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  1. I think I went on the emergency call out on that job
  2. Please try again, I've cleared it out a little
  3. If you're referring to those little nicks adjacent to the bottom cut of the face then that was purely as a guide for my backcut, they were only very shallow little cuts, just a kiss with a saw
  4. That is correct Joe, big lump of Lime to pull over with no anchor points for winches etc...
  5. I thought the photo looked that way, no fibres seemed to pull through but there was a healthy few inches 😉
  6. BMX is mine, not that I ride half as much as I should or used to.
  7. Thanks Taupo. I did think that may be a viable option
  8. Thank you for your response Robert. Oh, that sucks. I was hoping that a removal wouldn't be necessary. They're good friends and I really don't want to cost them any money, besides they like the tree. I know it's only a Pitto to us but it's a tree they like in they're front garden to them. I noticed the link is from New Zealand, would it still apply to the UK??? Daniel.
  9. I reduced this Pittosporum for a friend around 14 months ago. They've recently noticed this on the base. Is it cause for concern? There is also a little bit of sporadic die back in places within the crown. Thank you for any help. Daniel.
  10. 'Mic dropped' made me chuckle. Very dramatic James 👍🏻 Daniel
  11. It sounds fairly typical. I worked on the rail for around 6 months in the beginning of my career and have to say that sounds about right. I'm sure we will be corrected shortly though Daniel.
  12. No, not at all. That sounds right to me. I was just being inquisitive 👍🏻 Daniel
  13. Nice. You've taken the guts out? Clean, straight stem? Daniel.
  14. Another one I'm not trying to flood the thread but I've felled a couple bigger stems recently and been happy enough with the cuts to risk posting the photos. Daniel.


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