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  1. Husqvarna 555 warranty issues

    Which dealer is this?
  2. Twin blade Saw bench

    Many thanks, I can get on and sell the damn thing now I know what it's called!
  3. Twin blade Saw bench

    Can anyone tell me the proper name for one of these? It's for making posts apparently. Google has been no help Thanks, Nat
  4. My new splitter

    nice looking machine, I used to hire one that worked in the same way, cos we were splitting big timber it used to annoy me having to pick everything back up off the floor to split it again after it had been over the knife. My vertical with a travelling blade was found to be much faster for our timber
  5. Can anyone Identify this Stove?

    that's why I want parts, its getting new glass, rope and paint. Should make on it!
  6. Can anyone Identify this Stove?

    You guys are legends. Dims match up with a Yeoman County, She's a 12kw! Bit big for the caravan, anyone wanna swap for a 4kw?!
  7. Can anyone Identify this Stove?

    I'm as bad at posting pictures as identifying stoves it seems!
  8. Guys, long time no see - When I'm busy forums are the first to suffer! Picked this up cheap, needs only a small amount of attention. Its Steel bodied but has cast doors. Multifuel grate is fitted, 6inch flue is rear or top mounted 730mm Wide 440mm Deep 600mm High Cannot find any makers name or model? Anyone know what it is? I'd like to know so I can buy some parts for it. Many thanks Nat
  9. Processing big timber

    We spent a while processing some big stuff (upto 42") into logs. Mega hard work. Ringed them up then backed the 3pt linkage mounted splitter under them and split away. If they were too heavy to move even when halved I'd hold them in the splitter and then rip them in half with a chainsaw. The biggest rings were split on the ground with wedges and a lunatic swinging a sledgehammer. (He was a bodybuilder and was wearing his slippers at the time!)
  10. lamma show long delays

    Took us 2 hours from the top of north Yorkshire on Wed morning, on site by 8am, we came off the A1 at the A57 over the toll bridge and then down the A1133. Straight over the roundabout and into the showground - never stopped!
  11. tractor insurance costs

    I pay £114 a year for my 1972 Leyland - Insured for ANYONE to drive. But it doesn't include hauling timber. Doesn't say anything about split logs tho eh?
  12. quad dirt in fuel - solved I hope?

    Yeah, we used to fit those little clear inline fuel filters with a paper element into the fuel line on Suzukis. Are you sure the tap isn't turning off? IIRC you have ON - RES - PRIME They are a vacuum operated tap and don't let fuel through unless the engine is turning over.
  13. whats your price and is it worth it

    We were doing .6cu dumpy bags for £40 this year. Gone upto £50 this year.
  14. just out of interest

    I've just put one out for £25 delivered. I'm burning sw at home at the moment, doesn't last as long but keep piling it on and its toasty.
  15. the secret to getting a good groundy...

    If current work ever dries up I'll surely be in touch Gray. Chris, I packed in there a few years back, went to work for a Landrover garage, didn't like that so went to work in a hire shop as a driver and fitter. Got bored of same thing every day so took a big step of quitting a well paid fulltime job to be self employed. I usually charge £10ph which is a bit cheap really, but I'm making enough for now.


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