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  1. The wait for this is tense!! best of luck dude! simply cannot wait for this to be unveiled to the world Liam.
  2. L14M

    Arborist supplies

    i know right! i live in northamptonshire and we only have one place near us, but the stock is limited and i'm in birmingham tomorrow and thought they might have a better selection of stores, but apparently not
  3. hey guys just wondering if anyone could let me know of any stores in birmingham for arborist supplies? if so where abouts in birmingham. Cheers Liam.
  4. Done Good luck with the product !! Looking forward to seeing it when it's finished
  5. me and treespasser would like to join you guys if thats cool, let us know the time and stuff when it's all finalised cheers Liam.
  6. where abouts in milton keynes? cheers Liam.
  7. i passed my cs38 just before christmas and the assessor will definately ask you everything on the assessment schedule so make you read that!!! as for the climbing just do everything you have been taught.(if you have been taught) D: good luck. Liam.
  8. L14M


    just messing around with a valdotain for the first time and was wondering what the ideal length of friction cord would be? cheers Liam.
  9. hey guys, whos heading to fr jones' new pad tomorrow, anyone?
  10. L14M

    FR jones open day

    awesome thats tempting!! need new muffs and visor, at that price ill just get the whole thing!!
  11. L14M

    FR jones open day

    you ain't going down if you don't get to my house for seven in the morning!!!!! Be there or be square!....
  12. hey guys, i'm heading off to the fr jones open day tomorrow and was wondering what kind of gear they had for sale in the 50% section... And hopefully you lot who went today haven't nicked it all already Cheers Liam.
  13. honey brothers have a sale on the tree motion at the moment Liam.
  14. L14M


    cool honey bros strop kit it is then!! xtc fire unless anything comes around at the fr jones opening show on saturday
  15. L14M


    just ignore most of that original post, it's late and my maths is a little off... basically i was just wondering if it's cheaper and easier to make your own strop kit or buy the kits cheers.
  16. L14M


    what strops do people use? i'm looking to buy my first kit soon and was just wondering what hitches people use for their strops. the pre made kits on honeybros looks good with a pulley, for £58 but they wanna charge £7 delivery! madness! whereas the strop kit on fr jones is without a pulley and it's £65! so looks like it's £65 either way? just wondering what you guys were using and if it's cheaper to make up your own strop kit from scratch. Cheers Liam.
  17. L14M

    Limb walking

    hmm, thats quite a drive, not sure if my dad will want to ferry me there, i'm only a whippersnapper, don't have my drivers liscense yet... just a bit awkward i know.. but maybe one day we can have a climb together. once again cheers for the offer mate. much appreciated
  18. L14M

    Limb walking

    Cheers for the offer Will, where abouts are you based??
  19. L14M


    cheers for the info james! i reckon that will help me out bud Liam.


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