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    <p>Hey dude,</p>

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    <p>Are you in work at the moment? I am looking for a climber/groundie to work on some jobs with me next week. Please let me know if you are up for it.</p>

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  2. Shot bro Keen as Good cuntry Wahini Waha Pohutukawa Ratsss!
  3. Bring the climbing gear with you bro! Just make sure that it's squeaky clean. Sending via courier can cost 100's of pounds! I had no problems at quarantine here in Auckland
  4. Hi everyone, If anyone is interested in working here in Auckland, New Zealand then send me a private message. The company I work for is called Asplundh. There's a large variety of tree work based all around the Auckland area working with Auckland council. The lifestyle, pay and work out here is great! Send me a private message if anyone is keen! Churr! 👍
  5. I prefer a rope lanyard. However when working on palm trees here in New Zealand, wire core all the way!
  6. Ahh cheers mate! I will look into that then I have spoken to Mike before. Heard that the weather could be very cold too! Haha
  7. Hi everyone! Just wanting to see if anyone on here has had any experience working over in Norway before? Or can recommend any companies to contact regarding work? I'm currently in New Zealand about 6 months into a 1 year work visa and I'm hoping to go to Norway in February! I've been once before and I loved it, I've got a stack of companies I'm going to email shortly to enquire about work but any guidance or advice from someone that's worked there before would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! Max
  8. 👍 you deserve nothing less mate!
  9. I've got one and it's awesome. I've got the 5m and it's great. Really good good when branch walking as a secondary anchor point, watch the videos on it there's so many tricks you can do with it! Once you get the right length for the tree you are in just daisy chain the remaining rope and attach it to your harness
  10. I second will on this. New Zealand is a fantastic place to work and live, I will certainly be following him in his footsteps towards residency! We both work at Asplundh and there is always work - some basic but others very challenging. P.S text me back Will!!!!!
  11. On call in Auckland cleaning up some wind blown Figs!
  12. Just had a thought, how about a Gay & Lesbian section of the forum? For the sensitive ones on here? Maybe some juicy pictures of the latter!


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