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  1. How safe are your feet? Chainsaw boot test

    Mick - not sure how long you've been in the industy but there's a very good reason why PPE is tested for compliance with the carefully considered standards. I notice that your own HiFlex trousers, which you are wearing in the video, are no longer in any fit condition for use as PPE. If you turned up to work for me in that state then I'd send you home - it's that sort of shoddy appearance which helps to give the industry a poor reputation. Additionally, the boots you tested were well worn and didn't look to have had any treatment during their working life, they were designed to stop a decelerating chain travelling at 20m/s, not the 30+ m/s of a sustained full throttle strike from a chainsaw such as an MS260. In their defence, the Alico boot resisted penetration for in excess of 2 seconds and most sentient humans would probably have cut the throttle once they noticed that there was a saw trying to remove a part of their anatomy. I won't go on but I reckon the securing system used in your 'test' wasn't as stable as it could have been. I hope nobody believes this opinion - PPE is the last line of defence and is no substitute for training and good working practice.
  2. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    You could do a hell of a lot worse than speaking to Richard at Trojan 4x4 outside Carlisle (07703 581174). Top bloke & if he can't do it then nobody can - and if you're not 100% happy with the job then I'll buy the result myself. I've been to him with hundreds of mad projects over the years & he's never failed to supply a solution.
  3. Arb Students Win over £2,000 of prizes !!

    Hey up Nick, Any chance my new apprentice would be eligible? He's still at a local arb college but finishes his course in June. See you there regardless mate
  4. My query was, and still is, WHY it had not been passed as fit for purpose for precisely those reasons in High Scale's reply. Still - I'd like to know who it was 'failed' the item & get the opinion of an experienced assessor to see if there is more to this than just a knee-jerk reaction to summat a bit different. I swear if it was up to some folk out there we'd still be on 3-strand and using Danarms - I wonder if the inertia chain-brake was viewed with suspicion and ridicule when it was first launched.
  5. What rope for your lanyard??

    We use a 5m split-tail as a replacement for the Grillon lanyard & tie a stopper knot in the 'blind' end - been doing that for years - alternatively, Yale Blue Tongue is a nice rope to handle and at least it was designed for arb work unlike the OP (clue's in the title, eh)
  6. Just wondering if 'bareroots' does all his work without the benefit of a rope and boots?
  7. I got one of these in mid December & passed it round the lads - it got good reviews so I got another half a dozen; they're still popular and we've had no 'fails' to date. I tried a similar experiment with a standard 3-waty and got it to open on the 3rd attempt without really trying so I reckon you could find summat wrong with any piece of kit if you looked hard enough but I'm surprised to hear that the krab failed a LOLER inspection - I'd also be very interested to know who the inspector with decades of experience is coz I've been inspecting for about 10 myself and I'd be keen to discuss his/her reservations. Some folks just don't like some kit because it's new/old/different/not sold/made/used by their mates (delete as applicable). Nice colours and a nice product; thanks to Skylotec for thinking outside the box & giving me an early Christmas pressie!
  8. Anyone Else think Marlow Aeris is the Doggs?

    Marlow ropes are for sailors not arbs - try the Yale Imori if you want a really soft, malleable rope sub 12mm rope. I got one a few weeks back and the lads are having a war over it - they've all tried it and won't be happy till they've all got one now. It's not the cheapest but it should last well from what I'm told
  9. 2 in 1 climbing lanyard

    No need to buy anything expensive to replicate this system - like Josharb says, a karabiner each end and a prussik loop would do the same job.... BUT... why wouldn't you have your climbing rope with you to use in a change-over situation, even if you were spiking/flipline climbing? That would be a much safer system and gives you more options without buying more kit you don't need.
  10. spikes

    We just got some of the new Stein alloy climbers - absolutely love them; they're not just converted pole irons like most; they're lightweight, fully adjustable & cracking value for money.................and they come with gaff-guards and are supplied in a neat bag. I'll never buy anything else now - we'll be replacing all our others with these from now on. Depends where you are in the country as to where to buy but you should be able to haggle a bit off the £200ish RRP.
  11. PPE - Chainsaw trousers

    Thanks folks, Must admit that it's the look of the SIP & Husky kit which got the boys excited but I like the Nomex section on the upper right leg of the Stein. I just don't want the little cherubs wrecking them 'coz they don't like them so it's a compromise.
  12. PPE - Chainsaw trousers

    Afternoon folks, Looking into alternative Type/Design A & C trousers - we've been using up a stock of the Oregon Waipoua but they didn't meet with much approval; too baggy & not very comfy. Has anybody tried the SIP Freedom or the new Husqvarna Technical trousers and do you have any suggestions for alternatives other than Stihl Hi-Flex. I have nowt against the Stihls - quite the opposite - but we need summat else as well in a less expensive price range for seasonal and/or temporary staff without getting too basic. Thanks, in advance
  13. Hi Andy,


    All for sale/classifieds are now restricted to the arbtrader area on arbtalk, anything posted on arbtalk will be removed.



  14. Steve,

    I've put a thread/post (not sure of the distinction) on the general forum on 3 occasions now and each time I log out then return to that forum, the thread/post has disappeared; it is for a machine I'm selling so I wondered if you routinely removed For Sale threads/posts as a matter of course. If this is the case then could you help me locate them as I could do with moving this machine on to give us the space!!




  15. stein 2000 vs treerunner 500

    I've used the Stein for a while now and none of the lads find it any more difficult to use than the TreeRunner 500. We use a nylon mounting strap clipped to the top ring before we attach the securing ratchet strap to the side lugs and set the lower attachment multi-sling. This procedure takes no more time than setting up the TR 500 and the capacity of the Stein is way superior; what will do a lot will do a little. Additionally, the top ring of the Stein can then be used for attachment of the 5:1 fiddler block system which slides around too much on the top loop/bar of the TR 500 to be convenient. We only use the Port-a-wrap type now for controlled, fast lowering of very light sections where there are soft targets beneath; we also use them for self tending of pulling lines, in conjunction with the 5:1 fiddler block kit, to help with felling back-weighted trees or stems but the Stein bollard outshines the traditional device in 99% of situations.


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