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  1. Ian Clarke

    Career progression

    Level 4 course
  2. Ian Clarke

    Abc Level 2

    Too difficult no I don't think so. It will be tough but in the lessons you get the assignments and they give you some info then point you in roughly the right direction so then you have to find the answers anyway. But speak to Dave Dowson or Andy summerley at tree life. They were the main authors of the new level 2 and 4. They can talk you through it.
  3. Ian Clarke

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    You do have the brains to do it. If you have worked in arb for a good few years. You would of seen a lot of what is covered. I'm close to finishing my level 4. All I would say is the time commitment that is needed. But after the first year of lessons you have 2 years to hand in assignments. So if you are not in a rush you can still achieve the qualification. Speak to Dave Dowson or Andy summerley at tree life. They were the main authors of the new level 4 and can point you in the right direction. P.s. the level 6 has 2 years of lessons and then a further 5 years I believe.
  4. Ian Clarke

    Shipping Gear Aus to UK

    I've not done it personally. But know that airlines will want all fuel and oil out of the saws. Consider contacting a UK company that may ship things to Aus but not have things to bring back. Also consider contacting DART disaster arborist response team in the UK as they have had to send multiple people saws and climbing kits out on planes at short notice so they could have some good tips. Anyway good luck
  5. You sure I'm interested.
  6. If youre not up for climbing or happier on the ground then see if you can hire someone in who is good at that job. Like someone said earlier. You have got skills for running business. So get someone in who has the necessary skills. Like hiring the right bit of kit to make the job easier.
  7. If you want to use the results to inform clients of what you find. I would say you need it calibrated because if the poo hits the fan and they find out it's not calibrated it won't stand up in court. That's how I understand it.
  8. Ian Clarke


    What he says with the 20 inch bar.
  9. Ian Clarke

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    Give the office an email they will let you know the price.
  10. Ian Clarke

    Small winch on 6" Timberwolf

    £2340 inc vat will get you 1800kg straight pull. It can be doubled up with the pulley the provide to 3600kg.
  11. Ian Clarke

    Small winch on 6" Timberwolf

    Consider this https://eder-powerwinch.com/en/powerwinch-1800/ We have one at work and you can then move it to what ever location you need it. It's a brilliant bit of kit. I don't know how much a winch on the back of the chipper would cost but I don't think you would have much change out of the price for this.
  12. Ian Clarke

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    I would suggest having a chat with the training provider about that as they will understand the qualification better than anyone else. But the course covers lots of other areas to do with trees.
  13. Ian Clarke

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    I am currently on the level 4 with tree life and I can confirm the workload is big but it's doable. You will need to be 100% commuted. But it's going to be worth it.
  14. Ian Clarke

    Massive school boy screw up

    Found the company Factotum they are based just outside Newmarket.
  15. Ian Clarke

    Massive school boy screw up

    I don't know of a particular company but there is a company near me that answer all of your calls while you are working and will give you a report each evening. So you know to call Mrs miggins back but ignore the sales call
  16. Ian Clarke

    Non smart phone

    Whatever you get may I suggest buying an unlocked 2nd hand phone from a place like music magpie or similar as you can get a reasonably smart/modern phone for a cheap price compared to going on contracts. But I would recommend Samsung personally which particular one is up to you. Have a good day Ian C
  17. Ian Clarke

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    Yep ours froze up on Thursday. Started the engine and let it warm up. Then we bodged the throttle to be at full chat so we could get on with the job. After 10 mins it was fine.
  18. Ian Clarke

    Beech Hedge question.

    It is possible I would say do as much prep for the new site and give it the best of starts to increase your chances.
  19. Ian Clarke

    Professional Tree Inspection Course - What's the point?

    If there is not a need for a pti for each of the 4 candidates how about organising a bespoke course to cover things you guys find enjoyable/ don't do often. My old boss took us on a day course of conifer ident. We were just tree surgeons.
  20. Left school at 16 as I didn't want to do a levels. Started an apprenticeship in maintenance engineering. Did that for 18 months. Left as it wasn't for me. Started in outdoor pursuits and jumped all over the country working in different places even Italy for a bit. Then the last centre I worked at in the lake district. Had lots of land and woodlands there was a freelance tree surgeon doing some tree work. I was stuck in the office that day so when he popped him to ask for a helping hand I volunteered. Then took on a job as a complete newbie. And since have been made redundant started my own company and then closed it 4 years later now working for a good firm and studying for my level 4.
  21. Ian Clarke


    I am not an expert in the field but battery technology is getting better every month the energy density of a battery and how that power can be delivered whether it is pure power and used up very quickly. Or longevity. I know the idea or changing sprockets. But think the battery density will push things forward.
  22. Ian Clarke


    Testing 1 2
  23. Ian Clarke

    Climbing dead trees ? Any bad stories??

    Soooooooo. How did it go?[emoji2]


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