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  1. That sounds good 🙂 not a million miles away from me lol
  2. Thanks for the reply 🙂but I ment sw England 🙂
  3. Looking for 60 2.4m larch logs with a top diameter of between 8-12" for a project can anyone help? Can collect anywhere in the south West thanks
  4. the conifer i would be at £400 to do the tree and £180 for the stump (£580 total) but would send the quote broken down in to two parts. on the ash not the best photos but id prob be around the same price on that as well
  5. had tesco fuel go bad real quick on more than one occasion caused me a shed load of problems! never had it with any fuel from any other place though
  6. hi there looking for approx 10m2 of soft wood cordwood (possible hard wood if the price is rite) must be min 6" diameter and as strait as possible can collect and pay cash pm me if you can help thanks
  7. nah will be sat at the bedroom window with a shotgun after last years experience!
  8. had 20 years of using them on farms we have had merlo,manito,kat,and jcb merlo was good (had 2 of them) but were a bitch to fix when things started to go wrong manito was my favorit in every area by far (had 4 of them over the years) kat was very over rated but could do what we needed(had 1) jcb bas the biggest over rated pile of crap i have ever driven had one and swore we would never get another then 10 years later decided to give them another go and what a mistake that was! i would say poor in nearly every area
  9. thanks for the replies. my mistake its 0.2 acres not 0.02 and to only thing i have to compare it to locally is 2acres of grazing thats up for £30k and another one that is 1acre with a 45ftx60ft block built barn that is up for £55k thanks gary


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