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  1. Tommy Hutchinson

    From the album: Trees

  2. Frank Rinn's certainly on the case! :-)
  3. Tommy Hutchinson

    Interesting Biomechanics

    Nice. :-)
  4. Tommy Hutchinson

    Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    I made it to page 27 and couldn't do any more.... So I'm, here. Great thread, just a little too long for one night's read... ;-)
  5. Tommy Hutchinson

    Interesting Biomechanics

    Here's a nice natural brace fusion.
  6. Tommy Hutchinson

    Interesting Biomechanics

    Yes, get an email over to Duncan, he'd love to see it. And I'm sure there may well be need for a new type and term for this particular natural brace. Supporting wood all ways looks like muscle to me and it's a good analogy for explaining to a layman. It's especially amplified on the arm like braces we see on this Beech. Great stuff! :-)
  7. Tommy Hutchinson

    Interesting Biomechanics

    What's happened to the amazing Beech tree in the original post?
  8. Tommy Hutchinson

    Beech Tree Pollard

    Have you been back to the tree to see if it's survived since you carried out the work?
  9. Tommy Hutchinson

    What is causing this?

    'The Conspiracy Yew'...
  10. Tommy Hutchinson

    Extraordinary Opinions of Legal Departments

    There's nothing in finer detail about the calculations of the '6 month' period: "Is there a time limit for confirming Orders? Authorities can only confirm an Order within a 6 month period beginning with the date on which the Order was made. If this deadline is missed and an authority still considers protection necessary it will have to make a new Order." Source: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tree-preservation-orders-and-trees-in-conservation-areas#planning-authorities-confirm-TPO
  11. Tommy Hutchinson

    Extraordinary Opinions of Legal Departments

    Interesting thread. I don't think you're being pedantic Gary, but thorough, which shows integrity and sound professional investigation. In reference to calculation; are weekends, holidays etc. included or excluded in the 6 months/168 days?
  12. Tommy Hutchinson

    What are the dangers of using SRT?

    If needed, binoculars can help assess high anchor points. And, if I dare say, a drone. :-)
  13. Tommy Hutchinson

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Well, I turned up 454 pages too late it seems. But I can go back, slowly. :-)
  14. Tommy Hutchinson

    I want to experience cranes and mewps

    Ahh a little far for me. :-(
  15. Tommy Hutchinson

    the beauty of C.O.D.I.T

    Great thread! :-)
  16. Tommy Hutchinson

    I want to experience cranes and mewps

    Cannon Access where are you based?
  17. Tommy Hutchinson

    (Arboricultural-styled) 'Fact of the Day'

    This thread is a huge wealth of information. Kveldssanger, thanks for all the 'fact of the day' posts! Are they all your pieces? I will have to go back to the start, as this is a huge amount of information, and it will take a little time to go through, process, then understand and implement... Thanks again Kveldssanger
  18. Tommy Hutchinson

    Ganoderma resinaceum - growth rate and ecology

    Some amazing G. resinacium fructifications on this post, especially the Beech outside the dentist and the Quercus robur.

    <p>Sorry I didn't reply mate. I forgot about this account.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>How's the saw holding up?</p>

    <p> </p>




    <p>Hi Roggo,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I've been off here for a while? Did you get the bar? </p>

    <p> </p>



  21. Tommy Hutchinson

    550xp Bar size?

    1.I hear that you should not use a 18inch bar on the 550xp? 2. If the 550xp is not suited mechanically to a 18inch bar, why would Husqvarna specify that you can use a 18inch bar on the 550xp? 3.Has any one got any reasons why you would not want to run an 18inch bar on a 550xp? If there are any reasons for not using an 18 inch bar, what evidence or testing is there to back these reasons/theories ? Thanks Tom
  22. Tommy Hutchinson

    Grifola frondosa.

    Bravo, great thread! Fungi are truly diverse and complex organisms and this thread just shows we know so little of their 'modes operandi' that is ever changing!
  23. Tommy Hutchinson

    Stein X2 or Distel Gecko

    Gecko's are strong, comfy, light etc. well worth the money. I have the leather straps around the ankle as you get the good tension around the foot! :-)


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