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    Norwood HD36 Sawmill for sale. In excellent condition. Used by me, a cabinet maker to provide timber for myself and occasionally friends. It has seen around 2 weeks work and has always been stored in a barn. It comes with the 23hp petrol engine, the long bed extension, trailer package, custom improved carbide guides, a handful of blades a brand new tooth setter and an automatic blade grinder. For serious buyers it can be seen running, please get in touch for details.


    Glasgow, East Renfrewshire - GB

  2. Dreaming of new chippers as always, take a look at this: JENSEN WOOD CHIPPER A540Di TURNTABLE WOODCHIPPER SHREDDER Timberwolf Vermeer | eBay Looks great until it redirects you to this: Jensen : JENSEN WOOD CHIPPER A540Di TURNTABLE WOODCHIPPER SHREDDER Timberwolf Vermeer | eBay The first one looks like a genuine add but the second certainly doesn't!! Is it just me or do you get redirected too?
  3. Saw one working a while back but only works with small blades. SawStop | America's #1 table saw | SawStop.com | SawStop
  4. I have always thought a rigid or semi rigid, protective phone pocket would be handy as I leave my phone in the van and worry if im hurt or a groundie got hurt when im up the tree I couldnt call services fast enough. After breaking god knows how many phones I have given up keeping them on my person while working. I guess with it being rigid it would have to be strategically placed to avoid interference with harness etc.
  5. Hi, Thanks. after recommendation tried A.T. Osborne and they have sorted us out - great service, should have the parts tomorrow.
  6. Hi, I run a TP150 chipper, with a Lombardini 2 cylinder engine. Just as my workload has picked up the clutch has gone! It has a centrifugal clutch which has worn and a broken spring has chewed the clutch shoes to pieces. I am having great trouble finding new clutch shoes or a whole new clutch assembly. Does anybody know where I can source these parts? Thanks, Tim
  7. I could do it for you but am quite a distance away. Have you tried any local engineers? I have been surprised how good value some of the guys are up my neck of the woods for cnc etc.
  8. I'm glad its turned out nice. Would love to see pictures of what it turns into a few years down the line! Its the nicest piece of timber I have ever been lucky enough to extract and am glad its gone to a good home. With regards to accessibility it was situated in a wooded area and was extracted by tractor, timber crane being lifted directly into a trailer with straps as to not damage the natural edges. Sadly other oaks in the same area that were not as figured were ringed up as the landowner wanted firewood.
  9. It's all about the rpm's!! Had 70kg between the centers of the Hegner though for the really big stuff I have used a VB36. Still saving for a fully equipped VB though!
  10. Thanks for the kind replies Impressed with alot of peoples work on here. I don't usually post, just look but here are a couple of recent works. The pair of forms were turned for Wizardry in wood exhibition to be displayed on behalf of the Register of Professional Turners. Turning the pewter finials and feet is interesting though challenging, a very steady hand is required so a couple of pints helps! The tallest finial took me 16 hours solid turning. The vase is turned through 5 axis so is challenging to hollow and the chunk of wood is an oak burr being turned throughout this weekend into a large hollow form with an ebony ring. I hope to get the wall thickness down to about 4mm to allow distortion as it dries out.
  11. Not quite today's work but have been enjoying some peace and quiet in the workshop recently turning a large form, 22" tall from an elm I took down two years ago. Scorched with metallic effect, re assembled with copper rod.
  12. Hi, I have had my Tp 150 for a while and over the past two days the no stress has stopped working. When a larger piece of wood is fed into the chipper the rollers slow but do not completely stop and so the engine looses revs and im afraid that it may blow. When the bar is used to control feed rate, once the rollers slow they do not regain speed. I am trying to isolate the problem so any help would be much appreciated! Could this be the hydraulic actuator valve? Cheers
  13. Hi, I'm a fellow turner and could only afford £50 to £100 max for each stick before I would not make a profit. The timber may be of greater value where you are though. Cheers, Tim
  14. Timmy C


  15. Thanks for all the help. Will call around tomorrow. Cheers!


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