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  1. Thanks for all of the help guys! Despite only being able to get the 1 year (through BUNAC), I'm pretty firmly set on NZ. One final question. At 32 years of age, and come February (when I plan on leaving) having 2 years ground experience and 1 year climbing experience, do you know if I'll be in a position to apply to stay in NZ permenantly? The visa guidelines are difficult to follow. I was wondering if anyone has taken the same route? (I have cs30,31,38,39, stumpy, chipper, business studies for tree surgeons) Thanks Mark
  2. I worked all over OZ. Steel toes only.
  3. <p>Hi my name is Natalie and I am looking for additional members for our team to start immediately. Where are you located. We are based in Essex. We do need people with CSCS so this is something that would be required. Please do let me know if this might be of interest to you.</p>

  4. Hi all, I've recently returned from a two year trip to Australia. Whilst there I worked as a groundsman (for pretty much the whole time). Upon my return I enrolled at Kingswood Training Centre where I gained CS 30, 31, 38, 39, stumpy and wood chipper tickets. I am currently looking for full time work as a second climber. I am hard working, reliable and waterproof! I am based in Maidstone, however, I have no ties to the South East so am happy to relocate anywhere in the UK/Europe. PM me if you think you could help me out. Thanks Mark
  5. Haha! Cheers LSD that's who I will be going through if I chooses to go there!
  6. I can only do one because of the age limitations on the working holiday visas. It was my understanding that UK/Ireland residents couldn't get a working holiday visa for the US. Has this changed?
  7. Hi guys, I'm after a bit of advice. I'm lucky enough to be in a position whereby I can just pack up and leave! I've just come back from a 2 year tour of Australia and am looking at going away again. I worked as a groundie (for pretty much the whole 2 years) in OZ and am now booked to do a climbing course in January next year (cs30,31,38,39, chipper, stumpie and business studies for tree surgeons). I can't decide between NZ or Canada. Due to my age its one or the other. I'm looking for potential sponsorship/residency. SO....Do any of you guys have any advice to offer?? Where would be the best place to go?? Do you know of any reputable firms (willing to nurture and offer sponsorship to a hard worker:001_smile:)?? Average wage for both countries? Any advice would be appreciated! I've browsed other posts but would like a direct comparison. Many thanks Mark
  8. Hi guys, I've recently been looking at the "Arbotec Fellhunter Xpert" boots and I must say they do look rather appealing! One thing that I would like to question is the size and weight of them. Advertised on some sites as a "climbing" boot, I cant help but think they look somewhat cumbersome! Any climbers tried these out? What are your thoughts? Alternatively, it will be the trusty Zermatts! Cheers:thumbup:
  9. Hi guys, I'm contemplating buying a Petzl Sequoia Swing Harness. I just wanted to know if its a good choice or should I be looking at alternative harnesses? Cheers
  10. McCarroll


    Hi guys, Just a quick one.... Has anyone had any experience with "Kingswood training centre"? Thanks


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