators over hand cutters for everything but steep slopes. I'm not knocking mechanised workers as soon as I can get through my tickets and get the other lad who works with me through his we will move more mechanised the pay rates are still crippling but if you want to stay in forestry that's where the work is now.
  3. French Election

    One major point is being missed with the whole argument that migration is causing chaos and terrorism in europe. Much like the attack on parliment in london the terrorists who have commited attacks in europe are european citizens radicalised within europe who symapthis with ISIS. So to argue that le pens anti immagration stance would reduce terrorist attacks is ridiculous. Did the vote to exit the EU reduce terror in europe no london suffered its latest attack after the vote to leave. Did the 7/7 attack occur because of immigration, unlikly as it was before news outlets started constantly saying how bad immigration was. Would 9/11 have been prevented if Trump was in charge then, id hazard a guess and say no as its was a lack of security not because immigrants were coming into the country that meant the terrorisst got on those planes with weapons. Be real about it an anti immigration stance wont solve a problem when slavers tried to shut down slave rebellions the slaves didn't stop it just fueled the fire, dont poor diesel on a naked flame it just gets worse.
  4. 🤠 cowboys

    In all seriousness though you are right sonething does have to be done unfortunatly its a case of it would probably take more time to sort than is worth the hassle. Let the cowboys work them selves out of the business by doing poor work. And of they are doing acceptable work for the client but not paying for insurance etc not alot can be done about that as the client wont testify to then being bad cotractors.
  5. 🤠 cowboys

    References references references. I always take atleast 2 references with contact details to do quotes and attach them to the final paper quote. Yeah ive still lost work to cowboys but all i think is if the customer isnt looking at the references then they arnt worth my time. Part an parcel of life always someone doing it cheaper who get the people who only go on cost. Your price is your price dont chase the under payers its not worth it. And when they knock on your door to get you to fix the cowboys work add 20%.
  6. Employment or sub contract opportunities

    Still looking for sub contract teams and cutters for this winter. Contact for details. Gareth_elms@sky.com
  7. Environmental Land Management Solutions has between 4-6 employment or subcontract employment opportunities between September and March 2016-2017. Due to resent contract awards we are looking for 2-3 chainsaw operators and 2-3 support labourers for scrub operations in South Yorkshire. The positions are for immediate start. ELMS also has a number of opportunities for subcontract teams to be involved in the works throughout winter. Please contact me with interest of either of these opportunities at Gareth_elms@sky.com Competency certificates will be required for; Chainsaw felling any level. PA6AW for stump treatment First aid permanent work after this is likely after these works have concluded for the right candidates. Regards Gareth ELMS operations Manager
  8. Couple of days work

    m looking for a couple of people with knapsack spraying tickets to help me out in south cumbria near grange over sands for either afew days end of this week or monday, tuesday wednesday next week or both if available. Please email me ASAP with contact details and your availability at Gareth_elms@sky.com. cheers
  9. Post and rail fencing

    Id say collate the photos and what you identified as wrong with the fence. Then do what timbernut said, the customer has a requirement to ask the first contractor to cone back and do the job. If he refuses go through small claims to get the money spebt on you puttibg it right. If first contractor agrees but customer doesnt want them to the customer in theory should pay for the outlay above labour from the first contractor. In terms of accreditations for fencing no there isnt a accreditation as such fiss cards equivalant to cscs cards but for fence show that a fence has achieved a certain quality of fencing as assessed by someone deemed to be of a standard to asses anothers working quality.
  10. knapsack operators

    Due to recent awarded contracts E.L.M.S is looking for a number of knapsack operators to complete a rhododendron spraying contract in the south of Cumbria. We are looking for a number of operators preferably based in the south Cumbria area but will consider those within a sensible travelling distance. The works are for a period of between 6-8 weeks this will depend on the number of operators we get. PPE must be supplied by you a knapsack sprayer would be a benfit but we can supply if requried. If anyone is interested please email the following to me at Gareth_elms@sky.com - copy of your PA6 required (AW preferable) competency certificate. - Your requested daily rate - confirmation of your self employment statues - your location - brief overview of previous works you have completed associated with this type of work. This work would be suitable for someone requiring experience in this type of work. Please only email me these details and contact details for you so i can contact you regarding this work. We will accept applications from teams. Regards Gareth Operations manager Environmental Land Management Solutions.
  11. Clearing rhododendron

    No real time lkmit on when to cut them, we do alot for natural england during the winter months upto end of march (bird besting season), as FC guidance says get the stumps quick with herbicide we use roundup pro bio. If your burning it make sure you burn it all any little twigs left may grow new shoots next year.
  12. 3 bits of cherry

    attached is a photo of the wood. thanks Gareth
  13. 3 bits of cherry

    We have 3 logs of cherry for sale 1= 108cm length x 38cm width 2= 103cm length x 37cm width 3= 100cm length x 34cm width if anyone is interested and would like to give us a price message me. they are located in Hatfield South Yorkshire near to Doncaster. Regards Gareth
  14. farm fencing per metre

    Recently done some same spec, £4.95/m so your safe assuming £5 supply and install.
  15. We will soon be beginning some work in a steepish valley cutting Sycamore and Beech, and removing vary softwoods mainly larch. its of varying sizes; Sycamore and Beech varying from 20-50cm dbh, with varying heights of 15-30m with the tops getting down to about 10cm in diameter. Softwood are roughly the same top end at about 50 with some coming in abit higher with the lower end being about 10cm dbh. We will be felling and moving it to roadside, as access onto the site for heavy machines etc is impossible the closest and best stacking area roadside isn't massive but is the only area viable to move it too. ive been out and made a rough calculation (more accurate will be done when we start), we should be taking off around 550 cubic meters of sycamore and beech, and about 500 cube in softwoods. We are not in the position to deliver to buyers so they would have to buy and collect it. Anybody interested if they could either email me at Gareth_elms@sky.com or message me on here. a site visit is probably advised to look specifically at the roadside area if you have any other question contact me and ill do my best to address your queries. Thanks Gareth


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