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  1. Is it a 2 part mount or 1 solid part that joins the handle to the body? Looks like 2 parts now, so its either 2 parts or melted in half haha!
  2. Hi all, anyone had a 200T handle AV mount melt / dissolve on them? just wondering if the oil has melted the AV mount as its right under the oil filler ta!
  3. Oooh ... a bit beyond my skill level with the saw. Never attempted doin grooves down the length with a chainsaw. Doesnt need a grove the whole length, just a nose tap where the clip goes
  4. Bit of a mess about with a router but coukd use hidden deck board fixings, all you gotta do is router some groves in side of wood ( or use a chainsaw!) and screw each clip into the top of the blocks EASY!
  5. These facts are all bang on the money and true. They are a concern of mine, and i think should be everyones BUT the virus is here now ( 1 month in) so lets not work and be safe, fair point! But it will still be here in 3-6 months time, will your concerns still stop you working then? If ud be willing to go back in 3-6 months , why not go back now? Or may be more under control, but some fucker will still cough n open a door handle / gate post / delivery
  6. But its down to your risk assessment, if you cant work within the regs then yes you should not work
  7. Why should those that are working be shamed? It CLEARLY says on gov docs which are available to you all that we should be working inline with distancing, only CERTAIN types of business are forced to close
  8. Rustolen brush on is good, we use it on our contracts, looks like powdercoat when dry! Might be better than spray if suitible for your task?
  9. Some brands do have a system that once the lights have been on red ( cos not detected any approaching cars) for a set period of time, the do a full cycle of greens before returning to all reds. In answer to someone elses question, in normal operation they should only be set to all reds for 3 mins max. Can be longer during the TM setup / coning out / in
  10. Couldnt say that, it would give away my superhero ID!
  11. I owned a TM company a few years back, THIS is 100%, no more, no less, this is all the lights have
  12. Or another thought, check the throttle cables not frayed, stretched, or jumped out of its runners ( if there are any on a 700) or tighten throttle by the screw on the trigger


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