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  1. <p>Hi Luke nice one mate thanks hon</p>

  2. <p>That saw is really good. Used it for cutting hedges up in garden clearing not long since. turned half hour of cutting with loppers into 17 seconds the whole thing was free from the ground, wobbling around as i cut it. German efficiency. Be cutting logs up with it tomorrow <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. <p>Hi Luke log Barron is joy there very large out fit Luke and there good how's the saw you had off us thanks Jon</p>

  4. <p>hi who is joy. Not doin bad. Advertised since back end of september, no takers. this last week, 2 people asking for wood and I asked a shop to stick my flyer in the window, said no stuff stuck to the windows or walls, but can they see some samples of my logs to sell at their shop. Im after them from a big producer as its more straight forward to do, I can throw my own in as and when. How is life in dorset? Luke</p>

  5. Hi, are any producers doing logs in nets wholesale in the south yorkshire area? I am looking for them to sell on etc. mixed nets , hardwood, or softwood considered, don't have to be kiln dried. thanks. Luke
  6. I have the same set up for hedge cutting except just a stihl hs45, besides the ladder. A longer bar cutter would be very beneficial, but they only go so far. If I was to buy another it would be long reach. I don't often have the call for one, so rather than buy i would hire, for now. One thing I have noticed is depending on what model is used, some of them blow smoke in your face, or it generally drifts that way. the engine behind me would be an improvement
  7. I wondered about this the other day. I can see this applying to most landscapers and arborists. Got onto the subject at a composting site about this council bloke who tried to book someone on waste as it happens. Then delved into the use of his trailer. If your vehicle was registered before around the year of 2003 ( it could be an earlier or later year i have forgot, i will look it up) then a analog tacho is acceptable, no need for the new digi tacho, card and ticket for it. Though I can see the plus side of the new digital sets.
  8. zeroluke

    Sleeper bridge

    I did some work at potteric carr in doncaster when I was on the dole. Durin the slave labour days there, some heavy plastic piping was brought in, it was rolled into the stream that was to be bridged and weighed down some. Then simply chocked up the sides to form the path with board and stakes and filled it in and over the pipe with gravel and hardcore and tamped that down. Simple but it worked well. I should point out the sand was dropped off the side of a railway tipper bogey from the bridge overhead, many many tons of it. You would need either a skilled tractor trailer driver and reverse it to it or a dumper etc. Thats if it would work for you.
  9. Not sure an old cement mixer would be strong enough. One I have seen used an old international axle and diff for the rotation, attached to a tractor, and that almost had a bit of flex in it.
  10. Oh my god I wish 'd seen the bare unit only for sale. Last year near me there was half an acre of branch wood just left and abandonned between a farm and a pit top, free for all. Little sods from the nearest village had a game of petrol and matches with it it burned for a week
  11. Hi check out your L.A who may be purging their stock and equipment they no longer need. Some usually have stuff laying around that hardly been used. It goes to auction and can be bought cheap. It may be a bit of a gamble, but if you're lucky you can get a price list there is lots to be had. As for a mower. A new or used honda self propelled roller 476 is the best I have found so far. I bought one off a bloke in manchester an its done me well. Luke
  12. I second what Billy ( and others ) have said. The reversing is around a cone into a bay, it isn't hard. The driving steady and with some forethought is what counts. It is like an advanced driving test, maybe. I had 6 hours training, you might say 8 if you include the assessment lesson, which gave the firm a insight of how many hours training I would need. It also familiarises you with your test vehicle and trailer, and reversing it, and driving it with weight on ( has to be half a ton, by law now). As it happened, I was a right mess on my first day. Mostly from my truck breaking down when I got there after taking half an hour to start, and a little from me recovering from what was supposed to be a chilled out night out the previous Friday. Still, on the morning of my test I was in better shape and not stressed and it wasn't hard work. Stick to the speed limits, look for changes in speed marked on the road. If it is 30mph, do not go 31mph.. Above all else, you have 12 minutes to reverse the trailer and it is not a race. Do it on tickover or not far off, as showing off will likely attract a bad mood from them and this will likely reflect how they let the hour go by.
  13. Hi. Ford ranger day cab.
  14. Passed my trailer test on tuesday morning! I got 2 minors which is nothing really. Its another ticket to me name, well worth the money, though 115 quid for the test fee is steep! My pickups combined mass is 5 ton, the vehicle gross weight is 2.7 ton but it weights 1.6T or so empty. What does that leave me with trailer weight? Would I be able to drag a mini digger and stay within my limits? I have no idea on their weights. Thanks Luke


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