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  1. Cheers gents I will have a bit of a research into those tonight
  2. Hello guys, can any one recommend an air fed mask for people wearing specs. Ot sure if I getting a bit soft but Im thinking it might be a bit of a luxury when running the firewood processor as well as when in the workshop. Thanks in advance
  3. Cheers I do like the oldies
  4. New baler nearly finished 165 (my mates) the tins are a lean too the full length of tractor but the picture dose look strange I must admit
  5. The only thing to not was a couple of slightly dull teeth on the chains, I can only think there must have been a bit of debris on or in the bark.
  6. Hello again people. Sorry iv been away for a while. It seems time for me to put my handsup and confess. I have had the mill out again recently, before hand spent a good couple of hours in the shed with the granburg. All chains sharpened nicely fully cleaned the mill and the bar. Next day big pile of sawdust and a happy me.
  7. Cheers wonky I will have a good check out of the bar Chain is correct for bar and sprocket It's not the greatest log but I would rather save it from the fire wood pile if I can. It has a good bit of figure to it
  8. Regarding tention, how tight do you run low pro milling chains
  9. Wedge put in after to make cuts with a different saw, not for the milling process Mill all clamped up solid. Pics of chain, bar and mill
  10. No debris in timber , right hand side is bottom of the tree Cuts were taken from the other end of log to try and get the job done. They go for 5' then start to rise
  11. As I said cut from left to right just comes to a stop not sure why but chain seems to suddenly pull out of bar to one side and stop cutting (saw over revealed) chain moves very fast no saw dust
  12. I will see if I can grab a few pics tonight. Thanks
  13. I really think this is an issue with that part of the timber rather than the chain/ mill. I just don't know how to fix it
  14. Cheers for replys, Chain sharpens with granberg cut started again from the other end because it come to a stop in the cut almost felt like the mill frame was hitting something, but not. Wedges put in after so I could make a severence cut with a different saw I'm near Sittingbourne Kent


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