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  1. Petrol v diesel long and short term costs...

    given the distances we cover over here you need to also think about towing waight. the TW125 i have is about 500kg, the GM130 is 750kg (yes i know they are both petrol, its just i know those 2 machines), thats alot more to pull around, truck working harder, more fuel in the truck, clutch working harder....
  2. Light bars

    Ive just got the 22" version of this from amazon. i am very impressed with the look of it. seams solid and the sliding mounts are really easy to install. i'm impressed with the light it gives off, much better than the ring halogens i had befor. its a very bright white light.
  3. Big chipper!!

    It was all going for biomass. around here farmers are clearing averything they can at the moment because of a new dryed milk factory that a company from china are building...
  4. Big chipper!!

    no idea why the photo is upside down... its the right way up on my computer....
  5. Big chipper!!

    I worked with this chipper today, its a beast! the opening is 1m by 1m10 and its 700hp! fills around 2 artic lorrys per hour! just glad i dont have to pay the fuel bill.....
  6. Unhitching the chipper whilst chipping.

    i nearly always un-Hitch my TW125. not for the chipper, but for the pickup... i have an NP300 and if left hitched, you can see the truck flexing between the cab and bed. longterm this cant be good for the chassis.
  7. Chip proofing your ifor

    try getting an old canvas side from a lorry. cut a piece about 5cm bigger than needed on all sides, fold that over and put eye rivits along it. this can then be held onto the mesh with bungee cord, to keep it tight.
  8. Anyone rate the stihl ms361 ??

    haha! i pulled the TW125 over the 660.... dogs went into tire sidewall..... 660-1, tw125-0 ! for the ms362, i think it lacks the grunt of the 361.... i have since put a 40cm bar on the 361 and an 8tooth drive cog, now it really rips!!
  9. Anyone rate the stihl ms361 ??

    had a ms361 from new, now 10 years old and never missed a beat! prefer it to my new ms 362.....
  10. Tracked Barrow

    Quote: "Originally Posted by kentjames , Ok here's one for you chaps." the problem would be it wouldnt lift 300kg with a grab on the front, its not balasted for it, it would tip forward i think. Quote: " pretty cool, josh was obsessed. Naturally " thats a good excuse to tell the other-half! its not me honest dear, its for the kids!
  11. Tracked Barrow

    As requested (andrew McEwan) here are the pics of my grillo barrow. I built the footplate visible behind the engine and added the tow-hitch on the front (so you tow in reverse, but the gears are the same in both directions). I also built the log frame that straps onto the bed of the barrow, with that in place it will carry nearly 1 cubic meter of logs. By standing on the footplate it is more stable.
  12. Ms660 muffler mod

    here is a german company that make/sell them, they deliver to most of europe i think. Auspuff passend für Stihl 066 MS660 MS 660 MAGNUM dual Port, 19,80 &e
  13. 261or362

    i have a 362, its a nice saw, powerful but a little heavier. two of my team members have a 261, its also a very good saw, they have used them hard and they have taken it. i personaly run the 362 (like i did with the 361, which is now 9 years old and going strong) with a 16inch bar, it gives it plenty of grunt. the 261 takes a bigger bar ok but does lack power on it and over long term its going to wear out quicker running one. if the waight doesnt bother you, i'd go for the more powerful saw.
  14. Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    hi spud thankyou for the advice. here is a pic of the new duel port exhaust fitted. i will report how it runs after next weeks work. but i can confirm it sounds amazing!!

    <p>hi steve</p>

    <p> Thankyou for the responce. i will go for the twin port and follow that. </p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> neil</p>



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