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  1. We looking for someone to join our team, to help with the daily workload, which includes occasional climbing, (if you want to climb regularly you can we’re happy to take on a full time climber) groundsman duties, hedge trimming. Don’t worry you’ll never be asked to split logs to make up time as we don’t sell firewood. All single day jobs are job and Finish so quicker you work (without compromising safety) the quicker you go home (full days pay obviously). You’ll need to be able to get to Bracknell for 7:30 start time, finish time Varys but never goes past 4:30pm. Nearest train station in martins heron. Drivers licence with b+e preferred cs38 minimum 30-39 desirable Generous pay depending on experience, qualifications and work effic. give me a call on ‭07983 826347‬ thanks Dan
  2. Groundsman or climber wanted bracknell, must have cscs card and relevant tickets, towing licence a bonus but not essential. All work is job and knock with exceptions of bigger jobs. Start times can vary so driving licence helpful or at least be able to get to us in Bracknell at any time. Out work is a 50/50 balance between commercial and domestic clients so work varys. I must warn now if you don't like jokes/banter and most importantly graft then we are the wrong company for you. If any of that sounds good give us a call on 07854931270.
  3. Experienced climber needed in Henley on Thames. Excellent rates of pay for the right person. Call Dan on 07969 339202
  4. Just as well it was, the customers were in the room underneath. Oh and the crown smashed a convertible Mercedes in the front drive.( apparently) I do know the guys on site, I wasn't on site my self. I worked at the company at the time it happened, It happened about 4 years ago I think, it was the last if 4, if I remember right, the other 3 were done in 3-4 sections, maybe one was done in 2. All employees were told if it got uploaded online they would be instantly dismissed, so it's taken a while to get online.
  5. Jungle formula 100% guarantee this works, was working in a swampish sort of area a few weeks bag, first day I got eaten alive, used this jungle formula and no further bites, you can watch a swam of biting bugs hovering 3-4 inches away from you but they never land or bite. (Dont get it in you mouth or on your lips, it tingles and makes your mouth go numb lol)
  6. Also shoukd of said, it's a full time position and wages depend on experience and work effic.
  7. As title says groundsman or junior climber needed near reading. NPTC tickets and driving licence essential. You can give me a call or private message through this site. 07854931270
  8. Why is there so much hostility towards preditors? I've used them on and off over the last few years and never had any problems, companies that I know who own them don't ever complain, their usually only impressed with the newer models. To the OP I can ask tomorrow as I'm working with someone who owns one.
  9. I briefly worked for this company, at the time if the accident. And like someone has posted before me, they were and still are an accident waiting to happen. And to be honest the corners that are cut there are hilarious, I once jumped into one of his vans to take out for the day, I moved the seat back, when I was distracted by the boss for a chat through the window, after 2 or 3 minutes there was smoke coming from under the seat, I looked under and it was on fire, everyone including the boss was running round trying to blame someone rather than actually try to put the fire out! And it turned out the mechanic had just serviced the van but didn't put the battery cover on, the same mechanic who maintains their chippers! I didn't stay there very long!
  10. 3 metres is the minimum distance needed from the overheads. If you think your going to go within 3 metres, then network rail will have to get an isolation, which is a whole new ball ache!
  11. I've just done it, it's download 600 odd files again lol, but it's working so thanks.
  12. My fungi id app won't open anymore it just crashes back to my home screen. I have the iPhone 4S. IOS6 I put on this morning and that didn't help either?? If you could help with this that would be great. Oh and sorry for crashing in on your thread.
  13. Mcginleys, is one firm who cover all over the country. Bridgen rail, was another but not sure if they go that far. Mcginleys is a good shout. Not sure on there fees though.


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