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  1. JimM

    Huski 572xp

    Got it. Like it.
  2. JimM

    Huski 572xp

    Are there still supply issues with the 572xp? Waiting impatiently for mine.
  3. JimM

    Best chain for husky t540xp

    Oregon 91VXL seems fine on mine. Think it's been superseded though.
  4. JimM

    what certs are needed for PL insurance?

    If insurers were to demand tickets/proof of competency at the sale stage, their sales would plummet. One company said they will only ask for certs if a claim is made. They can then reject the claim, based on inadequate competencies and it's a win/win for them. You may have ten years of rigging experience, but without the rigging cert, your battle for a claim is going to be way, way harder should something go amiss.
  5. JimM

    2010 576XP problem

    Bugger. Where's my bank card?
  6. JimM

    Mid range saw Ms461 or 372 xp

    576xp. 24" is ace. 28" it can handle. 18" is looney. Low vibes. Massive deal on it at Jonesy
  7. JimM

    2010 576XP problem

    Bloody hell! Cheers. :-) Just had the exact same symptoms this week with my "normal" 2012 576xp. It's been the best saw out of all of mine over the last 4 1/2 years and my big tree "go-to" saw. The power of Arbtalk again :-)
  8. JimM

    Tree Motion Serial Number?

    It's inside the padding at the back
  9. JimM

    Zigzag getting jumpy

    Not a fan of the Marlow rope with it at all. Going back to Blue Tongue as soon as can afford it. The Marlow just seems too stretchy on a long ascent and doesn't self tend as well as the BT
  10. JimM

    HAIX launch brand new boot: The Protector Ultra

    Nice boot. Is it a steel toecap, or a synthetic one with cut protection over the top?
  11. JimM

    Husqvarna 365 value

    What do you use the 365 for? If it's really, really light use then yes, I would think about grabbing the back-handle 536. If you regularly cut reasonable size logs etc then I think losing the 365 would be foolish.
  12. JimM

    Husky ID plates?

    My 560's is about to disappear.
  13. JimM

    Sena helmet comms?

    Moved to the wired mic too. Although I need to keep replacing the foam over it or the wind noise becomes excessive up the tree.
  14. JimM

    Ford Ranger

    Are the problems only with the 2.2's?
  15. JimM

    Husqvarna 550 opinions please

    Been using the 9010 a good bit now. Love the big dogs on it. It just grunts through the timber. It's settled down now, took a couple of cans before the idle came good. It's quite happy on Aspen and I'm really quite impressed. Had it up the tree a couple of times too.


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