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  1. just phone Justin at frjones he will sort you out mate
  2. what a prick could see it ending that way silly boy
  3. I might have a spare one in garage ill have a look and get back to you mate
  4. Hi all looking for work in Essex area im 28 reliable hard working I have the following tickets cs 30/31/32/33/38/39/47 mewp (operator) stump grinder brush cutter 1day first aid at work also have rail way pts card just finished 3 year contract on rail way looking for full or part time work don't mind if its climbing or just dragging brash I don't drive at the moment have all own PPE climbing kit rigging kit saws please pm or call sean on 07519638685 thanks in advance
  5. ill try that now steve and get back to you thanks
  6. hi not sure if its just me or few others are having the same problem but i dont seem to be getting private messages and the im not getting the adverts on the right hand side of the screen any help would be great thanks in advance
  7. <p>hi steve not sure if there is problem with the page but im not sure im getting private messages and im no longer getting the adverts on the right hand side of the page any help would be great cheers mate</p>

  8. hi maximus been watching loads on u tube they really do look good to me think you lots on here have made my mind up ill put that on the list of things to get then cheers everyone
  9. i have monday wednesday thursday friday and saturday free next week someone must need a hand in essex/london not going to be on here tomorrow please call 07519638685 cheers
  10. thanks dinosaw ill take a look its a great saw shame to have it sitting about
  11. thanks edwood its looks really good in the videos ive seen i was looking at the 10m version as it gives you bit extra play it just looks very busy to me do you find it easy to get on with ?
  12. hi all been looking to do some work on my 038 av magnum for a while but having trouble getting parts does any one know the best place them from as they seem to be like gold dust its still a great saw just needs a bit of tlc any advice would be great looking for anti vibe mounts and fixings and air intake hose
  13. cheers jake must admit i was thinking the same thing my self could make it up my self the idea looks really good thanks for fed back
  14. As in title been looking at some new bits to add to my kit and came across the teufelberger ce lanyard just wanted to know if any body on here uses them and there pros and cons etc before i go out buy one and find out there not as good as in the videos ive been watching


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