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  1. Looking at your pics I can see calus growth rib forming on left side of main Stem so tree is trying to heal the wound, regarding the extent of decay from pics hard to tell, best bet get a fully qualified consultant to assess the tree in person Hope this helps
  2. Take into account target area under each tree, if no people go there means there is no\low risk, meaning no work required.( from a health & safety point of view)
  3. Yes you right an alarm installer told me anyone can buy these skeleton keys on interweb. So use plenty of locks on your tools....
  4. Feb 24,25,26 . 2 days veteran trees 1 day veteranisation, I'm looking forward to this, anyone else on here going??
  5. Here are some pics of these that i spotted in cordoba spain, they are causing a real problem and have spread as far north as paris, so expect to see some here in england soon! few links for more info¨: Forestry Commission - Pests and diseases - Pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) Processionary caterpillars in Spain | Ábaco Advisers
  6. anyone know what this is? any help appreicated thanks:001_smile:
  7. Hard to tell from pictures but in my opinion looks like wound is occluding ok, see the reaction wood forming up either side of wound in first pic, i would reinspect when in full leaf. As others said check it with a probe and sounding hammer though., I wouldnt fell at this stage.
  8. None of the above surprises me, foreign aid is not really foreign aid, it is giving money to other countries so that they feel obliged to do what you want them to, when you want them to.
  9. Ive had other panel vans and been running a sprinter for last 2 years It is best van ive ever had. it has been serviced twice and I have not had one day off work with van breakdowns. It is more of a "Jogger" than a sprinter but the reliability outweighs the speed! Couriers like dhl and and hire firms use sprinters for a reason - they run and run good for 300k miles. I don't find parts too pricey but as others have said rust can be a pain in the rear....
  10. Agree with what others have said post crete way to go, I certainly wouldn't be doing a return trip to finish on a job as small as that , half the profit be gone in travelling time and petrol.
  11. I think CPD is very important in last 12 months I have completed level 4 diploma, pti, pest and disease day and barchams, Training in decay detection, as well as doing tree planting and VTA voluntarily for Trees for Cities, for this year more tree planting with trees for cities and hopefully going to Ancient Tree Forum meet in Wales in April and then see Claus Mattheck do a lecture in May.
  12. Some interesting fungal history and folklore (info from bms) *It is said that the ancient highlanders used to pack their circular shields (targes) with dried material from the birch bolete (Piptoporus betulinus). The fungus is light and tough and is a good shock absorber. It was also used for honing blades - the Victorians called it the "razor strop" fungus and sharpened their old fashioned razor blades on it. Good job that the fungus also has some antiseptic qualities. People have been using fungi for purposes other than food for thousands of years. Tinder material prepared from the bracket fungus Fomes fomentarius was found with the frozen remains of a Neolithic man in an alpine glacier that has been dated to 3350 -3100 BC. Fasinating fungal facts Poison from a piece of death cap fungus sufficient to cover the tip of a knife (0.5g) can kill 100,000 mice. An individual honey fungus is claimed to be the worlds largest and oldest living organism, estimated to be 1500 yrs old and more than 10,000kg in weight its underground hyphae network covering 15 hectares. When fungi are collected from tropical rain forests approximately one in every eight types collected is a species completely new to science. The stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus) can reach a length of 20cm in only 2-3 hours due to cells sucking up water. One bracket Dryads saddle (Polyporus squamosus) is recorded as reaching a weight of 14kg in only 3 weeks. Interesting stuff....
  13. Hi, I am a arboriculturist and horticulturist not an ecologist, however everything I have studied in the natural world, eco systems are connected for example bees, one specific species becomes extinct , the species of plants that the bee pollinated become extinct and it spirals up the food chain. In reply to your question how do I know trees require a period of dormancy- only what I have read.. shigo, modern arb page 268 and 271, phenology. If the period before dormancy trees expend lot of energy laying on new wood and storing energy Quote shigo- "Every living system must rest" , Perhaps after autumn the leaf abcission zones take so much energy from the system the levels of potential energy need to rest before onset of highly photosynthetic period - spring, - who knows mate I'm just interested in this subject and throwing it out there to you all I don't claim to have all the answers....
  14. Had mine made here Herts Signs - Signage and Printing Services in Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, UK based in hatfield herts, top quality job and fast made pretty quickly totally recommend them.


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