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  1. Stolen from Midlands

    Had our garage broken into last night and everythings gone. MS260 T540xp Stihl 044 Sthil Blower Huquvarna Hedge Cutter Echo Hedge Cutter Kask Helmet Petzl Helemt Skylotec Kalibri Petzl zigzig & zillion & Tachyon orange Bashlin spikes Red canti tool box Have serial numbers Keep an eye for guys if you get offered cheap stuff Thanks guys. Can't work at moment owing to not having any tools......
  2. Would you class this as good tree surgery

    In my experience most people are thick when it comes to tree's. Although there are a minority of very passionate and sometimes inspiring group who seem to see sense and don't mind cleaning up leaves. I've got to take down a huge twisted Hazel next week which has never been pruned, its been used as a bargaining tool by a neighbour to also a leaning Silver Birch on a joint boundary to be felling. I could fell it on his Porsche.
  3. Pathetic workrate of rail arb gang

    I'd rather be my own boss earning £1500 as week working my socks off than filling all those forms in. It's just like when the miner used to moan about closures. Be careful guys you might get replaced by some Romanian arborists......
  4. Distressed trees?

    When to see a beech last month which I deadwooded the previous year. It was if great health last time I saw it and this year its shedding braches and the leaves at dripping early. The ground its on is quite clay and gets water logged, but at this time is very dry. Its probably about 50 years old at least so its a good size. What do you guys think, is it just water stress from a dry summer or is there a fungi around this year? Thanks
  5. close call

    I only use my Husky T540XP with 14" bar one handed every now and again, and every time I do it I think I'm one cut closer to cutting off a limb or head my head. Its dangerous enough without cutting corners so if you find yourself using it one handed your doing it to save time at the expense of a possible accident. If your doing this while working for someone else to get their job done faster....find a new job because they won't want you anyway once you've cut your arm off.
  6. Non payment

    Here's the defence - the contract was between you and the company, as oppose to me the the guy who owns it... Ltd company you see. So my first question is can we see the contract please... which is obviously verbal contract over the telephone. Just bare one thing in mind this guy is a one man band not a multi-national cooperation. It's a fairly easy amendment to the paperwork though.
  7. Been asked why I'm tired

    I've never met a clever brick layer so I'd put it down to ignorance.
  8. Non payment

    I only worked for him on this one occasion and yes I agree I paid him cash is a crap defence and if he'd paid me why the hell would I talk him to court, unless I was a psycho!
  9. Non payment

    ive used money claim online which replaces small claims. He's filed a defence so I assume he's claiming either I wasn't there or he's already paid me in cash. The only defence I have is that I can prove I was there and I can prove he's not paid me into my bank. What will the court do if he's says I've paid him cash! Feel pretty angry because it's cost me to help this guy out because his groundsman was ill. The only solution I can think of is parking across his drive in the morning and reminding him he owes me.
  10. Distressed trees?

    I've seen quite a few birch that look like this. I've just posted picture in a new thread,,,, doh
  11. Poorly Birch

    Hi All, any idea what's going on here. A pair of Birchs both cut last Sept fairly light work done to make old pollard safe. This year one looks ok the other looks like it's on it's way out. No obvious signes. Any suggestions.
  12. Non payment

    Has anyone else not been paid for doing sub-contract work.
  13. Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    Had my old 260 on the bench the other week to fix a cracked chain brake pin. Decided to take the barrel off as I needed to access the casing behind the exhaust. Gas flowed the exhaust port and lifted it by about 1mm, opened out the exhaust manifold and gasket to suit. Would have liked to braze a new pipe port on the muffler but that will have to wait till next so drilled a few holes instead. WOW what a difference its made. The old saw's like a new beast. Takes me back to when I used to tune up me old two stoke bike. Thinking of fitting a proper expansion chamber round the side of my old 044.
  14. Voluntree Work

    Has anyone done any sub-contract work and not been paid? I did a couple of days for a guy and he's not paid me I worked my tits off for the bloke for two days and even traveled miles to help him out at short notice so its cost me money. How long do you guys wait to be paid? Did the work at the beginning of July so will give him till the end of the month which I think is more than reasonable. Its not like he's a big corporation or something. Won't be doing no more subbing work that's for sure, not if I aint getting paid!!!
  15. New chainsaw trousers

    Depends whats you're doing. If its mainly ground work with the occasional climbing I'd go for Pfanner Gladiators all day. If its more climbing your guess is as good as mine. Most Type C trousers seem to feel like wet bog roll so Stihl Hi Flex are a good bet as they're cheep as chips.


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