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  1. Why not go onto fisher fixings website, surly it will have technical info for their systems?
  2. But the end recipient interfered with the contract between supplier and courier and agreed their own acceptable conditions
  3. 100% agreed on the DPD front, should knock THEN use safe place. NOT F R Jones fault thought. If you hadnt ticked the safe place box you would have been sound. look at it another way, YOU sell an old saw on ebay, you post it off in good faith with DPD, the buyer sets tgeir account to “ safe place” and now blames you for the gear going missing, im sure you would say “ tuff mate”
  4. Why should they help, you downloaded the app, you set the settings
  5. The chute throat on the 230 is worlds away from the 150’s , a much better design, so much bigger but shorter, easier to get stuff in. If you wanna chip lots of big stuff the 280 is great BUT you can feed 7/8” through a 230 all day, on paper a 6” in life 8”. Although im sure TW would say its no good for the machine? Who knows, ours seems fine!
  6. Hi, i was talking to a guy about a tw230vtr he was selling, out of my price range but might suit you, we love the 230 tow so id imagine it pretty damn similar, low hours too! 2015 Timberwolf TW230 VTR Tracked Chipper (282 Hours) £15500 + vat ROVER.EBAY.COM <p>Hi, we are selling our 2015 Timberwolf TW230 VTR Tracked Chipper (282 Hours) £15500 +...
  7. It is my understanding, aslong as your work is not undertaken in the preperation stage of a construction job, you and your work is exempt. But the minute you cut or prine a tree to make way for construction / building work you need to register and deduct cis from your subbies
  8. Wad the baptis church the CLIENT/EMPLOYER/OWNER or MAIN CONTRACTOR? Makes a difference -mrs miggins owns a house or commercial property -AJ contracors are brought in to build an extension -TT Tree works are brought in to cut down trees for the build mrs miggins is not involved in cis, AJ & TT are
  9. Well subbing in to subbing in is the rub, im sure it should apply there but its a long way down the chain for hmrc to chase. Lots of firms try to avoid cis, so yes there are lots of firms that if you work for them they wont dock cis, but if they get caught its big fines, but that is their outlook. like i said, plenty of small boys out there doing landscaping that sub tree work out, should be cis, but in reality they will blag it as long as possible as registering as a contractor is ball ache as theyll have to deal with docking you money and getting it to hmrc balls to the wind till they get caught
  10. Basically if your work is linked to the construction industry, expect CIS to apply. clearing trees for a new build cutting back branches for tarmacing stump grinding for a new driveway pruning back a tree for building work cis applys
  11. Cis is something that we should all be aware of. You can register as a contractor or sub contractor. If you work FOR a company doing construction they will take cis money from you. If YOU are doing construction and engage a subby YOU should register as a contractor and deduct cis money from your subbys. Its not optional either, it is a law. its a much overlooked law, but it is as powerfull as PAYE and self assessment. Stricktly speaking if you dabble into fencing or paving to fill dead time and you employ casual labour, you should reguster for cis as a contractor and dock you casual labour for cis money
  12. Yes, the main contractor will give the money they take from you to hmrc. Basically they take your real money, give you paper money back, so you can use paper money to pay your tax! If you are not reg for cis they will take 30%, if you do register they will still take 20%, the only way to stop it is to register as gross, but there are cis turnover criteria to meet for gross so if you only do a few jobs a year subjected to cis you prob wont meet the criteria for gross. If you just put in a £10k invoice for "tree work" they will take £3k cis money from you. if you put in a £10k invoice with £1k waste, £4k plant hire ( you chipper) and £5k labour they would only take £1500 cis money. just dont take the cronic piss or it will get rejected, or investigated by hmrc £9900 waste and £100 labour will not pass
  13. They can take it from you if your not cis registered, they will take 30% if you arnt registered, they should give you a cis statement that you can use towards your tax bill. Look at it as you have £1600 saved towards your tax bill. They can only take it on the labour element of your invoice though! So invoice labour, waste and " plant hire" seperatly as the waste and plant hire are cis exempt
  14. Hi guys, im sorry if this has been asked before! Does anyone know of any firm that sharpens stump grinder teeth, we get through thousands of new ones!
  15. Hi, weve still got 2 final places if anyone is interested


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