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    Beach Road Allotments

  2. After talking to guys from NW Electricity and a few Utility Contractors I was under the impression that Utility cutters were forced to use 2 ropes as a feedback from the pylon climbing side, and that there were changes in their regs as the results of accidents, and as the Utility Arb guys were working for the Electricity companies then the regs were applied to them, Rather that this was as a direct result of Arb accidents(Utility or otherwise)
  3. Syd_B

    Aspen & Warrantee

    Hi Axle, deffinatly eddie(I have his business card somewhere), but it was the 2015 Arb show in Westonburt. Ironbark, cheers pal, PM coming your way
  4. Hey guys. I saw eddy at the Arb show in June and he mentioned that Stihl or Husqvarna had sent him a letter stating that there was no issues with warrantee on and using Aspen 2 in a new saw. Has anyone got a copy of that letter I could have a proper read of? ATB Syd
  5. Isnt that now illegal? I remember some one saying that they couldn't get something replaced because the twerp got a lawyer to stop the deductions.
  6. The same happened to me Peatff, and I was stuck doing agency & security work for a few years afterwards, despite being told I would get the NVQ3, but cest le vie, if it had worked out I'd never have found arb. Echoing what the others have said, my feedback from doing the odd few days is "Your a good grafter and your switched on, but we need a driver"
  7. I would have thought not after that statement, I know in their introduction they said nothing about arb, so I'm fairly confident they do not know sweet FA about the industry! Yeah, I agree, I did a t one point leave the apropiate AFAG climbing guide (running on the assumption that they would dismiss the Arb/ISA books, but the HSE would be harder to dismiss) open on the apropiate page in front of them, and didnt even get a sorry or thank you.
  8. Yeah, 10 years acording to my vertex manual. BTW, The same person also said we should wear a ground helmet up a tree because climbing helmets were only for rock climbing. I get the feeling they are an Admin bod that want to flex their muscle! Still wrankles though.
  9. Funny, I always thought 3 years in service. 3 years since manufactor is a lot less, in september I bought a husky lid that said 2011 on the clock/dial thing, that means 1 years service life, whe its advertised as 5!
  10. I thought it was 5 years too, but I think the reason I was so miffed is because of the way she accused me of being wasteful, a new TV every time sony put a new advert on the telly is one thing, a few bits of PPE every year tho? Thanks spruce.
  11. That was exactly what I was thinking, the visor is pretty much fine, but the lid has had bangs(nothing major) but its also fell of bonnets and stuff has been dropped on it, but it LOOKS fine, the muffs are scratched to buggery and filthy as hell, at the end of the day, like you say, would your insurance cover you if it fails? £30 is pretty cheep compared to being a cabbage!
  12. Hi Folks. I've just been on a 5 LANTRA H+S course ran over 3 weekends, and had this little gem of an exchange with one of the other candidates. Me "I replace my ear defenders/goggles/forest helmet every year because its only £X,....." Candidate "You replace it every year because its only £X, you're whats wrong with society, the west is too consumerist and everyone has to have the latest models..Rant..rant!" Me "No, its because you cant tell if anything is damaged without expensive diagnostic kit, and I dont want to find out by the PPE failing! PPE is there to do a job, and cost you a great deal compared to a new skull/hearing aid etc." Tutor "Anyway, blah blah" I kind of respect the tutor for changing the subject, but more than a little annoyed that someone else thinks that me buying new PPE is the reason the environment is getting fooked up. Has anyone else come across this, or agree with the other candidate? or do you agree that you should replace your PPE whenever you think it might be time to bin it, regardless of the manufacturers guide lines?


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