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  1. Hi, I've a Tp160 6 and a bit " chipper for sale. Price £6,000 or nearest offer. It's 5 year's old, less than 1000 hours on clock and has recently had replaced all the most expensive bits: New hydraulic pump, new control unit (£500) and new RPM sensor. Hydraulic control fully working, so chip size can be customised. Machine is a beast, but I could never get the amount of work out of it that I needed as I'm mostly doing basic gardening and not trees (if someone can tell me at this late stage how to max out the tree work I'll withdraw ad, I still haven't figured it out). Anyway...it's for sale in Northern Ireland or Irish Republic (if interested) for £6,000, could possibly be shipped to mainland as this is how I got it. PM if interested.
  2. Once a week won't be so bad with any mulcher tho... I got a tondu wheeled strimmer and used it on big thick lawn today and really impressed with finish - not sure if machine will hold out tho, but in essence you're avoiding collecting grass plus the 'mulch' as such is thin grass clippings which I'm hoping will rot very quick and not leave the unsightly clumps you get off a mulcher.
  3. how much grass does it leave behind doing fortnightly?
  4. any chance of more in-depth review of this - on different grass types? pros and cons for getting into tight areas and through gates? are they mulch or just collect? I do a fortnightly run but worry if I buy this it will be so heavy as to dig into people's lawns - also how many gardens are you working with this? I do have some big lawns it could really save time on but they're the thick long grass from farmer's fields, not the fine turf? I'm wondering would it really save that much time on collection just being 8 inch bigger than my 22 husky.
  5. I don't buy the advice you're getting here - I bought a 22" husqy mower for somewhere between £380-450 in 2013 and its still going strong. It's a mulcher but can collect too, but not as good as a dedicated collector because it has a mulching blade, and not a high lift one. It must weigh under forty kg, and stripes very well as well with no roller (you don't need a roller to stripe, just adequate weight). I have worked with Hayters while working for a public authority and also etesias and though my husky did a better job striping without a roller. Here's a photo of a mulching job I did - little enough grass left behind, bit of tidying with a £200 handheld blower and bobs your uncle. I rarely photograph jobs but did at least 6 good striped lawns today with it. Also if you're cutting fortnightly you just throw it up to "3" and it's going to chop about 1.5 inch off and not leave a torrent of grass behind. Also for overgrown lawns I got a walk behind strimmer for £325 - tondu - Chinese crap probably, but used it the first time today and a lawn which goes nuts with growth and it left a nice finish, even with blades of grass behind. I stress blades - on very thick lawns the mulcher will leave clumpy deposits of grass that look terrible and are still there in a month's time. The trick is to collect when you need to and mulch when you can - one day's grass cutting and constantly changing bag will kill your back in my experience. So go husky is my advice. Btw I left that husky out in the rain for one year after rear axle broke having chucked it out of trailer one two many times. When I fixed it last year it fired up first go. The blade looks utterly knackered and still cuts like a dream....
  6. there is no speed control, just one dial which goes into the hydraulics which is working. If set at max it has no effect.
  7. no I checked the adjuster it's working grand.. where would selinoid be and how can it be checked?
  8. yeah it's defo got enough hydraulic oil, the level was around 3/4 full, then mechanic I initially gave it to topped it right up last night - another mechanic I'd spoken to had said to make sure it's fully topped up, but it had no effect. Was thinking it could be hydraulic filter, but mechanic says he doesn't think it could be this (I can't remember now but I think this was changed when I got machine), so I'm thinking possibly take this off and drain then refill and hope for quick fix? If it isn't hydraulic fluid what could it in fact be - if theres a tick list before I get to the big expensive stuff? thanks for replies
  9. Hi Folks, haven't posted on here in about 6 years, well maybe 5...... So I started out years ago, hoping to do a bit of part-time tree work and maintenance and it's all gone well - I've not made huge money, but what I have made has done me very well and helped cover my living costs... At the minute is the bain of my existence, a TP160 woodchipper I bought a couple of years ago for ten grand. I didn't fully ever get the chance to use it - I was working two jobs, had a sloped driveway that made the chipper impossible to get in and out, hired it out to mates a few times to see it come back worse for year etc... Ironically, this will be my first year trying to go full time at this and whilst I'm now good at the trade, I question do I need a chipper and am therefore looking to sell it on again. I got an okish offer of £4 grand on it but when I went to demo the feed rollers went totally sluggish on a small bit of wood. I got this out, but they wouldn't speed up. (the machine has been garaged for 7 months, and I didn't use it so much even when I thought I would, but it was working last summer when I took it out for a job)….. There was a small leak from the hydraulic tank underneath which a mechanic said should be normal (the hole it was coming from he said is machine drilled and deliberately put there) as it's designed to take pressure of main system in case of other problems. After rollers got cleared up, the little drip stopped, and I greased the barings. But the rollers are still totally sluggish, rolling about 1/3 or 1/2 the speed they should, so I can neither use nor shift the machine until I fix this. It definitely isn't the hydraulic control as I tested this and it's working great, but mechanic said it is possibly hydraulic pump???? Any ideas on something simple I'm missing before it has to go in to "experts" and ends up costing me an arm and a leg? I'm trying to flog it and not run into huge repair costs! thanks
  10. Hi to anyone local Have just purchased a 6" TP 160 for my own use but am letting it out to any local tree workers in Belfast or surrounding areas at the following rates: 1 day £100 2 days £200 3 days £300 1 week £350 weekend £150 As you can see I want to make my money back and am undercutting the main boys doing leasing. Can also sub-contract if needed and if I've got the time! If anyone's interested please call me on 079 104 506 23. Thanks Adam
  11. Northern Ireland, be buying from a local agri firm.
  12. Ok tp does sound and look the best, however what are the advantages of the different sizes 6 to 7 except what size of wood can go through? Also, the new tps coming out are just under 750kg. Does this mean they're scraping down quality and are less heavy duty or are they just as good, if anyone has experience between the new and old models.
  13. So, I'm going to buy a chipper, but just wondering if anyone has used either or both a tp and a greenmech. I've used a greenmech before with no issues, but am tempted by the tp which looks to be a bigger beast of a machine and I think would have lower running costs by my calculations (ie blade sharpening and replacing blades and belts). If I do go for the tp it would be a tp 155 or 175 ie a 6 or 7 inch cut. The cheaper one is more economical for me to buy obviously, and I do wonder if I would need anything bigger as who really chips wood over 6 inches anyway nowadays when the firewood can be saved. But I'm thinking the 7 would be better for avoiding blockages, less stress on engine and parts etc over the long term and therefore would be the better buy. Any thoughts or experience, or has anyone a yearly charge in mind of what they're putting out on maintenance? The machine will be new - 2nd hand chippers are rare to come by - and I'll be using myself and leasing to a friend in the business. thanks


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