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  1. Hi All! i am looking to hire a cs100 or a jo beau for a couple of days in two to three weeks. Does anyone know of a place where i can do this? i have HIP insurance and transport just need the wee machine. all Help will be appreciated!! Thanks Tony
  2. does anyone know where i can hire a small chipper for a couple of days? i am in manchester. Cheers Tony
  3. do you have an odd days availability in manchester saul?
  4. Hi All!, i am looking for a freelance climber for occasional days work if anyones free intermittantly? pm me for details etc Cheers Tony
  5. Hi All!, i am looking for a freelance climber for occasional days work if anyones free intermittantly? pm me for details etc Cheers Tony
  7. <p>You need to go to the settings page and opt to save sent messages.</p>

  8. <p>Hi steve, I have tried three times to send personal messages but they don't appear in my sent items. What am I doing wrong?</p>

  9. Does it matter Why ? he is getting paid out for his loss.. something some insurance companies try to avoid at all costs or it feels that way. I empathise with you dean, little account is taken of claims history (or rather lack of claims history)
  10. Sounds like a better plan Rob. if you don't get "fully took up" on your tests I will take a chain, with a bar and do some testing. best regards Tony
  11. Thanks Barrie, not heard of Autoday before. I goess a bit like autoglym
  12. Hi Barrie, what polish do you use for cleaning mower plastics up please? Regards Tony
  13. Contact Nick at Westcon equipment who sell rayco grinders he will advise you and possibly sell you the parts you need. 01258 859100 regards Tony
  14. Wheres the dealer near to you mate?


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