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  1. Hello. Still need a hand with Chipper?
  2. Murdock

    Chipper Hire

    Timberwolf 230 Chipper hire available South Hampshire. From £85.00/day. Call Chris 07479 683 055.
  3. Freelance climber looking for work with own tipper van and or chipper. (Will travel). 15 years experience and qualified. Good rates. Will work as groundsman with van and chipper, or alternatively will hire out wood chipper (timberwolf 230, 8" sub 750kg). Based in South Hampshire. Message me or call Chris, 07479 683 055.
  4. Looking for freelance climbers and groundsmen willing to undertake work in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Surrey area. Please contact Chris 07737 327 201 or email [email protected] Good rates of pay
  5. So, apart from Sparsholt and Merrist Wood, where are the other arboricultural training centres in the UK???
  6. So, apart from Sparsholt and Merrist Wood, where are the other arboricultural training centres in the UK???
  7. So, apart from Sparsholt and Merrist Wood, where are the other arboricultural training centres in the UK???
  8. Mark, the reason I am not giving these details away is because these details are only available to people who are genuinely interested in buying a tree surgery business, the link is available for the agent who would be administrating the sale. And it wouldn't be anything like a freelance climber selling his contacts, you wouldn't "have" to climb to start with. Yes you are giving your view, but you view is full of assumptions, and isn't a good view at all, what is being sold is a business that has assets and makes money, with room for expansion, excellent reputation, well known name locally, over 400 recorded happy clients, you wouldn't have to climb, I have months when I cant be arsed to climb, if I wasn't doing a degree in my spare time I could easily earn much more, if you are interested in more details or if anyone is the can pm me, I can them talk to them personally and show them my tax returns, and the other details. It doesn't have to make sense to you, but if you want it to pm me I'll give you my number and I'll explain. But lets just say, I could go out just pricing and still earn a decent wage, that's the next natural step, I personally like to be on the tools, but age takes its toll, whoever takes the company over would find themselves in a good position.
  9. Thanks Wes, I did expect a mainly sarky response, but you gotta get word out haven't you. The first company I worked for was owned by two individuals who paid 15k each for the company, they worked for peanuts and has shit gear, I do okay and have good gear, and this was 15 years ago.
  10. If you are genuinely interested you will be able to view the profit from the tax returns filed to HMRC. This is available to people who are genuinely interested in making an investment, not to any Tom Dick or Harry
  11. Wes, if you wish to get a further breakdown I have sent you a messaage, or you can contact the agent who will be administrating the sale, its all legit.
  12. Exactly, thanks, there would be a reasonably timed handover period, and I would insure that who ever bought it would be up for the job. When I say promptly leaving the country, I mean hopefully within a year.


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