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  1. Boots are a very personal thing I would suggest something like superfeet insoles or something that gives you more support. Then after that go with something you like.
  2. Hi all Just saw this on Facebook marketplace Its not mine just saw it as browsing through. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2855332827893902/
  3. 1. Any idea who owns a xxx machine that could do this in east of England and 2. I've never heard of a fret saw I'll look it up.
  4. Hello all I have seen a design I like he look of and would like recreated but with a few tweaks. I don't know if it comes under carving or something else so would like to ask people if it's possible and any recommendations of someone that can do it I am in the east of england near thetford. Many thanks Ian C
  5. What about this with a cutter head on it???[emoji16]
  6. Ah I forgot about the wearing over glasses bit but if you follow the link there are other offerings of mesh safety specs that could be worn over glasses. The ones I'm thinking of have a band to go around the back of your head.
  7. I have used these before when chogging down with a 460 on stems with wind blowing in my face. They are inexpensive and will never fog up.[emoji6]
  8. Willow hedge. Plant thin whips of willow. These can be the end of branches. You can make them to the height you want. once they have rooted they can be crossed over each other at angles. It can be very thin and kept easily. And removed easily if ever needed. I remember seeing it in a RHS encyclopedia book one time and it sounded interesting.
  9. Council accidentally chops down 800 trees WWW.BBC.COM The saplings had been planted in Palmer Park in Reading by a group of volunteers. Well this won't help the cause.
  10. I like the idea that they realise they need to plant trees but the biggest problem I see is the after care. How many times have you seen guards left on too long, dead stock *patches or entire planting schemes*. They have the money to plant them but not the follow up to actually get a decent mature tree. Which for the benefits to be had the tree needs to reach maturity. Just my 2 pence worth Have a good day everyone
  11. The AA has the intermediate tree inspection course running dates are for next year though.
  12. At work we have 2 Toyota helix and they how really nice the uprated springs makes it better for tall things like our mewps. But I'd rate them highly. I think we have the 3.0l one
  13. Speak to s.p landscapes Tree Surgery, Landscaping & Stump Grinding in Suffolk by SP Landscapes WWW.SPLANDSCAPES.CO.UK Here at S.P. Landscapes & Tree Contractors we focus on all types of Tree Surgery, Landscaping, Stump Grinding in Newmarket, Suffolk and across East Anglia.


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