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  1. Do you have any product names for this setup? Or does anyone else have suggestions please?
  2. Big Beech


    Fake saw, twice as nasty as soft as poop!!
  3. Big Beech


    That must of been for the 1/2" boat chain version 😅
  4. Big Beech


    Evening Squire! Was talking about the good old days the other day!!! Do they not come up over your way for sale?
  5. Big Beech


    Just love them, drop me a message if your interested in selling.
  6. Big Beech


    Aye, thought I'd forgotten my login details but had to think hard what they where 😅
  7. Big Beech


    Well hello my old friends, Long time ago since I last posted!! I am looking at adding a further unit to my setup, does anyone have one they are looking to part with?
  8. I can confirm that the weights stated are plenty adequate enough for dispatching of game and the beauty of the implements hasn't gone unnoticed with the other beaters!
  9. Not to panic yet, but thanks for tge offer. Just pricing things up. Could that sort of block be changed out for a joystick type control?
  10. Ok thanks. So i coukd be done relatively easily. Drybollox are new to me! I still climb with a prussik! What sort of costs do you think? Thanks
  11. Not sure where to ask buy here seems a start. Looking at getting a small loading machine for use in the yard, jobs to include lifting log bags, pushing fire in etc. Anf possible on site use. The machines i have wittled down. However one i have spotted only has two leavers, boom up n down and one for bucket action. If i was looking at a log grab or muck forks can an additional service be added to the machine for that purpose sn2d ram? It runs a 4cyl diesel donkey.
  12. Rabbits are easier than birds for quick dispatch, the priests ive made are 190 and 200gms. Looking online it seems an average weight.
  13. @Rhystree May i ask how much the fabrication was for the forks please. Ta


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