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  1. Dave Rosney at Esus Forestry is good. He’s in Kent but works all over the south east.
  2. Then aren’t you’re looking at Capital Gains (with Entrepreneur’s Relief which is handy) not Income Tax? Unless I’ve missed something I’m not sure how buying stuff helps in this case.
  3. Did you not sell the sawmill business as a going concern?
  4. 112 is the pan-European emergency number and in the UK is exactly the same as calling 999. Calling 112 or 999 does not give the emergency services your GPS coordinates although they may be able to get cell position information from the phone network. On a smart phone it’s worth having an app that will give your location as an OS grid reference which you can pass to the emergency services if required.
  5. john k

    First Aid

    On the last first aid course I did they covered tourniquets and the advice given was once you apply a tourniquet you should leave it to the medics to release it. That was a couple of years ago. Has the advice changed?
  6. It’s a tree, but in woodland often grows like a weed and needs to be controlled. What are the circumstances of the woodland TPO?
  7. I’ve done a few bits and pieces of forestry planting and am looking at taking on some bigger jobs. I’d like to be better at setting out the rows (by which I mean straighter, and quicker) and wondered if anyone has any tips or pointers? Plants will be staked and guarded if that makes any difference. I’ve looked in my forestry text books and on line and was surprised not to find anything.
  8. Thanks all. I guess I’ll leave it until the spring and then take it right back to the main stems. It doesn’t fruit as such, but does sometimes have what look like embryonic olives that don’t develop more than a few mm diameter.
  9. The last course I did was a couple of years ago and included tourniquets. We were told that they are very much back in, mostly because experience from the military over the last decade has shown that they are the best way of dealing with potentially catastrophic bleeding. Not much call for them in your average workplace, but I think they should be standard in forestry and arb first aid kits.
  10. This olive tree has been in my garden for about 12 years, and previously was in a tub for another 5 or 6. It’s now bigger than we want and casting too much shade on the lawn. My tree work is all forestry, and my normal range of options for a tree are either fell it or leave it alone so I could do with some advice! I’d like to establish it as a pollard that can easily be managed in future. How hard can I prune it without killing it or putting it into terminal decline? Do I need to wait until after the winter?
  11. My understanding is that if it’s about the towing vehicle then actual weight applies. However if it’s about driver licensing then it’s the maximum allowed weight that counts.
  12. Seasoning = drying. All you need to do to prepare firewood is to reduce its moisture content. Left in the round this happens slowly, split into logs it happens quicker. If you’re using a kiln then the lower the moisture content when the wood goes into the kiln the less time it takes to get to your target moisture content. There’s nothing mystic about it.
  13. The fact that you’re asking this question suggests that you don’t have a lot of experience of production cutting. If this is the case then you’re likely to be much slower than the figures that Big J is quoting, and you may struggle to keep it up even at a lower speed for a long day. There’s a big difference between being able to fell trees and being a productive forestry cutter. If you are new to this type of work then you may find that it doesn’t pay very well while you get up to speed.
  14. Yes, all it needs is a small screwdriver. I’m guessing you’ve got it back together but lost the spring tension. Here’s a video that might be helpful: https://youtu.be/XZVs27hyp0s Edit: I’ve reread your post and realised you can’t get the cover back on. Better post a picture for us so we can see what’s going on.


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