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  1. Lancer

    Nene valley firewood

    Just ring before turning up
  2. Walkers logs I think are in the Cotswolds. Good company
  3. 2 years ago we increased prices by £10 a cube and we got much busier. We have recently increased by £10 again and have seen no drop off in sales. Can afford to lose a fair few customers and will still be better off. We are now £105 for air dried and £120 m3 kiln dried.
  4. Thanks for this advice. Manual ringing up will be fine for us. Does the splitta 400 cope ok with hard, dry wood? Some of it has been down 2 years now. Yes we may trade one of these in for a larger machine over the next year or so
  5. Hopefully someone can help us out here. I am looking to hire in a larger processor to cut some over sized wood. We run a couple of tajfun 400 processors which are managing upto 40cm diameter. Currently all slightly larger wood (40-50cm) we are stacking out the way but the pile is steadily growing. I would estimate it's 150-200 tonnes total. All nice and straight. would just be a man and processor needed we can provide tractor and digger for loading deck. Alternatively if anyone has a big processor and wants to offer to buy the wood from us that may also work. We are in Northamptonshire. Thanks
  6. Hi Bob this might be something I can help you with. free to ring me on 07989606697
  7. Hi mate. I could probably help you out, ring me tomorrow on 07989606697.
  8. <p>Hi mate. I might be able to help you out where are you based? Andy</p>

  9. I spoke to Jonathan a few weeks back they have nothing for sale currently. We bring a lot of hardwood into northants most coming past your door so I am sure I could help you out. How many tonnes are you after? I'm in Norway currently back on the 4th of Jan give me a ring. If you put Nene valley firewood into Google you can get my number.
  10. Similar to Alycidon I am just down the road from you and would be happy to point you in the direction of a few local suppliers or just give a bit of advice if just starting out.
  11. Haha we are all asking where we can get wood for free. Not very common these days. If you process firewood just get a good Kindling supplier and it is definitely worth adding in because it will increase profits on every delivery you get an order. Maybe get firelighters and coal as well it all helps.
  12. Hi mate. My view is that if you have a consistent, dry and free supply of wood. Probably waste from another process then you can make money on it. If like us you are buying in your wood and have to dry it then I would not bother cutting kindling. We buy all of ours in from a friend and I can't produce as good a product for less than I pay him.
  13. We had a few days last week we were selling over 30 m3 a day to local houses. We also do a little bit to shops and other merchants so had one day we did about 40 m3 all in. Just keeps getting busier generally. We put prices up to slow demand but that has not worked. Can't complain it will not always be like this so have to make the most of it.
  14. We are very pleased with sales so far this winter. Nicely up on last year. We did our best day ever today on deliveries.
  15. I have no issue with what Ash is doing, the fact he is shifting a good amount of logs shows he is getting something right. For me the crucial thing is honesty with customers about moisture content then being consistent in delivering what you claim. We could argue all day about what the terminology seasoned means. On the subject of kiln dried it has often seemed a bit odd that some merchants are so against it. I see it as an opportunity. We are all in business, the fundamental object of which is to make a living/profit. Rightly or wrongly there is a big market out there for kiln dried. 1/3 of all our sales are kiln dried, on these sales we make more profit. At no point do we lie to customers we just say that the kiln dried are about 5-10% drier and let them decide. If they want kiln dried happy days, then it is down to the customer to decide if they are happy with what they buy. For me this is basic sensible business. Judging by the houses of many of my customers buying kiln dried they are far from stupid. They can quickly work out what's what and make the choice on what they buy. The log business is a tough place to make profit. If customers want to pay a premium let's make the most of the opportunity.


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