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  1. OK it works for me so not sure why it won’t work for you. Try Googling for “Forestry Commission Public Register” instead.
  2. Here you go, it’s all on the public register: FORESTER.MAPS.ARCGIS.COM
  3. Another vote for Clark bio here [emoji106]
  4. Rob how knackered are the rims that have been causing problems? Are they all worn past the witness marks? Or are you suggesting changing them sooner?
  5. My 346XP (silver side) has a broken stop switch. I’ve got the new part but can’t easily see how to replace it and I’m hesitant to just start taking things apart randomly. Can someone clue me up please?
  6. I don’t know of any class 2/3 but Haix Protector Pro or Meindl Airstream do big sizes.
  7. I really like Tapatalk. It works well for me and I use it for all my forum reading. There aren’t any forums that I visit using a browser any more, and even tend to use my phone for forums when I’m in front of a PC.
  8. Like Stere says, it won’t get infected from the main stem but will almost certainly still get infected anyway.
  9. Give Mike at BrightFire a shout. They’re good and normally do TV work but that’s very quiet at the moment and I know they’re up for all sorts of interesting jobs. They’re based in Brighton so pretty local too. BrightFire Productions WWW.BRIGHTFIREPRODUCTIONS.COM
  10. My phone must be reading Arbtalk!
  11. That’s what I use too. Very happy with them. Don’t get yellow though because you’ll look like a builder
  12. Have you thought about talking to the Forestry Contractors Association about getting involved with this?
  13. Disgraceful. Blatantly ignoring the “No high-fiving” sign


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