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  1. Agree to all this not only was I exhausted up a big old pine the bastard started on me whilst I was catching my breath... The whole get up under your visor syndrome to flick crud in your eye that can only be removed by taking off gloves whilst balancing on a precarious branch!!! Little spikey bits ready as well to snag a rope or trousers, laces anything really they all became possible pruning targets at that point!!!
  2. Thanks for the comments guys I will take them on board and put them into practice.
  3. Yeah partly, the tree was an old pine that had been untouched for around 50 years so the ropes were snagging allot (excuses I know) but being new to it all I found the prussic system and technique a little tricky to be fair.
  4. Hi guys, I'm 31 and after 16 years sitting on my arse behind a desk im about to undertake a career change into this line of work. General fitness is good although finding climbing hard work climbed twice with a qualified guy and I was blowing out my arse, slow and clumsy!! (a true sight to see) any tips on exercises to do and will grace be learnt? I have my climbing course booked for July so a few months available to practice, increase strength and stamina etc. cheers guys Scotty


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