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    While back I enquired about some Elm logs. Managed to get some delivered unexpectedly today, around 14 tons. Sizes base average 26" and significantly wider in the crotch. Pleased with the haul, hope some come up nice. Not something I see very often! And be able to pick the ones I wanted 😊 Incase any one is wondering, that ring is 79 x 65" 🀣
  2. Is that biomass prices? I have no idea what they are as I am not involved with that side of things on the trees.
  3. Redwood, as in Sequoia. Ideally looking at a value of a 3m x 48" log hopefully with little taper as it would be a more central section at that size.
  4. Thank you What about Redwood price hoppus? I want to buy a chunk possibly
  5. What are redwood logs going for currently hoppus price? Wanting to buy some and don't know what they are worth?
  6. And choose the best quality of logs for such items. Plantation grown timber that has equal stress throughout is likelybto be less prone to problem. If the oak or any tree has grown on the side of the wind arrives such as a south westerly hedge row than you will get more stress and tension as the tree has grown to accommodate it
  7. Thank you gentlemen, that gives me something to work on. I recently had a very small piece i managed to aquire, but this may be a lot more and potentially bigger. Not fantastic quality but Elm none the less, something I rarely see.
  8. Ive been offered some Elm, and as a fair man i want to pay fair money but not be fingered by the seller! What, where or how are the going rates for timber calculated, is there an industry pricing model or is it a case of paying what you feel is mutually acceptable? This is a commercial seller and obviously they know more than I, but I'd like to know what they are asking is fair. What is the going rate for pippy/ burr Oak, Elm, spalted Beech etc ? Ash seems to be down for fire wood prices and how many bags a bloke can get out of the stem.... which leaves majority of it unobtainable in price! Any advice on hoppus foot prices or a link would be fantastic. A few recent boards off the mill 900 wide Yew, and some over size WRC Tia
  9. I've heard that sycamore can be or is notorious for problems when drying. Hope you have luck in doing so and it is not a wasted exercise in the long run. Especially as you say, very plain boards.
  10. Big piece of Ash today from a job back in November. Unfortunately there was only minor Olive wood which I was surprised about and a bit gutted. Even the bottom trunk section had minimal amount πŸ™„ 1200 at the widest spot and 1380 long by 80 thick.
  11. Mine is nearly mint and don't like to use it. 070 maximises my 54" bar at 111cc is adequate. 090 is 137cc and will pull 9ft without wincing.
  12. 070, non AV. I've an 070av and an 090av that I don't use for milling anymore, not that I ever used the 90 much anyway.
  13. Some big 4ft diameter burr sweet chestnut from a fellow arbtalker that i purchased a while back. Cocked one board up and another split on an old union. Useable with some modification!
  14. Some big 4ft diameter burr sweet chestnut from a fellow arbtalker that i purchased a while back. Cocked one board up and another split on an old union. Useable with some modification!
  15. Some brown Oak boards fresh from this mornings activities.
  16. OK, so what a major ball ache. We got said bolts tightend, and all headed in the right direction.... until..... Who decided yet again to use 5/16 unc bolts for the clamps. As it appears that the GB bars are ever so slightly thicker than stihl bars, resulting in barely enough thread to hold things tight in the nuts. Tighten my chain and reset clamps and strip the threads on the welded nut πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ What a bastard day, and didn't even start the saw. Hopefully tomorrow see some progress. Day wasted driving around trying to fix things.
  17. They are bringing a few bits and some taps if need be. Which ever is the best and cheapest option. Such an oversight, ok inleft it to the last minute for fitting but why not use standard metric bolts πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  18. Not this time of the evening they aren't. I've had to make numerous phone calls to a local engineering firm who are meeting me onsite at the milling job with a selection of new bolts 5mm bolts with proper uk head sizes. Absolutely ballache
  19. #27 fits but nowhere near toght enough, already tried that.
  20. No idea, and I don't have any of those available nor do any friends. How ridiculous πŸ™„
  21. So I've had delivery of my new updated brackets so I can utilise the newer improved quick release clamps. However having installed them and tightened things down I've come up to a dead end. Who on earth designed the Allen bolt sizing that clamp on to the support rails? Not one of my keys fit, 4mm is like a prick in a shirt sleeve and 5mm is like an elephants in a mouse's ear !!! I've a job on tomorrow milling and no way of tightening these bolts which will most likely shake themselves to oblivion πŸ™„ Any suggestions most welcome if you know the exact size or whatever I may need.
  22. Pretty much, you get the odd person who knows exactly what they want. Unfortunately my stock.is low now of dried stuff so only just trying to get underway again. I bought a wagon load of timber, that chestnut, elm, big cherry butt, big hornbeam and some large wrc delivered for 200. If the boards aren't any good there is probably a good two or three bags of logs in it. Anything else will be fine.
  23. There's good money to be made in wooden ones. Have look on Google. A mate used to make them, as desired and a good price too!
  24. Whatever they like. They are told what it is or isn't good for, how it needs to be dried. Sold as seen. After that πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I don't care πŸ˜…


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