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  1. Single V dual wheel tipper

    Also much more stability with dual wheels. Singles tend to be a bit more "wollowy".
  2. Hitting a parked vehicle and not leaving details

    You were happy with Admiral??? Years ago an old lady drive into the side of my car, had a witness see this and wanted to help me. It took nearly 2years to get my money out of them/other insurance company. I left them straight away once my renewal was up!
  3. Light weight tipper bodies...

    Ok many thanks for the response. I'm going to have horrizontal and vertical beams which I will rivet the panels to to stop it from bulging and give it more reugidity. Also with it having a double skin the outer visible skin won't get damaged.
  4. Light weight tipper bodies...

    Crafter 3.5t tipper. Mild steel framework with alupanel double skin so outer skin doesn't get dented by chippings/logs.
  5. Light weight tipper bodies...

    What size steel tubing is good for building a body out of? I am thinking or using 40x40x2mm mild steel S325. Would this be ok?
  6. Annoying Things Guys Do On Site

    It really bugs me when I'm working for someone else and they expect me do to what I'm being paid to do rather than sitting around drinking tea whilst updating my Instagram and facebook. I mean, when else am I going to do this? I love a good old "hufffffff" too
  7. No Smoking sign

    Clearly their Christmas budget needed topping up and helped themselves to the poor guys hard earned money. Absolutely pathetic! Hopefully karma fights back!
  8. Chip Box - GRP?

    Aluminium Composite: Dibond & Alupanel | Bay Plastics Ltd These Aluminium Composite Panels seem like a good material to use, just need to double layer it so the inside can get dented but leave the outside looking nice an fresh.
  9. Chip Box - GRP?

    Nothing comes up on the Arbtalk search for GRP. Just trying to find out which is going to suit me best. Sticking with alloy planks and see if I can source some more to make it higher, get a luton and build with that grp stuff. Or maybe make a steel frame work and then use a alloy/plastic composite. All depends which is going to be strong yet light weight. The alloy planks that ive got just seem very heavy.
  10. Chip Box - GRP?

    Thinking of redesigning my chip box. Currently have the alloy plank on there but they only go up about 800mm (4sections). Now I'm wondering about using GRP sheets which come on Luton vans as you can pick up an old body in good condition for an ok price. Would this stuff be strong enough for use in tree work? How light/heavy is it in terms of weight? When I removed the sides of the alloy planks they seemed very heavy in my mind. Ross. * I've tried searching about GRP but cant find anything. Search button wont accept "grp" as its too short.
  11. Fly tipping is encouraged round here.

    They need to just have an open space where people come and dump hard-core and soil (in separate bays), then other people can come along and take what they need for their projects at homes. Oh hang on, HSE would have a field day with that! Also, no money for the council too. What a useless country we have!
  12. 201t heat plate

    Just has this rattling around in my 201t last couple of days. I'm guessing its the heat plate to reflect the heat from the exhaust off the plastic. Screws seemed to have gone unless it was just glued on. Is it important or just leave it off?
  13. single or double wheel axle

    Twin rear wheels means its also 4wheel drive.......
  14. Any mackerel about yet?

    European trawlers, although I think now it will be UK trawlers shortly with more relaxed quotas.......
  15. Scafell lite boot problems

    Big thank your to Skyland Equipment for sorting out my boots nice and swiftly. So easy to sort out this unfortunate problem for what is a very nice boot


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