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  1. Hi all, Contact your local Aspen dealer for the new much lower bulk order discounts. Free delivery if you buy 2x 200 litre drum or 54x 5 litre cans. All the best Eddie
  2. Hi, Aspen will keep usable for the same time opened, in a machine or in the can. 5 years.
  3. Hello all, I have heard reports from garden machinery dealers all over the country that fuel is causing many more problems and costing the machine owners more to repair than ever before. Newer machines from all manufactures seem to be less tolerant and suffer more problems. The thing I have found since starting working for Aspen 4 years ago after my 20 years in the garden machinery trade is that there so many benefits from switching fuels. Not just the cost saving if machinery has become unreliable but the reduced fumes and overall better experience for everyone. By cost please don't just factor in the repair bill but the Time to get the saw repaired Travel to and from the dealer Lost income Extra mileage for the above etc The true cost of a peace of kit not working on a job. For you guys as pro users I would think the fumes from the exhaust and from fuel itself would be the main reasons to switch. I have noticed a big change in environmental and health & safety attitudes from users and employers and Aspen scores miles better than normal petrol for both of these. You will see from our dealer map we have added many new aspen stockists over the last year with more being added all the time. Over 300 listed dealers and many "Aspen Service Centres" who use aspen in all small engine servicing. We are always happy to answer your questions so please check out the aspen fuel website or give me a call 07568108953 or email [email protected] Thank you to everyone who uses and promotes Aspen!
  4. Hi, Any questions on tuning see our dealer map and look for the "Aspen Service Centres" These dealers are using Aspen in everything and so will be able to help. You can always call me on 07568108953 We are here to help All the best Eddie
  5. Hi all, I have a letter signed from Stihl that "aspen does not affect warranty on Stihl products" I hope this puts your minds at rest regarding warranty on Stihl when using aspen fuel. If you would like a copy of the letter please contact me [email protected] and I will be happy to send it to you. I believe Aspen has 80% of the German market for Alkylate fuels and in Sweden they consumed 13 million litres of aspen so I can't see how Stihl could say aspen will affect warranty in a negative way. But they are always going to push their own products. Any questions regarding aspen please contact us though our website or phone me direct 0756810895. Kind regards Eddie
  6. Hi, I used to repair a lot of these when I was in the workshop. I would check the drive cable is in good order and allows the free movement of the inner cable. Check the arm on the gearbox is not cracked or jammed and the spring in fitted correctly. If all the above is ok the solution is new dog and gear in the gearbox which will require a full strip down and end up being quite expensive. These mowers are very good quality and the engines are amazing so might be worth doing the overall condition of the machine is good.
  7. Hi NJM, We have had a lot of reports Aspen does help with hot restarting on some machines but if there is a fault that will need sorting and I second your recommendations! If I can be of any help please contact me direct 07568108953 All the best Eddie
  8. I see, Makes sense now! No need to waste 2Stroke oil if you have it already. Anything that mixes with normal petrol will mix with Aspen4.
  9. More New dealers!!! Maypole Lawnmower Centre, Balloo Idustrial Estate, 3 Balloo Way, Bangor, BT19 7QZ 028 9146 3333 ....................................................... Rams Hill Ltd The Old Rams Hill Petrol Station, Maidstone Road, Horsmonden, Kent, TN12 8HA 01892 722542
  10. Hi, Aspen2 is 100% find for your Husqvarna. It what they use and all the rep's have Aspen2 in the demo kit! I still don't get why people spend more and buy 2stroke oil to mix with Aspen4 as the price difference is so little it can't be worth the trouble?? Aspen2 has been developed and tested in Husqvarna, Stihl and many other brands to offer the best around performance and benefits for you and the engine. Any questions please call me 07568108953 email [email protected]
  11. More new dealers!!! Simply Machinery Ltd Icknield Way Letchworth Hertfordshire SG6 1JX 01438 831111 [email protected] ......................................................................... Sproughton Garden Machinery - IPSWICH 77-79 Cullingham Road IPSWICH IP1 2EG Tel: 01473 251526 Fax: 01473 219858 Email: [email protected] ............................................................................ England's Garden Machinery   The Old Coal Yard, 18 Hightown Rd, Ringwood BH24 1NW Phone:01425 482509
  12. Hi, It just shows if you guys ask the dealer it does help me get them to stock Aspen. I do still get dealers who say that because one is asking for Aspen they won't stock it! We have seen a massive shift in dealers thoughts on Aspen and as you will see more dots on our dealer map each month! Thanks again and if anyone wants their local shop to sell Aspen please ask them and tell me who they are so I can follow it up. [email protected] or 07568108953 All the Best Eddie
  13. New dealers. Rob Perry Marine Ltd. The Boating Centre, Raymonds Hill, Axminster, Devon EX13 5ST Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 9am to 1pm Tel. 01297 631314 ................................................................................. The Mower Centre Ltd Baytree Garden Centre High Road Weston;Spalding PE12 6JU Phone: 01406 370198 E-mail: [email protected]
  14. I am back from a couple of weeks off so if anyone has any questions please contact me on 07568108953 or email [email protected] We are always here for help and advise
  15. Hi Jon, I will only be at main Arb shows this year as we now have so many dealers. We want to offer the dealers more support so they can pass their knowledge and Aspen facts on to the end user. Everyone can still contact me direct by phone 07568108953 or email Email [email protected]


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