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  1. Keeps asking me to log in every time

    yep , that worked,,,
  2. Keeps asking me to log in every time

    nope not just you , i am getting it too,,
  3. Bee's

    hi mate , had the same problem last year, a friend of mine found a local bee keeper who came along a removed them and he didnt charge . i think he kept the swarm himself,,,,
  4. Out Door Cooking

    guess it does look a bit like that. when we are on the loco we always do lunch on the shovel , a potato in the smoke box , one trip and you have the best jacket spud you have ever tasted............
  5. Out Door Cooking

    my idea of out door cooking,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. What do people do in their spare time ?

    spend my spare time firing on a steam heritage railway.
  7. 2 x look outs required

    hi mate , i work on a heratage railway , our contractors are keltbray, they are link approved, will try and find there phone number ,
  8. Greedy boards...

    hi i have a L200 , built a chip box on it with box section and ali chequer plate. got three bolts each side that screw in to the top of the pick up, riverted a plate with the nut welded to it on the underside, can be removed by two guys in five mins, will post you a pic when my blackberry starts to work again.
  9. *warning* 4x4 cat theft in nottinghamshire

    they are after the platinum in them.
  10. Getting weeds on moss off driveways and patios

    jeys fluid kills moss, knocks it back in three or four days. only use on paths and drives, not on your lawn...
  11. new member with a warning

    didnt tink of keeping some on cd, kinda though i wouldnt need them as the police would do there job and nick him ,, one morning on a steam railway i work on weekends , we found a guy cutting up a drum of 33mm cable . we phoned the police , it took them a hour to get there ( police station is less than half a mile away) , by the time thet turned up he had gone . when we phone the police i said i will bear hug him till they arrive , the were dead against it , as thet said he will say you have injured him and will sue you .. how can that be right,,,
  12. [B]Looking for a Tukloader or similar[/B]

    hi , that chipper was mine , handy bit of kit , regret getting rid of it now..
  13. new member with a warning

    hi . i have no longer got the photos , the old bill kept them ,
  14. new member with a warning

    i had all mine stolen a few weeks ago . got a picture of the guys face on camera going into my yard, got a picture of him leaving my yard with the saws , but because he had his back to the camera with the saws the police wouldnt nick him.they said they needed to see his face on the camera with the saws. .. our legal system sucks.


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