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  1. It will have a trailer built for it. And yes it's a wide throat max version. It's all about the stabilisers until they hit a rock...
  2. I am a fan of Wales, I spend quite a few weekends there falling off of mountain bikes. Any advice on setting up/ getting started.
  3. Well I have taken the plunge and have a woodlands 130 max coming soon. Hopefully this is a good choice. I was struggling to decide between a woodland mill or a track met but found Chris at woodland easyer to get on with and talk too.
  4. Thanks gent, I will give those a call tomorrow morning.
  5. As title, we are in medway, Kent and need a chipper for a weekend. Any recommendations as to where to hire one. Thanks Steve
  6. Really nice set up there mate, I might be picking your brains in the future. Where abouts are you based.
  7. Shiny steve


    Not sure if your suffering the same as I did with my 261cm. Is it the mtronic version. I hade almost exactly the same issues, turned out to be a coil. Have fun there quite nice saws when running well.
  8. What model is your mill, have you had it long
  9. Nice bit of alaskan work there. Woodland looks smart mate
  10. Thanks for the offer Mark, I'm in Kent so a bit of a trek but appreciated all the same. Steve
  11. P. S. What would I expect to pay for an artic of saw logs mabe df or larch. I have purchased quite a lot of fire wood, but not sawlogs
  12. I think woodlands 130 and trakmet 600 standard are on the cards at the moment, unless anyone has any other contenders.
  13. Thanks very much for all that, there is a few things for be to thi k about there, I am interested in the woodlands. It would be for semi hobby use but would need to pay for its self. Basic is good in my eyes as I don't have electric available.


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