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  1. Cheers for the link, I didn't see that one. That'll do
  2. Can anyone help? I don't have time to get to the shop so want to order a new visor online. It's the first time I've done this. Can I replace the petzl mesh visor with an unbranded one? I have this helmet https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/petzl-vertex-vent-climbing-helmet-assembly-msa-sordin-ears-26snr-mesh-visor/petzl-vertex-vent-climbing-helmet-assembly-msa-sordin-ears-26snr-mesh-visor-white/?gclid=CjwKCAiAqIHTBRAVEiwA6TgJw0Hl3BFKxdBj0CfUEMXyvLZTiLgf_ffM_DInWD8KInv-Jvz3gqGu0BoC4X8QAvD_BwE Thanks!
  3. I don't do quite the same type of tree work as the specialists! Generally it's damaged, fallen and pruning.
  4. I'm considering selling my setup as I haven't used it for anything other than washing mowers out, and I can use a Karcher for that! Bought a year ago: 1x Honda GX390 interpump pressure washer on trolley 20m hose Lance and a range of nozzles 1x 1000litre IBC with cage and crate 1x 18 inch flat surface cleaner The system will draw water from the IBC or work from mains. 21 lpm, 3000psi. Price is £1500. The system has had around 3 hours use at most so is good as new. Let me know if you're interested. It's a proper commercial setup designed to work.
  5. The stihl fs55 and fs90 etc have horrendous vibration levels! I used one for an hour and got rid of it instantly. I have a tanaka tbc230s for verti strimming and it's much better, though I have still not actually found a small straight shaft loop handle strimmer that's low on vibes. The tanaka is on it's 3rd year without a single repair required. Starts easily and is mega light in weight.
  6. It's one thing being all cocky and talk of £120-150 etc, but in reality you would have a very low chance of getting this job at that price. Understandably, this is what people who are fully booked and don't need the work say, but the 'realistic' fair price for this job is under £100. It is fair on the client and fair on the contractor. We can all make a profit on 1hr jobs charged at £60. Get 5 of these a day and as a 1-man outfit you're doing well. I'd typically have gone for around the 70 mark, and I know I make a decent living WITH profit AND contingency funds. This job would be 45 minutes (15 mins cutting, the rest setting up and clearing up).
  7. Not sure what size you need but JBS in Kirky have an eliet pro.
  8. As an employer I agree that the OP has messed him about and caused grief and financial loss, so expecting full payment on top of accomm and the hassle is unreasonable. It is high time employment laws started to favour employers more. After all, it is US who put most into the economy and benefit society the greatest.
  9. Not sure how it works but the tools should be pro models with acceptable vibration levels. If they are not you should be able to approach it as a need for specific equipment to enable you to do your job safely. What models of gear do you use?
  10. The most sensible thing to do is use a number of tonne bags and fill them just enough. They stack much closer than any other form of tubs etc. I have about 20 of them and have had them all on the trailer at times semi-full.
  11. Question: Can I pay cash? Answer: Yes you can and we give a 10% discount on the quoted GROSS price for this facility. Hrm...
  12. Which area is it you live in?
  13. Check the member map on landscapejuice, I see one based in Salisbury Mark Wilding-Witts's Page - Landscape Juice Network
  14. Jordan, send me a pm as I may occasionally have a shift or two and live in Torrance just ten mins away. Ground maintenance, tree clearance, spraying, etc.


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