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  1. Hi Medlar, Try Hi-Line contractors south west: Tree surgery | Consultancy | Training - Hi-Line Contractors SW LTD WWW.HI-LINE.CO.UK A family owned business established in 1998, we are one of the UK’s leading tree surgery and management companies. Call today for a FREE quotation. Cheers Tommy
  2. I survey trees on the railway, big trees get recorded and if deemed safe a re-inspection 1,2,3,4, years and so on is suggested. But some stretches of line will be inspected on a yearly bases... There are literally 10's of thousands of big trees within falling distance of the rail, why on earth would you fell them all because they will grow old and die? This is firstly just want on destruction, secondly not practical and thirdly not sound arboricultural practice. Trees get old and die yes, but you phase manage them out of the tree stock. And of course the railway surveys have less options because crown reductions will rarely be undertaken, it's fell or keep, but I certainly see lots of large healthy trees next to the rail which have a long life ahead and are monitored.
  3. There's thousands of big trees next to the railway, so what?
  4. What's the client's problem with the tree? Why not get a professional arboricultural report done? May that will ease their worries, what ever they may be ^
  5. Yes, some good one's in there. I particularly like this one: 'The tree is a fountain of the forest (Rayner 1998) moving ground water to the clouds.'
  6. Veteran-trees-and-conservation-arboriculture-Dutch-Tree-Conference-Velp-10-June-2016.pdf
  7. What I'm saying is, what's the point?! Just tell the owner the tree is healthy and no action needs to be taken, re inspect in 2 years for example...
  8. Right, but the owner wants 'something' done?
  9. The pictures showing the mycelium penetrating the epidermis are insane/cool!
  10. No, I don't think I've seen it. I'll check this study now.
  11. Wood_decay_under_the_microscope - Francis Schwarze https://www.researchgate.net/publication/229077882_Wood_decay_under_the_microscope
  12. Yes, Frank is interesting. I've been to a few his talks. I'd have a problem reading in German though... :-) Yep, we know very little! At this moment in time I feel a lot findings within the realm of trees are making us ask more questions... However, there are some answers! Biomimicary has helped civilisation a lot and the genius of nature is a wonderful thing. But, not sure how we would construct buildings with a xylem and phloem matrix. 😉
  13. Yes Gruber, and now a few others. I agree they all have limitations, some more so than others. Especially when you start to reed extensively into the science (if any) and methodologies behind them. Arboriculture just needs to evolve a bit more, it's happening but it's slow because it's a very niche subject, but becoming more credible and known. This will hopefully mean more research funding thus progression(s).
  14. FOUNDATIONS OF TREE RISK ANALYSIS: Use of the t/Rratio to Evaluate Trunk Failure Potential https://www.urbanforestanalytics.com/sites/default/files/pdf/bond_tR.pdf


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