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  1. Did i say the neighbour was an incomer ? they have lived in the village for some time , as for me i am an incomer only lived in the village for 12 years . No big deal to cut the branches as you say but it was a considerate gesture to save my neighbour the cost of getting this done ,possibly why there was no issues before hand my tree at the end of the day . There are a good few moving into rural areas and leveling everything in sight why move to the country and replicate the concrete jungle you have just moved from ? each to there own i suppose ..
  2. We live in a very rural location many gardens have a decent size of tree it is part of the character of the village , we also have a few incomers who would rather have a flat concrete landscape !!! Over the past 10 years i have had the top branches of the tree trimmed back on the neighbours side any time they were approaching the roof or side of there building . the previous owner and myself had no issue over the tree and there was never any complaint .
  3. Yes the pic is from there side , the front of there property in the picture is facing North so no sunlight there until late afternoon anyway .
  4. Thanks everyone for all the advice .
  5. Cheers for all the advice it is appreciated
  6. Tree has no affect on my property but the housing to the side was built well after the tree was a good size , would be a shame to remove a healthy tree i would rather try and keep it , the neighbour has had the land owner with a tree to the South of the property top his tree after complaining about lack of light
  7. Yes i had considered having the crown raised as i can hardly walk under the branches at this time of year , when the tree was planted by original house owner there was no housing to the side of the property so the growth of the tree would not have been seen as an issue back then , thanks
  8. Hi , Not my field so advice required , 10 months ago my new neighbour approached me about trimming my 25 / 30 year old copper beech on there boundary line i had no issue as it was agreed that it would be done while the tree was dormant in winter , said trimming was ok with no issues but 2 weeks ago in the middle of the hot spell they have now taken a second bash at the tree as apparently there garden requires more light for there enjoyment ! as can be seen there are now rather a lot of dead leaves on the trimmed side of the tree , if they continue will this cause permanent damage to my tree and should the canopy be reduced this winter to try and keep the issue from escalating ? Thanks in advance
  9. Looked at this issue when i had a bench overflowing with 560xp bottom ends which had all suffered failed bearing cages in the end i rebuilt 6 with new Husky parts and have had no issue with them , had a couple of 372 x torq's with shot cranks at fairly low hours , lack of air filter cleaning will kill a modern saw fairly quickly
  10. Insurance claims are my pet hate , about 8 years ago a car drove into the side of my vehicle while i was in it and just drove off , i went after him but he refused to stop , Lucky for me the one man band local police man was at his post that day and off he shot and stopped 3rd party 20 miles further down the road , long and short he raised an accident report with the 3rd party at fault , I polished out the scratches and managed to refit the mirror to my car so i never bothered making a claim as it seemed like too much grief , 10 months later MY bloody insurance company sent a snotty letter to me saying i had caused an accident and was held at fault ! the toe rag 3rd party had a company car which had been returned to the lease company damaged so he blamed me , it was like banging my head against a wall for 5 months as there stance was i had not reported the accident to them so i must be to blame ? i gave them the Police reference ect but still they claimed i was at fault , they had not even checked the Police report as " it costs £20 for us to get a copy so could you not just go to the Police station and ask for a copy then we can sort this out for you " They had the cheek to ask why i was not going to renew my insurance with them !
  11. Not the lightest bar on the market but one of the best quality bars you can buy
  12. Yes there should be a sleeve fitted in the rear bolt location
  13. Mate runs a 350 serial number 1 from memory , works well but blade must be sharp , search "Kintyre firewood" on facebook ..
  14. I have noticed it has become trendy to call Hardwood "Cordwood" ! , 1 Cord of green beach is around 2200 kg or 3.62 M3 . So a 3M green Beach log would be around 1.1 m dia in the center to give 90 cubic feet of wood in the round which is about a stacked Cord 128 cubic feet ,
  15. The trade in machine has nothing to do with the finance company , you have a purchase agreement with the dealer which will hand over the title of your trade in machine when the deal is signed , finance is in place and being paid which tells me it is a done deal .


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